How to understand that the cat temperature?

The temperature norm in cats is 38-39 degrees. This is somewhat larger than that of a human. You can measure it to an animal through the ear canal or rectal. Only in this way it will be possible to say for sure that the temperature of the animal has increased. Sometimes it rises only temporarily. For example, when a cat has eaten or overheated. If after a while the indicators returned to normal, then the probability of pathology is absent.

Possible reasons

If the temperature of the cat does not decrease, it signals about any pathological process in the body. When the indicator has reached 39.5 C, it is necessary to show the animal to a specialist. He will determine the cause.

Why does a cat have a fever?

  1. The most common cause is the development of viruses and bacteria. Sometimes this can occur due to a worm infestation.
  2. Intoxication of the cat's body.
  3. Necrotic processes.
  4. Increased pressure. This can occur in pregnant cats or as a result of physical stress.
  5. Sometimes this symptom occurs simply due to stress. If you take the cat to the vet, and she is afraid of him, her temperature may rise sharply.

Signs of fever


A healthy cat looks like this: she has a clear look, her nose is cold and wet. She feeds in the usual mode for themselves and it normally works intestines. But if characteristic signs are observed, this should cause concern to the owners.

  1. Dry nose. As already mentioned, a healthy cat's nose will be cool and wet. It is warm and dry only for a few minutes after the animal wakes up from sleep.
  2. Flaccidity and loss of interest in food. When the temperature rises, the cat starts eating poorly, lies a lot. She begins to bristle wool. In addition, the sick animal dilates the pupils and there may be discharge from the eyes and ears.
  3. Digestive disorders. The animal's digestion is impaired, with the result that its stool undergoes changes. Urination is also different. It becomes less frequent, and urine more concentrated.
  4. Impaired breathing Since the body will try to lower the temperature, the pulse and breathing will increase in the cat.
  5. Avoiding people. If the animal, which has always been always affectionate and sociable, has begun to hide from you, you should watch the change in its state.

If you observe several of the above signs, it is best to show the cat to the vet. Before that, you can measure her temperature.

Temperature measurement: recommendations


It does not always increase the temperature of the cat says about the disease. But, if her condition caused you to doubt, you can measure the temperature in several ways. A universal or rectal electronic thermometer is suitable for this. But it is possible to use the usual mercury.

  1. Mercury thermometer is now used less and less. This device is not very suitable for an animal, as in order for it to show an accurate result, the cat must be without movement all the time. It causes anxiety in the animal, it can break out or bite. Also, this device is dangerous because it can break.
  2. A rectal thermometer is used by veterinarians most often. It is electronic, and will show the exact temperature in a minute. Such a thermometer will not break, and it is safer than a mercury thermometer.
  3. Universal electronic, which has a small screen and a sensor, can be used not only rectally. It is suitable for measurement in the ear canal or in the mouth of an animal. Since the tip of this device is plastic, care must be taken. He will show the result in about three minutes.

Rectal way
If you use a mercury thermometer when measuring body temperature, it should be lubricated, for example, with paraffin oil, so as not to harm the animal. Also, before use it should be shaken. Lubrication is necessary not only for a mercury thermometer, but also for an electronic universal. This will prevent possible injuries with the introduction.

Take the cat under the arm and position it so that its paws rest on something solid. It is best to do it with someone's help. Thermometer must be entered carefully. The maximum depth is 2.5 cm. It should be located parallel to the rectum. Otherwise it may hurt the animal.

If you use a mercury thermometer to measure the temperature of a cat by the rectal method, it is important that the procedure lasts at least 6 minutes. If you use an electronic device, the measurement process will be faster. This will reduce the risk of stress in the cat.

If the thermometer showed results of 38-39, then there is no cause for concern. If the temperature of the cat is increased - it is better to show it to a specialist.

Another way is in the ear canal.
If the cat is aggressive or very obstinate, then it will be difficult to measure the temperature in the first way. In this case, you can try another method in which a thermometer is inserted into the ear canal of an animal.

It is important to note that measuring by the rectal method will give more accurate results. To carry out the procedure correctly, you must enter the tip of the thermometer in the ear canal. At the same time it is necessary to hold the head well so that the animal does not burst out. After the signal, the thermometer is pulled out. At the end of the procedure, the tip must be well rinsed or disinfected.

Temperature change after sterilization surgery

This point should be considered in more detail. After such an operation, the temperature may drop by several degrees. Why is this happening?

  • Experienced stress.
  • Reaction to anesthesia.
  • Decrease in pressure as a result of medication.
  • Change of exchange processes.

After such stress, it is very important to take care of the cat so that it survives it as best as possible. To minimize the effects of such an operation on an animal, it is necessary to wrap it in a warm blanket. It is advisable to put a heating pad near. It is important for some time after the operation to periodically monitor temperature changes. Sometimes a symptom such as fever can signal internal bleeding.

Watch for changes for three days. If the temperature has dropped by one or several marks, and then has returned to normal, this is normal. If there is some increase, which does not pass a few days, then show the cat to a specialist. Such a pathology may indicate that an infection develops in the cat's body.

First Aid Pet

Veterinarians do not recommend trying to lower the temperature of the cat at home. Do not try to save the situation by giving the cat the pills that you use to reduce the heat. This can be very harmful to the animal.

Before you go to the veterinarian, you can do the following.

  1. Soothe the animal, make a massage.
  2. Drink clean water.
  3. Ventilate the room where the cat resides. A rush of air will help improve a little.

It is important to remember that raising the temperature of an animal does not always signal any serious problems. Indicators can be normalized. If not, contact your veterinarian. He will determine the cause and tell you how to cure your pet. You will be sure that you treat the animal correctly, as the specialist will conduct a comprehensive examination. Since inflammation is often the cause, veterinarians prescribe antibiotic therapy. If it does not work, another treatment is prescribed.

It is important to remember that a sign of impaired health of a cat can be not only a slight increase, but also a decrease in temperature. It may occur due to such a serious process as blood loss. Often, the temperature in cats decreases due to hypothermia. Sometimes this symptom occurs as a result of kidney disease or malfunction of the glands.

In any case, if you want to preserve the health of your pet, watch his condition and mood. Do not try to cure it yourself, if you notice a change in behavior, decreased activity of the cat - it is better to take the animal to a doctor.

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