How to apply cow manure as fertilizer

Manure. A magical substance that allows you to get extraordinary yields. Precious in modern times, and unattainable to many for this reason. But imagine a situation: you suddenly became the happy owner of a huge fresh heap. What will you do? Drag on the beds. And this is wrong. Proc from such actions will not. How to apply cow manure as fertilizer? So that the benefit was the result fast. Let's figure it out.

We are preparing a competent fertilizer

The fact is that in the case of fresh cow dung quickly will not work. It contains too much nitrates, and the level of urea in it goes through the roof. All your plants will receive a powerful burn of the root system. Well, what will be the harvest?

There is an exit. True, it will have to suffer for a long time, at least a year. In order for cow dung to become fertilizer, it needs to be folded in a pile or a tall box. Cover the design does not need anything. But carefully pour water desirable. In this form, a bunch is forgotten for at least 5-7 months. During this time, cow dung will begin to decompose actively, releasing nitrogen.

Secret. In order for the decomposition process to continue, and the nitrogen does not evaporate too quickly, it is necessary to pour the cow dung in a pile with any phosphate-potassium fertilizer.

After six months, the manure in this design rot enough to use it as a fertilizer on the beds.

But still, particles of grass, straw, and grains may still remain in it. You should not be frightened. After about the gardening season, there will be no trace of them left. If you are still unpleasantly worried about the presence of foreign particles in cow dung, you will have to wait another six months. Bacteria will decompose the remains of organic matter on a great humus.

Council To speed up the ripening process of manure, if possible, pour into the heap whey, yogurt or old kefir. Just do not look for or buy these liquids barrels. On a bunch of medium size enough just 2 liters.

Harmless fertilizer

It happens that people are afraid of worms and pathogenic bacteria. Dung from such owners lies in a heap of 4 years and more. Say, the longer, the safer. This is a deep misconception. Worm eggs and pathogenic microbes die in cow dung from high temperatures and not from time to time. Even if manure has lain a collar for 10 years, this is not a guarantee of its safety.

What to do? Increase the temperature inside the pile. This is the only way to be sure that all weed seeds, worms eggs and pathogenic bacteria have died. In order to start warming up the cow dung, it is not enough to water it and put it in the box. It is necessary to add any biofuel in the calculation of at least 25% of the total mass. That is, if you have a ton of cow dung at your disposal, you will have to add at least 250 kg of "catalyst". In this role often act:

  • food waste
  • ash
  • paper
  • juicy grass
  • straw (hay)
  • natural fabrics (cotton waste)
  • old sawdust or shavings
  • small branches

All these materials are crushed, if possible, then mixed with manure. If such a procedure is problematic (anything can happen), then you can simply lay out the components in layers, according to the pie principle.

Council Be sure to thoroughly shed each layer of water. It is high humidity that helps activate microorganisms that process organic residues into fertilizer.

Ideally, the proportions of cow dung and "catalyst" should be in the ratio of 50 to 50. But in fact it can be difficult to do. But, if you manage to carry out a similar operation, then in the end, after about 8-10 months, you will get excellent fertilizer from cow manure. At the same time it will be absolutely safe in hygienic terms. Of course, this does not mean that it can be eaten with spoons. It can be made under all cultures without fear. By the way, root vegetables are not very favored. But aboveground plants - with great pleasure.

Secret. Completely rotted cow dung is a substance that looks like fatty earth or compost. By the way, in it the content of nutrients and nutrients is about half lower than in half-broken. But this does not detract from its value as a rich fertilizer.

Urgent need!

What do those happy owners of cow dung who do not have the opportunity to compost it? Well, you never know, "help" to use, or the land on the site has already become extremely scanty. So the owners will have to knead the mullein. This is a liquid solution that is ready for use in 3-7 days. It just depends on the ambient temperature.

How to make liquid fertilizer from cow manure, procedure:

  1. Take a barrel of any size. Better plastic, wooden, but not metal.
  2. A quarter is filled with fresh cow dung.
  3. On a quarter of any freshly picked grass. Suitable even from the usual weeding.
  4. Add a little yeast and old jam.
  5. Fill with clean warm water, not reaching the edges of the tank about 20-25 cm.

Now it is necessary to mix with a wooden stick, cover and forget for 3 days. Or a little more if it's cool outside. The beginning of the fermentation process is indicated by the appearance of foam bubbles on the surface.

How to understand that mullein is ready to eat? Everything is determined visually. Foam disappears, the characteristic smell of cow dung disappears. There is a smell of humus and refractory grass. The liquid itself becomes turbid, but noticeably brightens. And the most important feature: all components fall to the bottom, and do not float on the surface.

Everything, cow manure as a fertilizer is completely ready for use. Before using it directly, it is necessary to dilute it with clean water in the ratio of 1 to 10. Concentrated liquid contains a huge amount of free nitrogen, it will instantly burn small feeding roots.

Council We strongly do not recommend cooking such a mixture in large quantities. It is in the habit to deteriorate very quickly. But it takes a little. For watering 1 square. m. enough only 2.5-3 liters of water already diluted infusion.

Some useful recommendations

To speed up the ripening of cow dung, you can use natural assistants. Earthworms significantly speed up processes. But in order for them to enjoy such a home, it is not enough to bring them from the garden or from the garden. In addition to manure in the collar, there should be food. With this role, food waste is excellent. In particular:

  • banana peel
  • sleeping tea brew
  • rotten and spoiled fruit, berries

Just do not pour such a pile of ordinary water to the state of the swamp. Earthworms love moisture, but not excessive damp. By the way, they really do not like egg shells. And further. Try, if possible, at least once a week to stir cow dung, if you use this method. Or poke a thick stick through. This will give oxygen access inside. The process of rotting will be reduced by several times.

How to apply cow manure as fertilizer? Here, a comic wish, supposedly borrowed from Chinese wisdom, fits: "Do not torpoise (manure should be overwhelmed), not waveguide (your plants will have time to get a treat), and smiley (you are the owner of such wealth)!"

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