How to get rid of epilepsy at home

Epilepsy is a serious neurological disease in which a person suffers from convulsive seizures. Attacks occur spontaneously and in most cases do not depend on environmental factors. During an attack, a person loses consciousness, falls, his muscles come in a strong tone. His pupils also expand, his skin turning blue and pale.

Epilepsy attack

In order to protect a person during an attack, when he becomes unable to control his body, the patient should not expose himself to possible danger. Such people are not recommended to drive vehicles, work at height and depth, near moving and dangerous machines.

Any danger where a person can lose control of himself becomes deadly. An epileptic patient may even stop breathing from a sunken tongue that obstructs the passage of air. Therefore, first aid to a person with an epileptic seizure is the release of the respiratory passage. This can be done with a spoon or other object at hand. The attack lasts a few minutes, after which the patient usually does not remember anything.

Where does epilepsy come from

Scientists have not yet proven the cause of this disease. One of the widespread opinions is the form of deviation of the nervous system, which is associated with disruption of the work of neurons. Such abnormalities may occur in connection with an infection that has afflicted the brain (meningitis, encephalitis), a brain tumor. Also, the cause of acquired epilepsy can be oxygen starvation of the brain, caused by stroke or mechanical asphyxia.

Another expert opinion suggests that epilepsy is a hereditary disease that is a deviation in the human genetic structure. This means that if there are people with epilepsy in the family, the risk of the disease increases significantly.

Can Epilepsy Cure?

The answer to this question is yes. About 70% of patients with epilepsy get rid of their illness with the help of properly selected treatment. If seizures do not visit a person for three years, then it is considered that he is healthy, he is usually removed from medical records.

Treatment of epilepsy is prescribed by a psycho-neurologist and a neuropathologist. With monotonous and characteristic symptoms, monotherapy is prescribed - only one drug is used. If the symptoms are different, the focus of the disease is not localized and is not found, a group of drugs is used, which include anticonvulsants.

Surgical treatment of epilepsy is also very effective. For example, it may be the simple removal of a head tumor that prevents the brain from receiving enough oxygen.

Often, treatment takes place against the background of taking the medicine immediately before the attack. The patient himself feels that an attack will soon begin on the feeling of a light wind in the face, on smells that are not present, on light hallucinations.

Diet for getting rid of epilepsy

Correction of nutrition can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. To do this, follow a few rules:

  • From the diet you need to remove the meat. Only vegetarianism.
  • Less salt and no excess fluid intake.
  • Dairy and vegetable products in priority.
  • Alcohol and smoking are taboos.
  • Onion is very useful for patients with epilepsy. You need to eat onions as often as possible.
  • Also reduce the number of attacks will help regular intake of onion juice.
  • The same goes for spinach. You need to chew this product raw and drink its juice.

Folk recipes for getting rid of epilepsy

  1. Sagebrush. This is a wonderful plant that will help cope with attacks. To prepare the broth, pour three tablespoons of a dry or green plant with a liter of boiling water and cook the mixture over low heat. Then remove the broth from the heat, cover tightly and let it brew until it cools completely. Drink half a glass twice a day before meals.
  2. Marin root. Peony root is very effective. To prepare the broth it must be crushed and put in a thermos. Pour boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning, the prepared liquid must be filtered. Drink this tool twice a day, one third of a glass.
  3. Tansy. This well-known plant is well struggling with various neurological abnormalities. The broth is prepared from a liter of boiling water and ten inflorescences in dry or fresh form.
  4. Panzer woolly. This plant is used only during flowering. It has a high concentration of natural soothing ingredients. From inflorescences prepare a decoction or tincture of alcohol. Take a tablespoon several times a day.
  5. Motherwort. The habitual motherwort, its decoction and tincture is used as an additional soothing component in decoctions.
  6. Periwinkle This tree is also called forest apple. The decoction is made from inflorescences or leaves of this plant.
  7. Horsetail. It is used as a diuretic homeopathy, if the patient needs the removal of unwanted fluids from the body.

Epilepsy is not a sentence. In spite of the fact that only few manage to fully recover, modern medicine has learned how to deal with this disease. Comprehensive treatment significantly reduces the intensity and frequency of attacks that interfere with a normal life.

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