Psilocybe bluish - description of where the toxicity of the fungus grows

By blue psilocybe is meant a fruit body with hallucinogenic properties. The fungus is not recommended for ingestion, because it is often a fundamental cause of the development of mental disorders. In today's article we will study everything that affects these members of the family. Consider the features of growth, external data, other characteristics. It is important to remember the inedibility and not violate this. But first things first.


  1. This representative is included in the stropharium family and the psilocybe family. In the composition there are several hallucinogenic substances, due to which this fungus is considered inedible. Moreover, copies are poisonous and can lead to serious consequences.
  2. The top of the format is small, bulging in young, splayed in adulthood. The diameter grows to 3 cm on average. In old fruit bodies edge may be cracked. The shade of the hat is brownish with a red tint and yellow splashes. It may be yellow, but this is rare.
  3. The final color is modified, everything depends on the climatic conditions in the growing region. If the weather is dry and sunny, the hat will be dry and yellowish. When wet or growing in a wet environment, it darkens and acquires mucus on the surface.
  4. This psilocybe got its name due to the fact that a blue spot can peek around the edges. If you press on the top, it will also change color and become blue-green.
  5. The base is thin in diameter, does not reach 1 cm. It is painted gray-white, there are rings. In length it stretches up to 6 cm. It feels like a gentle leg resembles silk, it can be fibrous and bluish when in contact.
  6. The soft part has almost no smell, pigmented white. Spores are brownish with purple tint. The plates of the hat grow to the base, slightly fall down, change over time from light to dark.


  1. Some believe that these fruit bodies prefer to grow alone, but this is a fundamentally erroneous observation. Growth is carried out in colonies, for these purposes, the mushrooms choose a moist environment.
  2. They need acidic soil, which is endowed with many organic substances. Often there are fruit bodies near the roadsides on roads and in forests. You can find specimens on humus, in desert places. They begin to bear fruit in the fall and up to the winter.

Action on the body

  1. We should also mention that there are two hallucinogenic substances in the composition of the fruit bodies under consideration. They are presented in the form of psilocybin and psilocin. When ingested, an effect comparable to that of LSD occurs.
  2. Experts claim that such an effect on the body provokes the development of psychomimetic syndrome in humans. This is comparable to bouts of schizophrenia. If you take these mushrooms on an empty stomach, the first signs begin to appear in a quarter of an hour.
  3. A feeling of euphoria, tremor, delusional state and stunnedness appears. The person falls into a restless state. At this time, hearing and eyesight is exacerbated. Consciousness is subject to strong pressure. It seems that around time and space are distorted. The perception of colors is completely different.
  4. After that, the person is confronted with the strongest hallucinations. He can see himself from the outside, and this happens quite often. At the same time, depending on the mood, after receiving such specimens from different people, the state and sensations can differ significantly.
  5. You can fall into the deepest depression or on the contrary get a lot of positive emotions. Most of these factors will depend on the mood and human health. In some cases, aggression, propensity to violence, loss of consciousness and rage are manifested.
  6. The effect can also be quite the opposite. A person can experience incredible happiness, bright color hallucinations, inner freedom and the feeling that moves in time and space.
  7. In addition, a person becomes visible if he is under the influence of hallucinogenic fungi. There is an expansion of the pupils, rapid heartbeat, and increased body temperature. Sensitivity may change and speech confusion may occur.

Do not forget that the consumption of such mushrooms in order to relax does not lead to anything good. The person begins to experience an emotional attachment to hallucinations. Against this background, develop serious neurosis and schizophrenia. It is impossible to recover from this.

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