Blue tea from Thailand - useful properties and contraindications

Thai drink blue tea is prepared from large young inflorescences of the plant of the clitoris, trifoliate, or, as they call it differently, the Thai orchid. This brew can be not only brought from Thailand, but also bought recently in domestic stores. The drink has a very positive effect on the human body, although many people are not always able to appreciate its tart and rather unusual taste. Not all tea drinkers like blue tea, however, this does not diminish its benefits to human health.

Doctors strongly recommend to arrange a tea party from the blue buds, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, neurological disorders and insomnia. It helps tea in the treatment of the stomach and intestines, organs of the endocrine system. Tea can be taken as an effective general tonic.

The benefits of blue tea for the nervous system

Tea can have a powerful healing effect due to its unique and unique composition. Rarely does a plant include so many different flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. All these nutrients activate brain activity and help strengthen the nervous system, heart and blood vessels in the human body.

The composition of this plant includes:

  • beneficial trace elements;
  • vitamins D, E, C, B;
  • natural antidepressants.

Trace elements strengthen the hair and prevent their fragility. They make curls healthy and attractive. Drink relieves fear and depression and gives complete harmony and emotional balance. Healers and doctors recommend drinking this tea not only at night, but throughout the day.

The healing properties of the plant allow it to be used in Thai traditional medicine for a long time. The unique blue tea in the body has the following actions:

  • stabilizes the nervous system;
  • improves hair condition;
  • strengthens nail plate;
  • improves eyesight;
  • improves mood;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • saturates the body with useful substances.

The drink has a powerful sedative effect and helps to get rid of the most severe stress, calming the nervous system. Drink perfectly normalizes the emotional state and restores the biological reactions in the body. Tea from blue leaves perfectly tones the entire body and helps to cope with insomnia. Blue tea perfectly relieves fatigue after a working day and relieves overwork. It is useful to sit in the cozy atmosphere in the evening and enjoy the wonderful aroma and tart taste of exotic unusual tea.

Benefits for Digestion

Among the other plants known in Thailand, clitoria ternary is famous for its particular effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. The drink prepared from its inflorescences promotes full digestion of food. Regularly using blue tea, you can lose a few extra pounds and lose weight.

The drink improves gastric motility, eliminates constipation and normalizes digestion. It reduces blood clotting, which helps to improve the blood supply to the digestive organs.

To give a blue tint to the inflorescences, experts recommend picking up more closed orchid buds. For perfect blue tea, pickers choose only young plants. To improve digestion, healers and doctors advise drinking tea only from whole, not collapsed, blue buds. Tea is preliminarily dried, oxidized and the final stage of drying. Next, the tea is coiled and packed. When choosing a tea, pay attention to its buds. They must be large and whole.

Sight drink

Tea favorably affects not only the central nervous system, but also the organs of vision, eliminates fatigue and contributes to the treatment of many eye diseases. Even if you just hurt your eyes because of overwork or inflammation, blue tea will help avoid unpleasant sensations. Freshly brewed tea is useful to drink regularly to improve vision, get rid of cataracts, glaucoma and blindness.

You can also moisten cotton pads or pieces of cheesecloth in blue tea and apply to closed eyelids for 15 minutes. This method allows you to quickly eliminate the pain and cramps in the eyes, helps relieve fatigue. Tea has long been treated with conjunctivitis. Blue tea is no exception in the fight against this disease.

Almost all ophthalmologists who are familiar with this drink recommend drinking blue tea to improve vision. This is not surprising, medicinal tea has a delicate taste and minimal contraindications. The composition of dry buds contains substances that are very good for the eyes and improve the work of the organs of vision.

How to brew blue tea

To achieve the soft aroma of the drink and preserve its healing properties, it is necessary to brew Thai tea properly. For brewing drink using glass or porcelain dishes. Previously it is required to warm it by pouring boiling water. Then, two teaspoons of dry tea are poured into the teapot. Pour raw materials with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes to infuse. At the same time, the teapot is covered with a lid and a towel. Then the tea is drained to remove fine dust and dirt. Only after that the blue tea leaves are re-filled with boiling water and allowed to fully infuse. After 10 minutes, the tea is ready to drink.

This brewing recipe is similar to cooking green tea. Black tea is usually drunk from the first brew. Freshly brewed tea is useful to use at any time of the day. Of course, you should not abuse the drink. Some healers recommend drinking blue tea no more than twice a day. If after drinking tea inside the cup there are no blue stains, it indicates the correct choice of tea and its excellent quality.


Tea has a small number of contraindications, which makes the drink loved by many people in different parts of the world. Since blue tea has a pronounced sedative effect, it is not recommended to drink it excessively often in the morning. Otherwise, it will make a person sluggish and may affect the slowing down of psychomotor reactions. The drink is best consumed after a busy day, when the body itself wants to relax and unwind. Tea blue is not compatible with the reception of coffee.

It is undesirable to use a drink during pregnancy. Thai drink contains substances that can adversely affect the health of the fetus. Doctors do not recommend drinking blue tea in the period of carrying a baby.

Of course, the blue drink is not a panacea for all ills and ailments. It is recommended to drink it in moderate quantities, for general body strengthening, as an auxiliary product in case of diseases or for the prevention of illnesses. Health promotion with blue tea is the right choice. Thai women drank it to solve women's ailments, and men to regain their strength in bed.

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