How to get rid of spider veins on the legs

Spider veins on the legs - a common disease of women older than 25 years. Constant stress, wearing high heels, standing work adversely affect the condition of the blood vessels. Despite the fact that today medicine knows many ways to remove an unsightly mesh, it is necessary from the youth to take care of the beauty and health of their feet.

How do the first symptoms of telangiectasia

Teleangiectasia is the medical name for a vascular disease in which there is a cosmetic defect in the form of asterisks or a grid. The first symptoms of this disease are heaviness in the legs. If a person spends a large amount of time on a daily basis, there is a high probability that the outflow of blood is disturbed and it is collected only in the lower limbs. At this time, squeezing of capillaries, vessels, veins occurs, which causes heaviness and soreness of the legs.

At first, you may not notice any cosmetic defects, but over time, when the load is increasing, and the capillaries are becoming weaker, spider veins or nets appear on the foot, mostly purple or blue. Usually they are located on the legs and calves. It is also possible their appearance on the face - such a disease is called rosacea. In view of the fact that the causes of the appearance of spider veins on the face and legs are different, the methods of treatment and prevention also differ.

Causes of spider veins on the legs

Scientists physicians, both domestic and foreign, have concluded that more than 80% of women have various cosmetic defects on their legs. In addition to the apparent simplicity, this disease can cause chronic venous insufficiency, which is not amenable to complete cure. In this regard, it is necessary to find out the main reasons provoking the occurrence of vascular formations and try to recover from such a "not beautiful and dangerous disease" rather.

  1. Pregnancy. During childbirth, a large load is created on the blood arteries that supply blood to the lower extremities. Due to the increase in pressure inside the capillaries and veins, the appearance of a vascular network is possible. In order to protect yourself from this scourge, you should consult a phlebologist. He will prescribe compression knitwear on his feet, which is able to reduce the occurrence of telangiectasia several times.
  2. Genetic predisposition. If a person has relatives who suffer from venous insufficiency, it is possible that the spider veins could have been inherited.
  3. Lack of vitamin C. Everyone knows that vitamin C can not only protect against colds, but also reduce vascular permeability. If the body lacks this important vitamin, blue stars can appear on the legs, first in small quantities, and then grow more and more.
  4. Acceptance of oral contraceptives. When taking birth control pills, the hormonal background of the whole organism changes dramatically. In this regard, the manifestation of telangiectasia is possible.
  5. Disruption of the normal functioning of the pancreas, liver or thyroid gland. These diseases can be the main reason for the appearance of asterisks on the legs. Therefore, it will be possible to get rid of the cosmetic defect only after the sick organs are completely cured.

Before treating spider veins on your legs, visit a phlebologist. After passing the ultrasound scan, testing, will be known the main cause of the disease - this will provide an opportunity to make treatment more effectively and as soon as possible.

Treatment of telangiectasia

There are several methods of getting rid of spider veins on the legs:

  • Visiting beauty salons
  • The course of therapy in private clinics
  • Folk remedies
  • Drug treatment

Today, many beauty salons are ready to offer various services, similar to procedures in private clinics. For example, to get rid of the blue stars on your feet, you can hold events such as:

  • Electrocoagulation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser photocoagulation
  • Method of radio wave surgery
  • Ozone therapy

Each procedure has its own characteristics. Their use is possible only after consulting a specialist.

The most common, and more budgetary option - folk remedies and drug treatment. Despite the fact that the result will not be instant, but gradually positive, women can apply it themselves without spending significant funds.

Folk methods of getting rid of the stars on their feet

Popular methods used for many years do not pose a danger to the organism - they do not oversaturate it with harmful compounds and substances. However, they are able to eliminate only the aesthetic side of the disease, without affecting the main cause of the disease.

  1. Apple vinegar. This method is the most effective and offers to forget about the defects that have just started after a weekly course. Cotton swab moistened with 5% apple cider vinegar, apply to those areas of the legs, where they began to see the first "stars". You can also wipe the legs with apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 3 weeks.
  2. Soda baths. The course consists of 10 procedures that are carried out every other day. In the evening, after work, dissolve one full packet of soda in a basin of water at room temperature. Sit in a relaxed position for 40 minutes. Then wipe your feet dry and lift up for 10 seconds.
  3. Green Tomatoes In autumn or summer, you can use this method as the most basic. Cut the tomato in half and keep it in places where aesthetic defects appeared.
  4. Tea mushroom. Tie a few pieces of this live product with a bandage in problem areas. Asterisks and grids will decrease in size or disappear altogether.
  5. Tincture of colonial. In order to prepare this effective remedy for asterisks, you will need several colanquae leaves. They need to grind and pour boiling water into the floor liter jar. A week later, after the tincture is completely saturated with useful elements, strain. To rub the received solution into legs, beginning from feet, to hips.
  6. Trays of flowers. Prepare equal shares of chamomile and calendula flowers. Chop the flowers in advance and pour boiling water for 30 minutes. After the infusion is infused, hold your feet in warm water or apply a compress to problem areas.
  7. Coniferous baths. In order to saturate the entire surface of the legs with useful vitamins, you need to pour boiling water over 100 grams of pine needles, let it brew for 30 minutes and sit in a warm bath. This procedure is useful not only in the fight against spider veins, but also to eliminate fatigue in the legs.

Medications for the treatment of telangiectasia

If you are disturbed by asterisks or fishnets on your legs in blue, be sure to consult a phlebologist for advice. He will recommend a complex of drugs for the treatment of the disease. Independently, without a prescription, you can use drugs such as:

  • Gel-balm "911" with horse chestnut
  • Troxevasin
  • Lioton
  • Venarus
  • Detralex

Prevention of Spider Veins

As in many cases, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Preventive methods aimed at preventing the occurrence of spider veins are based on several important points:

  1. Daily douche. The alternate combination of cold and hot water causes the vessels to contract, thereby stimulating the entire circulatory system. In addition, the contrast shower - a great invigorating agent.
  2. Daily exercise. It doesn’t matter whether it is a kilometer walk or a gym session - the result will be positive anyway.
  3. Weight control. Extra pounds only increase the possibility of vascular diseases, so do not allow overeating and excessive fatness.
  4. Regularly eat foods rich in vitamins B, C, A.

If at first glance, vascular stars - bring only aesthetic discomfort, a more detailed study of the disease, it turns out that the problem lies deep inside the whole organism. Do not let the disease come close! Get rid of them immediately at the first signs.

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