How to get rid of shopaholism: effective ways

People buy things for various reasons: some want to surprise colleagues, others - to pamper yourself, loved one. That is why there is no single solution to the problem; an individual approach is required. Consider the important aspects in order and give practical recommendations to combat this feature.

Signs of shopaholism

  1. A clear sign of shopaholism is wandering around shopping centers for no apparent reason. A person inclined to rash purchases, aimlessly walks through boutiques, examining goods that do not suit him at all.
  2. Shopaholics have an interest in absolutely all things, be it a tea mug or a beautiful blouse. When it is impossible to visit a shopping center or a large hypermarket, such people become irritable, their vitality decreases and their working capacity decreases.
  3. In addition to the above, shopaholics quickly lose their mood, which can only be raised with the help of another purchase. If new things appear irregularly, this state goes into a prolonged depression.
  4. When a shopaholic comes to the store, he wants to buy everything at once. If there is no such possibility, the person puzzles how to realize his plans.
  5. People making numerous uncontrolled purchases like to discuss activities with friends. At the same time, they categorically do not want to communicate on other topics, since all thoughts are occupied only with their own hobby.
  6. The basic feature of a shopaholic is considered to be the presence of things that have not been used even once. This may be clothing or household items, gathering dust in large quantities without work.
  7. The characteristic behavior of a shopaholic in society is the complete denial of the "disease". When such a person is talked about big expenses, he unknowingly reduces the true value of the items purchased so that people fall behind. Some individuals deceive opponents altogether, claiming that no purchases have been made.
  8. Constant visit to the shops of strange subjects is also a sign of a shopaholic. He doesn’t need new knives or camping tents at all, however, a person is standing and considering these things. He already has a desire to buy, but the impulse stops with a lack of money or other circumstances.
  9. In the period of shopping a person experiences psycho-emotional balance, his state of mind returns to normal. A shopaholic is no longer annoyed about trifles, can laugh and keep up the conversation on other topics. After a few days after shopping, he begins to depress again, thinking only about purchases.
  10. A shopaholic will never limit himself to a two- or three-hour shopping trip; he will definitely spend half a day on an exciting lesson, sometimes more. At the same time, a person simply ignores the prickish remarks of relatives and friends, “You spend too much money and time,” hiding prices and new acquisitions.

Effective ways to combat shopaholism

Really appreciate the purchase
For the most part, the reason for the purchase is the fact that someone already owns it. For example, your friend "iPhone" new model, you want yourself the same. At the same time you do not think that this thing is too expensive and, in fact, you do not need it.

To overcome the desire to buy an "iPhone", really appreciate what it is valuable for you. It may be convenient to work on the gadget or the phone keeps charging perfectly. If you could not figure out the benefits specifically in your case, give up the purchase. Resist the urge to spend hard-earned money if the acquisition does not carry any semantic load.

Find out the shape type and face color
To avoid unnecessary waste, you need to know your own parameters. To do this, find out the size in the European, Russian and Chinese versions (XS, 40-42, etc.). Such a move will not allow you to purchase inappropriate things, which are sometimes bought for unexplained reasons.

The same applies to the color of the lipstick, eye shadow, earrings. You are impulsively shopping, not knowing that the ladies with your color type do not accept scarlet red or orange.

Also, attention must be paid to shoes. Girls have a weakness for high-heeled boots, although this piece of clothing is extremely uncomfortable. If you travel by public transport and spend a lot of time on your way to work, give up such purchases. Be realistic and practical.

Switch to more interesting activities.
For shopaholics, shopping is nothing but a distraction from everyday life and the opportunity to have a good time. Learn to lift your mood with more interesting activities. Start going to the gym, sign up for a dance, go to a climbing course or ride horses.

It is important that the new hobby is not related to shopping, otherwise distraction will not be achieved. In cases where it is impossible to avoid such situations, sit down and think: is it more important for you to get rid of shopaholism or to get bogged down in it completely? If preference is given to the first option, send friends or relatives to go shopping, avoiding shopping.

Restrain the urge to acquire a thing
Many people buy a particular item because of the desire to possess it completely. If you make manipulations based on this, remember an important nuance: you cannot have absolutely everything in this world, you have to give up something.

For example, you noticed on the counter a nice little thing that will stand idle. Subconsciously, you understand this, but do not listen to yourself. Try to do otherwise: take a photo of this item on the phone, exit the store and admire it from the phone screen. Next, begin to slowly go the other way, restraining the urges to buy something.

Keep track of finances
To avoid unnecessary expenses, which later will have a bad effect on the general budget, take some money to the store. Shoot up finances in such a way that they were right next to. That is, if you go for groceries, calculate in advance what approximate amount you need.

If possible, carry out similar manipulations each time during the shopping trip. It can be children's toys, clothes, dishes. You must be clear about what is needed. No list - no purchases, therefore, there is no need to go shopping. Clean the apartment, read a book, chat with friends. Score a day to the eyeballs, so that thoughts disappear.

Examine the wardrobeIt is not uncommon for people to buy clothes, cosmetics, and shoes in bundles just because they have an irresistible craving for new things. If you suffer from shopaholism, you probably have a couple of never-dressed blouses in the closet. Take out all the clothes, try on, remove what is sitting imperfectly.

Try to combine one with another, selecting the best combination. You will see that you have almost new clothes. Picking up the perfect kits, start viewing jewelry. Choose a necklace, earrings, watches and other small items that match your clothes.

Feel like a stylist: combine not only jeans with a T-shirt, add a cardigan, belt, handbag, jewelry and so on. At this stage it is important to understand that you have things, so you do not need to buy new ones. Perform such manipulations each time there is a craving for shopping.

Gain confidence in yourself
Often girls go shopping because they want to like themselves in the mirror. For these reasons, they buy new things every week, wanting to be transformed. It is important to understand that self-confidence is achieved through skin care, exercise, proper nutrition and caring for appearance in general.

Also an important factor is the way to keep in society, facial expressions, the habit of expressing thoughts. Try to express yourself correctly, record the speech on the recorder and analyze the errors. In general, such actions help gain confidence without extra spending.

Shopaholism is considered a disease, it absorbs people more than any well-known slot machines. Switch to more interesting activities, restrain impulses, really evaluate the acquired item in terms of practicality.

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