Ca de Bou - description of the breed and character of the dog

This breed is very much appreciated by dog ​​breeders. The thing is that it combines a lot of useful and good qualities necessary for the life of a dog. Firstly, dogs of the Ca de Bou breed are very loyal and devoted comrades, and secondly, they are very reliable defenders of both one person and the whole family. These animals also very adequately assess the situation around them, and react to it correctly and according to the situation. Ca de Bou dogs will never bark without a reason or attack. But, if they see that something threatens their owner, they will immediately come to the rescue. They are very subtle able to feel the situation and well distinguish between friends and enemies, and it is worth a lot.

The name Ca de Bou of a dog is not the only one. The animal is also known as the Major Mastiff, because the birthplace of this dog is recognized as the island of Majorca. The name of the dog is translated as “bull dog”, which is not surprising. The fact is that earlier these dogs took an active part in bullfights. They bravely defended the bullfighters and entered into an unequal battle with the bulls. As a result, many dogs died heroically. In modern society, Ca de Bou is just the perfect guard, but at the same time a very loving dog that can become the best friend and loyal companion.

Appearance of a dog

This animal has a very strong and strong body with a developed musculature. In height they are about 52-58 centimeters, and their weight varies within 38 kilograms.

The muzzle of the animal is rather wide and massive, especially in males. The size of the bitches of this breed is slightly smaller. The overall weight and appearance make a much bigger impression than it actually is. The size of the dog is quite small, but the overall appearance produces a very impressive. As for the wool, Ca de Bou has short and hard wool. By standards, it is customary to evaluate several varieties of the color of the animal's coat: beige, brindle, or black.

Dog character

The behavior and character of the dog is very calm. They get along well with all members of their family and do not give preference to someone alone. They know how to feel very good family atmosphere and find a common language with people. This dog is ideal for families with children. This animal almost always becomes a true friend to little children. And this, by the way, is a very good socialization for the dog, which is important when raising and training. Usually in a family where there are children, Ca De Bou does not get angry at all when they are squeezed or crumpled in every possible way. On the contrary, they are great at communicating with people, and with children in particular. This dog feels very finely the mood of the household and always supports them in both sadness and joy.

Another significant feature is that these dogs show tolerance and restraint towards the friends of the owners, and will never bully them just like that. However, they will never, even for anything, allow even unfamiliar relatives of their masters to their doorsteps if they are not in the house. This instinct guard territory sits in dogs of this breed very deeply. The most amazing thing is that you cannot bribe these dogs or persuade them.

These animals never show baseless aggression, but regular training is an important condition for keeping a dog and developing certain behavioral traits. It is necessary from the very early age to be engaged in her upbringing and not to start this process. And to bring up the dog is recommended to start from the moment of its appearance in the house. This will help grow a reliable and loyal friend, as well as a good guard and protector of the territory.

This dog has a very large activity that must be constantly maintained. For example, to organize constant walks in the fresh air, play with the dog and use it in every possible way in mobile activities. It is recommended to take her to all events with her, so that she would walk, jump and run. It doesn't matter what. The main thing is activity. This breed lends itself very well to learning and in cooperative games will not make you bored and sad.

This dog has very great strength and power. However, in spite of her power, she will never rush to a smaller and inferior dog. And with larger dogs, she also did not immediately rush into a fight without a special team or extreme need. This is a very strong-willed animal, for the upbringing of which requires a firm and unshakable character and a strong hand.

How to care

  1. This breed of dogs does not require special care. The dog has a short and thick coat, it is recommended to comb it with a specialized comb of rubber 2 times a week.
  2. But bathing a dog is often not recommended, so that the fat balance in the skin of an animal is not disturbed. And in cases in which the dog's hair is very dirty, it should be bathed with the use of special shampoos for dogs with short hair. Thanks to these simple procedures, the animal will look clean and fresh.
  3. It is also necessary to remember that an important feature of care is cleaning the ears and eyes of an animal. It is necessary to clean the dog's ears once every two weeks. To do this, you must use cotton buds or tampons. There are cases when a liquid with an unpleasant odor is secreted from the ears of an animal. In this case, the animal must be immediately shown to the veterinarian. Another very important point is the systematic treatment of the eyes. They are recommended to wipe with a special cotton swab moistened with a special veterinary lotion.
  4. The teeth of the animal also need to constantly monitor and prevent the formation of tartar. When it is detected, the animal is transported to a clinic where teeth are cleaned. To avoid the formation of tartar, in order to prevent the use of special toys in the form of pits and cartilage, with a cleaning effect.

The dog breed Ca de Bou feels great in a city apartment, and in a country house or in the country. Just provide her an active life with mobile games, and she will be the happiest animal on Earth.

How to train and raise a dog

Representatives of this breed are perfectly trainable, but raising an animal should start as soon as possible, almost from the moment it appears in the house.

In the period when Ca de Bou is still a puppy, you should watch the behavior of the animal very carefully. You should not pamper the dog and allow her to act as she pleases, if you do not want problems in the future. A very important factor - do not allow the dog to seize power over you, occupying a dominant position. If the moment is already missed, and the dog reluctantly executes commands or behaves strangely, then it is necessary to contact an experienced trainer.

How to choose a dog breed Ca de Bou

Dogs of this breed are simply wonderful friends and protectors, but the question of choosing an animal is always quite difficult for many people.

Puppies of the Majorcan Mastiff are very cute and cause only positive emotions. But how to choose an adequate dog with a good psyche in such a big variety of babies? It is important to realize that this breed is so easy to get at the flea market will not work. And, in order not to doubt the origin of the dog, its maintenance and upbringing, it is still necessary to acquire puppies in specialized kennels, where experts in their field will surely help you make the right choice by examining the wishes and concerns of a potential buyer. So you will be confident in the quality of the services provided, as well as enlist the direct support of the breeder.

However, in cases when a dog is acquired not only as a friend and protector, but also to participate in contests and exhibitions, it is recommended to start by participating in such events yourself, to communicate with people participating there. The fact is that it is very difficult to understand without a knowledge base that this particular puppy will be the champion. Therefore, before acquiring a pet, it is recommended to study a variety of literature on this topic, as well as to ask around knowledgeable people.

If a dog of this breed is acquired exclusively as a companion and faithful friend, then there are several points to which particular attention should be paid:

  1. Regularly inspect your puppy after purchase. Note that after 40 days, they have to grow all the milk teeth.
  2. Pay attention to the puppy's head. They have a special bump on the head, which shows the future growth and size of the pet. The larger the bump, the larger the animal will be.
  3. Be sure to check the bite. Ideal are indicators that do not exceed 1 centimeter.
  4. It is important to examine the fur of the animal. It should be pleasant and soft to the touch. Also, it must be clean.
  5. Look at the tail of the animal. It should not be kinked.

How to walk a dog

Dogs of this breed love to walk. And they love to do it for a long time. Parks, squares or alleys are ideal for walking. You need to take some toy with you for a walk. This may be an ordinary rubber ball. You also need to ensure that the dog takes in his mouth. For example, if she likes to gnaw sticks, pay attention to their structure so that she does not swallow small slivers.

Remember! If you notice that after walking your pet's well-being is not as usual, and gradually worsens - this is a very good reason to visit the vet.

It is also important to pay attention to all the merits of the pet. They adore when they are praised. Therefore, do not feel sorry for positive emotions and praises.

When walking with an animal, do not allow clashes with other dogs or cats. Although dogs of this breed, for the most part, never initiate fights, but sometimes they can make an exception (after all, they are animals). If, however, this happened, then try by all means to remove the dog from the source of aggression. Shift the focus of the animal's attention to something else (a game, a ball) and direct it to another place.

How to feed and Ca de Bou

For this dog you can use both home and purchased food. Purchased feeds contain the necessary set of minerals and vitamins that are simply necessary in keeping the animal in the right shape.

But there are some products that are strictly forbidden to be consumed by an animal. These include:

  1. Products containing chocolate. This adversely affects the liver of the animal.
  2. Any sweets and foods containing sugar. These substances very quickly cause the animal to gain weight, and also spoil the tooth enamel.
  3. Bow is also an enemy of mastiffs. It causes poisoning of the animal.
  4. Any kinds of mushrooms. The fact is that the dog's body digests this product very poorly.
  5. Condiments and spices are also strictly forbidden to these animals, as they can cause a stomach burn and even an ulcer. Vinegar also belongs to this list.
  6. Fresh milk can easily cause indigestion.
  7. Pasta and pasta lead to fermentation.


In the process of evolution, it so happened that only the strongest survived, because the puppies did not have special care and the weak individuals died. But such a situation was with adult dogs, if for some reason they fell ill. They were also not treated and they died. No one provided them with medical assistance, so all the diseases these animals had to overcome themselves. As a result, due to a rather cruel natural selection, these animals have practically no genetic diseases.

There is no increased salivation in dogs, so their breathing is free, and heart problems are not observed at all. And the structure of the ears of these dogs resemble a rose. Because of the structure of this disease, Ca De Bou has practically no ears.

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