How to get rid of warts at home

Warts are called neoplasms on the skin of various sizes, shapes and colors. They can be located anywhere on the human body: on the hands, face, legs, groin. This dermatological problem gives a lot of trouble, it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Small tumor formations may be benign or not. The most common cause of their occurrence is a viral infection. Any skin disease must be treated - warts are no exception, but before deciding on the removal method it is necessary to identify their nature of occurrence.

Causes of warts

The occurrence of warts is caused by infection with the papilloma virus, which occurs when contact with sick people - this can happen through a handshake, sharing household appliances, after visiting public baths, saunas or a swimming pool. It is especially dangerous when the papilloma virus enters the bloodstream through wounds or cuts on the skin. Education on the skin in these cases can occur anywhere and to get rid of them external methods of treatment will not be enough. The patient will need to take antiviral drugs.

After papillomavirus has entered the human body, the warts do not form immediately - the incubation period of this disease is up to two months.

What are the warts

Warts differ in shape, structure and location on the human body. These skin tumors are:

  • ordinary;
  • flat;
  • spiky;
  • seborrheic.

Common warts
These tumors resemble a dome with a rough surface. Their color can be different: from flesh to brown. Most often formed on the hands: palms, wrist, between the fingers, in the elbows.

Plantar wart refers to common warts, they protrude above the skin, germinate into the deeper layers of the skin and cause pain when walking.

Sometimes common warts acquire a darker shade. This is due to the fact that the skin on their surface has enlarged pores through which dirt penetrates, as a result, the color changes.

Warts of this type are almost not noticeable, as they repeat the shade of the skin and almost do not rise. Their surface is smooth. These tumors can occur in open areas of the body: face, hands, shoulders. Mostly such warts appear in childhood and adolescence and disappear themselves.

Kandilomy peaked
These formations have a pink tint and resemble the shape of the inflorescence, like a cauliflower: with a thin base. They are quite soft to the touch. They can quickly grow and become like bunches. The cause of these tumors - are sexually transmitted infections. The location of these warts: genitals, groin area and anus.

Seborrheic neoplasms
Education of this type occur in many older people. Their gestation period is very long. At the site of future seborrhea warts, a pigment spot is first formed, which is further covered with a crust, it becomes thicker and rises above the rest of the skin. The wart acquires a brown tint, the crust cracks and becomes similar to a walnut shell. Such tumors often occur on the face, back, chest.

Wart Treatment

Ways to get rid of warts developed many:

  • drug treatment;
  • invasive techniques;
  • wart removal with the help of modern equipment;
  • folk methods;
  • and even conspiracies.

Only the dermatologist will be able to choose the right way. Many people are in no hurry to go to the doctor and try to get rid of this problem with unconventional methods. Do these ways bring results? Very doubtful.

Often do not rush to get rid of warts. However, some neoplasms on the skin may begin to bleed, cause pain, change (change shape, color and increase) - this may be a sign of the transformation of a wart into a substandard formation.

Therefore, before choosing a method for removing a neoplasm, it is necessary to determine its nature. Often, when you remove one wart, the rest disappear.

Surgical wart removal

Surgical removal of warts is resorted to when they are located in the deeper layers of the skin and there is a chance that other treatments will be ineffective. For example, with the accelerated growth of a wart or with the appearance of pain, when it begins to bleed, urgent surgical intervention is required.

After the doctor has removed this neoplasm with a scalpel, a suture is applied in the damaged area. This is a significant drawback of the procedure, in addition, with such an operation, bleeding may occur and subsequent infection in the wound.

Modern hardware methods for removing warts

Modern hardware methods for removing warts include:

  • cryodestruction;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser removal.

This method of removing warts occurs with the help of liquid nitrogen. The method is popular because it takes a minimum of time, no special preparation is required, a long recovery period is not required.

With the help of special equipment, the doctor freezes the tumor, while anesthetizing the affected area. During this operation and after it, the patient does not feel any pain. After cryosurgery there are no scars on the skin or wounds.

But despite a lot of advantages, the method has disadvantages:

  • In some cases, a second procedure is required.
  • It is impossible to fully control the depth of exposure to nitrogen.
  • If the temperature of the coolant is very low, the skin may be damaged, and a scar will form at this point.

Laser removal
Laser excision of warts is widely used in modern surgery and cosmetology. During the procedure, the skin is not injured, in place of the wart remains a small hole, which heals within a few weeks. The advantages of the method include: absolute sterility, painlessness. It takes only a few minutes, as a result - a complete deliverance from the disease.

This procedure is carried out with a special apparatus that acts on the affected tissue with an electric current. Damaged cells die, access to healthy tissue is blocked. The process is very effective in cases where the wart is located in the upper layers of the dermis.

How to get rid of warts folk remedies

Natural herbal remedies have long been used to get rid of warts. With the help of folk methods you can:

  1. To get rid of a bacterial infection, as a result of which this tumor appeared on the skin.
  2. To dry the upper layer of the epidermis - this is very important in the treatment of tumors, from which the fluid of unknown origin constantly flows.
  3. To eliminate the growth of warts due to the suppression of the spread of infection.

This is an excellent antibacterial agent that can get rid of some types of tumors on the skin, including warts.

  1. For the preparation of an external remedy, you must chop the garlic: crushed, skipped through a press or cut. Attach the mixture to the problem area of ​​the skin and secure with a plaster. Sustain the garlic on the skin need more than two hours. If redness occurs on the skin around the wart, smear the skin with a healing ointment or cream.
  2. To prepare the medicine, take 250 g of vinegar and three heads of garlic. Garlic must be cleaned and chopped, add to vinegar and infuse the mixture in a dark place for a week. With this medicine, you can make lotions: soak a cloth in the tool and attach to the wart for several hours.

Wart bow

  1. For the preparation of remedies for warts need to take 200 grams of vinegar and unpeeled onion. Place onion in vinegar, boil and infuse for several hours. With this tool make lotion.
  2. An effective folk remedy for warts is baked onions. Wrap the onion in foil and bake in the oven. Wipe the wart every hour for several days until it dries.

This plant has long been known for its healing properties of dermatological problems. To prepare the medicine you need to take a fresh plant. Cut a branch of celandine, the juice will begin to stand out of it, and they need to lubricate the warts. Juice should frost, do not wash it away. Means possesses bacteriological action and drying. Before using it, you must make sure that you are not allergic. Apply celandine with caution, as the tool causes burns.

We need to take fresh berries and crush them in a mortar. This gruel can be applied to the wart in the form of a compress, which is fixed with a plaster and kept for several hours.

Getting rid of warts is not an easy process, but their appearance can be avoided if you follow the basic rules of hygiene. If, however, warts on the hands appear, you should remove this problem from the inside before removing the tumor and take care of strengthening the immune system. People with strong immunity have less health problems.

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