Mistletoe - therapeutic properties and contraindications

White mistletoe is an amazing plant-semi-parasite, which is a spherical shrub. It grows on deciduous, coniferous and some fruit trees, penetrating the roots under the bark of the host tree and feeding on its moisture and mineral components. Mistletoe has been considered a medicinal plant since ancient times, which has numerous beneficial properties. In ancient times, decoctions of mistletoe leaves and shoots were used in the fight against tumors, headaches, and hypertension. Today, the list of useful properties of mistletoe is wider, the plant is used in many popular recipes, and even in the preparation of potent medicines. White mistletoe from druids was considered one of the most powerful antidotes. In Christianity, the plant symbolized healing and reconciliation. In this article, you will learn about this potent plant, its beneficial properties, contraindications, methods of collecting raw materials and competent preparation of medicines.

How to procure raw materials?

In no case do not collect mistletoe near highways, within the boundaries of large metropolitan areas or near industrial plants. The plant is sensitive to the environmental situation, sucks in the exhaust gases, which affects the medicinal properties of the shrub. It is better to collect mistletoe late autumn or winter. Some sources indicate that the collection should be carried out in the spring, but this is wrong, too young shoots have not yet gained strength, the concentration of nutrients in them is small. Raw materials for harvesting are new shoots (last year) and leaves. Fruits for home preparation of medicines is not recommended. Young stems break easily, without problems moving away from the main trunk. That is why it is not difficult to collect shoots, even if the nest of white mistletoe is high. To do this you will need a long hook or pruner.

After collecting the young shoots and leaves should be thoroughly dried, they are left on paper in a well-ventilated place. Before removing white mistletoe for long-term storage, the raw material must be dried properly, otherwise the future medicine will begin to rot and mold. If you are going to prepare an infusion or decoction, do it immediately, without drying the shoots. Store dried raw materials should be in canvas bags in a dark and cool place.

How to make medicine from mistletoe white?

The plant is widely used in pharmacology, various forms of drugs are prepared from it. Dried mistletoe can be bought at the pharmacy, very often the plant essence is used in the treatment. This is a natural extract, which has a potent effect. You can drink this medicine only as directed by your homeopath. In addition, mistletoe can be presented in the form of compressed tablets.

At home, mistletoe medications are either decoction or alcohol tincture. Each of the dosage forms has its own characteristics and advantages. Broth quickly prepared, it can be used in the treatment on the same day. But the infusion is beautifully stored, one bottle of alcohol medicine is enough for a long time. Preparing the broth is not difficult - you need to pour three tablespoons of dry raw material with boiling water and let it brew for at least an hour, it is better to brew the broth in a thermos. Ready broth to store no more than three days, drink half a glass in the morning and evening.

The tincture is prepared on alcohol or vodka. Take a bottle of dark glass and fill it with raw materials, pour a high-grade drink and leave in a cool place for 25-30 days. Periodically shake the bottle to make the tincture more concentrated. When the medicine is ready, it should be drained and stored in the refrigerator. Storage time - 3-4 months, drink an infusion of 25 drops several times a day. But what makes mistletoe come from?

Useful properties of mistletoe for the human body

From ancient times, mistletoe was considered a miraculous plant, which was used in various diagnoses. Mistletoe tincture has always been in the traveling briefcases of any doctor and healer. But for what violations does mistletoe apply today?

  1. Neurological diseases. In past centuries, mistletoe was successfully used in the fight against the manifestations of epilepsy - the medicine quickly relieved an attack, calmed and revived the person. Today, mistletoe tincture is also used for various depressions, stresses, anxieties, and panic attacks. Tincture helps a person in the shortest possible time to stop a tantrum, suppress cramps, or just calm down.
  2. Tumors. Today, the effect of mistletoe is recognized even by scientists and doctors of traditional medicine. On its basis, drugs are prepared that can stop the development of a malignant tumor, significantly slowing the growth of metastasis. Even after complete cure, mistletoe is prescribed to cancer patients in order to minimize the risk of recurrence. In the fight against malignant tumors, mistletoe, which grows on birch, is used especially effectively.
  3. For the intestines. Mistletoe is very effective for intestines. The plant-based medicine has an astringent effect, mistletoe perfectly stops diarrhea, kills pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine. And also white mistletoe tincture is used in the fight against some parasites - pinworms, ascaris and ox chain. The healing effect of the drug allows you to use it externally in the fight against the manifestations of hemorrhoids.
  4. Stops the blood. Another powerful effect of mistletoe is hemostatic property. When used internally, the drug can suppress bleeding in the stomach, intestines and other organs. Very often mistletoe is used for gynecological or nasal bleeding. The mistletoe-based medicine in the last century was surely given to patients before operations to reduce the risk of bleeding. Externally, the use of mistletoe allows you to stop the blood from the wound, stimulating the blood to more rapid folding.
  5. Analgesic. Mistletoe-based drugs have a mild anesthetic effect, eliminating headache or joint pain. Often the plant is used in the treatment of menstrual pain.
  6. Hypertension. Mistletoe is very useful for cores - it reduces pressure, minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis. Vasodilator effect of mistletoe allows you to saturate the organs and the brain with plenty of blood and oxygen, eliminates hypoxia. A long course intake of mistletoe in adulthood is an excellent prevention of sclerosis.
  7. Outdoor use. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal property of white mistletoe allows the plant to be used for external treatment of wounds, cuts, boils, boils. The medicine works very well in cosmetology - it eliminates acne, black spots, blackheads, perfectly cleanses and mattes the epidermis. Rinsing the hair with a decoction of white mistletoe makes the curls fresh and shiny, eliminating excess fat. Lotion based on alcohol medication is useful to do with rheumatism and arthritis - the plant quickly relieves pain, returns motor activity. Mistletoe copes with inflamed lymph nodes - warms quickly and reduces their size. The warming effect of mistletoe is also used in ENT practice, when it is necessary to quickly relieve inflammation in otitis and relieve a person from pain.
  8. Getting rid of excess weight. Mistletoe perfectly affects the metabolic processes in the body, literally accelerates them, eliminating cholesterol plaques. Mistletoe is often used in losing weight - it helps to lose weight, even if you have not changed your diet. In addition, mistletoe allows you to get rid of toxins in the intestine, has a diuretic and diaphoretic action. It is believed that mistletoe improves the endocrine processes in the body, it is important when losing weight, because hormonal disruption often becomes the cause of excess weight. For weight loss it is better to use mistletoe, taken from a willow tree. The effectiveness of mistletoe in the process of losing weight is actively discussed in the vast world wide web.

Remember that mistletoe is a potent plant that has not only beneficial, but also poisonous properties. Mistletoe berries are incredibly toxic, and if they are taken in the stomach in fresh form, they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and even severe intoxication. Before use, be sure to familiarize yourself with the negative aspects of this plant.

Contraindications for the application of white mistletoe

Among the main contraindications for the use of white mistletoe is the likely toxicity of the drug. Because of this, mistletoe can not be treated during pregnancy, children, the elderly, as well as women during lactation. If you are using mistletoe-based medicine for the first time, start with small doses in order to follow the reaction of the organism, because allergies or individual intolerance to the plant may occur. In case of serious violations of the work of the central nervous system, it is impossible to drink mistletoe without the approval of a neurologist. Do not drink mistletoe medication at low pressure - the plant will only exacerbate hypotension. Since the drugs based on white mistletoe have a sedative effect, do not use decoctions and tinctures for weakness, nervous apathy, depression. In addition, concentrated white mistletoe medications affect the reaction rate; you cannot use them in treatment if you are driving a car or are involved in highly concentrated work.

In order not to experience the toxicity and toxicity of mistletoe, you must carefully observe the dosage of the medication taken, do not exceed the permissible norms, do not drink mistletoe for a long time for a month, etc. Even after you have touched fresh mistletoe berries, you need to wash your hands as soon as possible. The medicine of the berries, of course, is prepared, but this will require special knowledge in the field of botany and pharmacology. Berry-based preparations are made strictly according to the recipe, in industrial conditions.

From ancient times, mistletoe was endowed with miraculous and even secret meaning, used in magical rites and religious rituals. Most often, mistletoe was considered a symbol of goodness and reconciliation. If you see a mistletoe bush over the doors of the house - you can be sure that the hosts will meet you friendly. When enemies encountered under the mistletoe tree, they had to give up the battle that day. In the world of modern technology and potent drugs mistletoe is also popular and in demand. Use white mistletoe correctly, and you will get only the benefit from the plant!

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