How to wash Fukortsin with skin: tips

When we get minor injuries in the form of scratches and abrasions, we do not think about what to treat the wound. When there is such a useful antiseptic medicine as fukortsin on hand, we gratefully treat them for damage. However, over time, awareness and repentance comes from what we have done. How can you go out now, if the skin "glows" bright crimson spots?

What is fucorcin

Fukortsin is a drug that has a wide spectrum of action. It is used as an antiseptic and antifungal drug. They are treated with small wounds, abrasions, skin cracks, erosion, pustular formations, sores with chickenpox. Fukortsin has a bright crimson pigment, which eats into the epithelium and is quite difficult to wash off. During the day after treatment to clean the skin is almost impossible. If the treated area is not touched, the color will start to fade only after a week.

Initially, the drug was used to mark the skin of cancer patients to determine exactly which parts of the body to expose to radiation. Later, fukortsin was used before operations, to indicate the places of the intended incision. After all, fukortsin combined not only the bright color of indelible paint, but also a powerful antiseptic effect, which is so necessary in the place of the skin incision.

Today, fucorcin is used quite rarely, due to its indelible deficiency. However, this solution is successfully used as a paint for markers and wall painting. To obtain a stable and saturated black-blue color fukortsin mixed with a solution of brilliant green.

How to wash away fukortsin from skin

Aspirin. If you urgently need to look at 100%, and fukortsin adorns areas of your face or hands, you can remove it with a saturated solution of acetylsalicylic acid. Dissolve 10 aspirin tablets in a little water and moisten a cotton pad in the prepared solution. Attach the disc to the pink spot and leave for 5-10 minutes. During this time, fukortsin lose its color. To discolor the skin completely, change the cotton pad several times, each time moistening it in a fresh solution of aspirin.

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. As you know, ammonia is used to remove many stains. Mix a teaspoon of ammonia with three teaspoons of peroxide. To the composition was less aggressive, you can add a little baby cream or vegetable oil. Apply the mixture on a piece of bandage or cotton pad and attach it to the painted area. After a while, you may feel a burning sensation - immediately wash off the composition from the skin. Usually 3-5 minutes is enough to dissolve the hated raspberry coat of paint.

Vitamin C. This vitamin is sold in a pharmacy in powder form. One bag of powder must be diluted in 50 ml of water. Make a kind of compress - soak a piece of bandage or gauze in diluted liquid and apply it to the red area for 10 minutes. Then remove the compress and remove the remnants of fucorcin with a cotton pad lubricated in oil.

Alcohol. Alcohol dissolves many compounds, including fukortsin. Attach an alcohol lotion to the fucorzin-treated area and leave for some time. If the wound is open, salicylic alcohol can be used instead of aggressive medical alcohol. It is not so hot, but it also perfectly dissolves various substances.

Laundry soap. To get rid of fuchsia stains, you can use a simple soap. It contains salicylic acid, which, like salicylic alcohol, perfectly dissolves some compounds. Lather the pink area with laundry soap and leave to dry. Perform the procedure several times to completely get rid of traces of treatment.

Tincture of calendula. Calendula not only cleanses the skin from an unpleasant pink shade, but also disinfects the wound - it has a pronounced antiseptic effect. Tincture need to wipe the painted places and for loyalty to make a lotion. The color will become much less pronounced. Tincture of calendula on alcohol is best bought at the pharmacy in finished form. Of course, you can cook it yourself, but it will take at least two weeks. By the time you do not need it.

Makeup remover. The composition of this cosmetic product includes substances that can dissolve even the most resistant paints. At the same time, the makeup remover is very careful with the skin - it does not dry or corrode it. When using cosmetics, be careful that the composition does not fall into an open wound.

Baby cream. This tool can be used when fukortsin has not yet been absorbed completely into the skin. For the first hour after applying fucortin, rub the skin with a thick layer of rich cream. When the skin becomes soft, it can be rubbed with a sponge or pumice. While fukortsin not absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, this is enough.

Steaming. If all of the above methods did not help you, and it is not possible to appear in a society with pink spots, then go to the bath! It is not joke. Steaming the skin in a bath or sauna will allow you to quickly and effectively cleanse the skin. If at the moment there is no opportunity to visit the bath, then you can locally steam the skin. If the fukortsin on the face, then pour boiling water into the basin and cover with a towel - as during inhalation. When the skin becomes soft and supple, rub it with a towel or a soft brush.

Before treating wounds with antiseptic solutions, think about how you will wash off the traces of these treatments. When choosing between antiseptics, give preference to hydrogen peroxide. This antiseptic not only perfectly disinfects the surface, but is also absolutely painless during processing. And, of course, he leaves no traces.

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