Tomato King London - description and characteristics of the variety

The variety of tomato King London is bred by Altai breeders, the advantages of the variety are its large fragrant fruits. They are resistant to cracking and with thin skin, this tomato is in demand both among summer residents and on the market of table tomatoes. The fruits of this variety are suitable for preparing delicious tomato juice in home-made preparations for the winter.


The variety of tomato King London has a medium early ripening period with a growing season of 100-110 days from the date of planting. According to the type of size, the plant is tall and is characterized by continuous growth, by the time the first fruits appear, it can reach a height of about 130-150 cm. The plant has a strong stalk.

Usually grown in one or two stalks. The leafiness of a plant is average, and forms, as a rule, simple brushes - 4-5 fruits. The leaf of the plant has a decorative appearance and resembles potato leaves, which gives it a pleasant view on the plot. The first inflorescences are visible after the appearance of the ninth leaf.


Resistant to the main types of fungal diseases, such as apical rot, late blight and brown spotting of tomatoes. According to the method of growing a tomato unpretentious, but suitable for growing indoors, which has a positive effect on the size of the fruit. It has a high yield and, under optimal conditions, can reach up to 10-15 kilograms per bush.

Features and advantages of the variety

King London has a number of advantages among many such varieties. It has very large fruits, the first tomatoes can reach more than 1.5 kg of weight, the subsequent ones, as a rule, with good care, have a weight in the range of 700-800 grams. The disadvantages include the feature of all large varieties of tomatoes - it is cracking around the stem when there is an excess of moisture.

Variety is valued for large fruits, has a heart-shaped elongated shape. As it ripens, the fruit changes color from green to light pink. When cut, the tomato looks sugary and multi-chamber with a small number of seeds. The taste of tomato is excellent, very fragrant, with a slight sourness peculiar to all tomatoes. It is good both in salads, and in the fresh use, does not lose flavoring properties when processing on pasta sauces and juices. The content of vitamins and nutrients in organic cultivation is much higher than in most similar types of tomatoes.

How to grow

From the peculiarities of cultivation, it is possible to distinguish a variety of pulling, but it is worth remembering that any tomato likes heat and does not tolerate dry air. For the cultivation of tomato in the open field is suitable as the middle zone of Russia, and South. Planting on seedlings should begin in early March, the first transplant should be carried out in the phase of two of these sheets.

Planting in a greenhouse or greenhouse should be carried out after 55-60 days from the moment of appearance of friendly shoots, for open ground it is necessary to wait for optimal weather conditions, but, as a rule, it is carried out after 60 days from the moment of shoots. At 1 sq. M. No more than three plants are placed; under severe neglect, tomatoes lose in yield and may become ill.

Tomato requires a garter, the trellis method is best, as it requires a garter in several places. When tied to stakes, the use of materials having a soft structure is required in order not to harm the stems. The variety is very responsive in the seedling stage to nitrogen and potash fertilizers, but they should not be abused. After landing in the ground should be added phosphate fertilizers and organic matter. Like any tomato, it likes loosening and regular watering, which should be carried out at a temperature not higher than +25 degrees. After ripening begins, watering should be reduced to avoid cracking.

Although this variety is resistant to the main types of diseases, it is always worth remembering that growing it in regions with risky agriculture should follow the calendar of plant treatments. With the appearance of insect pests (aphid, mites ...) should be treated with preparations against insects.

Note! When transporting tomatoes of this variety, it is worth remembering that this is a large-fruited variety and transportation in bulk can lead to its deformation and cracking.

Tomato "King London" has earned a good reputation among gardeners lovers of both Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Those who tried to grow this variety, left him to grow on a permanent basis.


  1. Ivan, 30 years old: Tomato "King London" was recommended to me by the neighbors in the cottage. I decided to try and did not lose. The variety is very pleased with its taste. He tolerated the first spring temperature drops very well and quickly began to blossom and form fruits. By taste, five plus, one of the most delicious tomatoes. Very suitable for sandwiches and summer salads. In general, I recommend!
  2. Natalia, 55 years old: First read about tomato "King London" in the newspaper. Tomato pleased with their appearance and yield. The variety was not sick and was well formed even in hot weather. Very good for making homemade tomato.

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