How to smooth leatherette jacket at home

Leatherette is not too whimsical in care. But this material is much softer than natural leather and is easier to apply to mechanical stress. When a jacket or other thing from kozhzama is bought in a store, the sales consultants take care of its appearance. But it is easier for implementers in the clothing market to give away a product cheaper than tinkering with its smoothing. Now there are many types of quite high-quality and not too cheap leatherette, but still it is crumpled when improperly stored or transported.

How to smooth a jacket with an iron


Many immediately discard this method, considering it unsuitable for outdoor clothing. But under certain conditions, you can quickly give the jacket a presentable appearance. And while not spoiling anything.

It must be remembered that ironing can be subjected exclusively to products on a hop or knit base. Previously, this leatherette was simply called dermantin, and now its subspecies stood out - vinyl artificial leather.

Such clothes should never be ironed from the front side, but only turned inside out. From contact even with a warm iron often appear ugly wrinkles. It is better to set the temperature to the minimum, that is, to 30-40 ° C. Ironing mode should be without steam supply.

Hot steam from the iron can be used only on those places where the creases are not smoothed. The ferry can be affected only at a distance (at least 10 cm) or through gauze rolled up in several layers. To do this, the product is hung on a hanger or mannequin. If you need to smooth out pockets or sleeves, then they should be stuffed with a towel or small rollers of cloth napkins. This will help give things the right shape.

The most difficult may be to stroke the sleeves. It is good if the ironing board is equipped with special nozzles for their ironing. If there are no such attachments, you can proceed as follows: put rolled-up towels into the sleeves turned inside out, and then smooth them, like the rest of the jacket.

Water smoothing


Products made of genuine leather even with unsuccessful storage are smoothed under their own weight, if they are hung on hangers. For leatherette, this method may be too long, because the weight of such jackets is several times lower. But such smoothing can be accelerated with ordinary water.

The jacket should be hung on the hanger and sprayed with a spray gun. Water droplets moisten the material and make it a little harder. Drying should take place naturally, without the use of hair dryers and heaters. Over the battery, too, hang a jacket is not worth it. If the drying process is accelerated by heating, then this can even lead to damage to things: the material will become hard and warped.

If the creases are too deep and cannot be smoothed, then glycerin can be added to the water or you can spray the difficult places with a special water-repellent spray. These substances soften the leatherette and smooth it faster.

Smoothes the jacket can be easily, if you wear it in wet weather. For example, go for a walk in the early morning mist or walk down the street after the rain. It may be enough one walk or have to repeat it several times. But this method does not require any costs and can be combined with the implementation of daily tasks, for example, go for a walk with the dog.

Warm steam


Steaming is a popular way of smoothing things not only from leatherette. With this method, even heavy dresses of the medieval nobility were put in order, which were sewn of expensive fabrics and decorated with stones. It is also possible to restore a leatherette jacket with warm steam.

For this purpose, hot water is drawn into the bath and the jacket is hung over it on hangers. It is better to close the door to the room so that the steam lasts longer. Things need to be given some time to hang over the steam, and when the water has cooled, you can simply leave it in a warm room until it is completely dry.

Steam from the water should not be too hot, but only warm. That is, to speed up the process, it is not necessary to hang the jacket over boiling water in a saucepan. High temperatures often result in the material becoming too coarse and not amenable to further smoothing.

If, after storage, the leatherette jacket has acquired a not too presentable appearance, then it is not necessary to write it off or spend money on the restoration in dry cleaning. You can try to give the product a neat look at home. If one of these methods did not help to achieve the desired result, it is worth trying the next one. For example, after moistening from a spray gun, the jacket seemed to become smoother, but there were still crumpled marks on the pockets. Then these places can try to level with steam.

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