How to make anti-cellulite cream at home

Every girl starts to panic when she finds on her body a hated "orange peel", and this is not surprising. You need to fight cellulite, otherwise you will not see velvety and elastic skin. For these purposes, it is not necessary to sweep away all expensive products from the store shelves or visit a beauty salon several times a week. Enough to learn the basics of cooking anti-cellulite cream at home. For you, we have collected a golden collection of effective recipes.

Advantages of home anti-cellulite products

  • high efficiency;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • the ability to change components "by itself";
  • price policy;
  • available ingredients in terms of purchasing;
  • ease of cooking.

Properties of home anti-cellulite products

  • warm the skin;
  • remove puffiness;
  • normalize the outflow of blood;
  • remove excess fluid;
  • break down body fat;
  • tighten, moisturize and nourish the epidermis;
  • struggling with varicose veins;
  • beneficial effect on the vascular system.

Preparation of anti-cellulite cream at home

Before you start mixing the ingredients, carefully review the recipe. For the first time, do not choose a complex technology, limit to the composition of 5-6 components.

After making the cream, test for an allergic reaction: apply the product on your wrist, wait 20 minutes, rinse with water. If irritation occurs, find out the cause and change the composition.

All recipes can be varied: delete the unloved products and replace them with similar ones, add and subtract proportions at your discretion. Experiment, everything will work out!

Ester-based cream

  • Tui's ether - 23 ml.
  • geranium ester - 18 ml.
  • grapefruit ester - 20 ml.
  • orange ether - 20 ml.
  • corn oil - 40 ml.
  • body cream - 100 gr.

Mix your regular body cream with essential oils, put in a microwave for 15 seconds. Remove and pour in corn oil. The composition is applied to the skin in a warm (almost hot) form. Rub it in a circular motion for 20 minutes, then wrap with food film and wait another 1-1.5 hours.

Anti-cellulite cream based on resin

  • natural cosmetic resin - 20 gr.
  • Mummy - 1 tablet
  • cinnamon ester - 3 ml.
  • geranium ester - 7 ml.
  • Children's cream - 120 gr.
  • lemon juice - 45 ml.
  • grapefruit juice - 20 ml.

Mix children's cream and cosmetic resin, pour esters, grapefruit juice and lemon. Crush the mummy between two spoons, dilute slightly with warm water. Connect the components, transfer them to a dark container and close the lid tightly. Wait 1 hour. Apply on previously cleaned skin, rubbing the mixture in 25 minutes for massaging. After that, use a plastic massager that speeds up the breakdown of fats and normalizes blood circulation.

Pepper Cream

  • ground chilli - 14 gr.
  • red pepper - 10 gr.
  • ground black pepper - 7 gr.
  • body cream - 90 gr.
  • Geranium essential oil - 12 ml.
  • cayenne ether - 2 ml.
  • Mexican guarana (ground) - 18 gr.

Mix all kinds of pepper with guarana, drip ethers and add a moisturizer. Treat the areas with cellulite with intensive movements up and down, not in a circle. If the procedure is performed on the legs, do not affect the inner surface of the thigh. In these areas, the skin is very delicate, it burns the fastest. Exposure time - at least 10 minutes. Look on sensations, if not bake - hold longer. For bigger effect turn back a film.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cream

  • massage oil - 55 ml.
  • natural apple vinegar (concentration no more than 6%) - 35 ml.
  • Rosewood ester - 4 ml.
  • glycerin (liquid) - 10 ml.
  • nourishing body cream - 70 gr.

Pour glycerin into cream, add oil and ether. Heat the ingredients in the microwave for 10 seconds, add vinegar. Stir and immediately proceed to the procedure. Turn around with cling film and wait 20 minutes. If you feel an unbearable burning sensation, remove the composition and take a cool shower.

Rosehip Cream

  • wild rose berries - 75 gr.
  • juniper berries - 25 gr.
  • Eucalyptus ester - 9 ml.
  • tea tree ester - 8 ml.
  • baby cream - 80 ml.
  • olive oil - 10 ml.
  • hydrogel - 30 ml.

Connect the hydrogel with the cream, pour in the esters. Wash the berries, cut the coarse particles and send to the blender. Thoroughly chop into porridge, add olive oil. Stir the mixture. Make a skin peeling, then cover it with cream. Treat the areas with a massager, turn around with food film. Wait half an hour.

Rose water cream

  • rose petals - 25 gr.
  • honey - 70 gr.
  • gelatin - 35 gr.
  • liquid glycerin - 12 ml.
  • dry seaweed (powder) - 7 gr.
  • boric acid - 5 ml.

Pour dry algae 12 ml. boiling water, wait 30 minutes. Add boric acid and glycerin. Brew pink petals in 70 ml. hot water, insist broth for 1 hour, then strain. Combine the components, heat in a water bath or in any other way, add honey. Stir with a wooden spatula until completely dissolved, then add gelatin. Cover with a lid, put the mixture in a dark place for 2 hours. Use for its intended purpose, be sure to turn around with food film. The exposure time of the composition varies from 20 to 35 minutes.

Anti-Cellulite Coffee Cream

  • Strong brewed coffee - 65 ml.
  • gelatin - 30 gr.
  • glycerin - 8 ml.
  • agar-agar - 10 gr.
  • ginger oil - 8 ml.
  • honey - 35 gr.

Fill the gelatin with warm, natural coffee, drip glycerin and cover with a lid. Brew agar-agar in 25 ml. water, after 10 minutes, add the melted honey. Combine both, pour in glycerin and ginger oil. Apply the cream and carefully treat the defects. Wait half an hour.

Features of using home anti-cellulite cream

  1. If possible, perform the procedure daily. Otherwise, use the composition at least 4 times a week.
  2. Before applying the cream, treat the skin with a soft scrub or make a gentle peeling.
  3. After the procedure, always apply a moisturizing composition. Wash off the product only in cases of incomplete absorption.
  4. If it is cold after cooking, heat it in the oven or put the container in a pan with hot water. You will achieve much better results with regular use of warm, not cold, composition.
  5. Feature of home remedies is proper storage. Keep the cream in a dark place or refrigerator for no more than 10 days.
  6. Get a plastic or silicone massager with special teeth in a cosmetic shop; it is designed to combat cellulite.

To increase the effectiveness of using the cream, do a daily massage. Fingering skin with fingers until redness, pinch and pull. Try to always have food tape in your home stock. The thermal effect contributes to the removal of excess fluid, due to which the volumes are concealed on the eyes. Also stop swelling of the limbs, accelerates blood flow.

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