How to apply burdock on hair

In the struggle for stylish styling and spectacular hair, women often forget about the health and natural appearance of hair. From frequent staining, aggressive curls and regular use of thermal devices, hair loses its strength and beauty. They gradually begin to break down, fall out, become incredibly dry, like a washcloth. And only after that we reflect on the inner strength of our curls. In the process of hair restoration using various natural masks. One of the most effective and potent drugs is burdock oil. With proper use, burdock oil can breathe life into even the driest and deadest strands. Today we will talk about burdock oil - its beneficial properties for hair and proper use of this product.

Useful properties of burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil is obtained by distillation from burdock root. The composition of the oil is very diverse - it has vitamins C, A, E and B. In addition, the burdock oil contains calcium, iron, chromium, copper, the composition is saturated with various acids and fats, which favorably affect the health of hair. The structure of burdock oil is fairly light - the composition is quickly absorbed, does not leave behind greasy traces. Some women complain that after using burdock oil, the hair remains greasy, and the strands seem to stick together among themselves. To avoid this, curls should be properly washed. But before you learn about the proper use of burdock oil, we will tell you about the benefits of this product for hair.

Burdock root oil perfectly moisturizes and softens hair, especially after aggressive dyeing, lightening, and curling. After using the oil strands from washcloths will turn into flowing curls.

Burdock oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it allows it to cope with dandruff, itchy scalp, dryness and seborrhea.

Oil is effective against split ends. The damaged ends of the oil cannot be restored, but if the trimmed strands are greased with oil, they will no longer exfoliate.

Some are afraid to use oil for oily hair, and for good reason. The fact is that excessive work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp is often associated with severe dryness of the skin. If you saturate your head with healthy fats, the sebaceous glands will not work so actively, the strands will become well-groomed and fresh.

Burdock oil is often used in the fight against hair loss. The composition nourishes the hair bulbs, gives it vitamins, due to this, the hair is strengthened in its hole. Moreover, active nutrition awakens dormant hair follicles, increasing the thickness and strength of the hair.

After using the oil, the strands become incredibly smooth and shiny, acquire a fresh shine, as if they were carefully drawn out with an iron. Hair after such procedures cease to push and electrify.

The oil gently envelops the hair trunk with a thin lightest layer that lifts the strands from the roots. This allows you to give the hair volume.

The mask from the oil of burdock is very useful in the winter, when the hair suffers from frost and temperature drops, electrified in the overdried air of heated premises.

Burdock oil is very useful for curly, unruly and hard hair that do not fit properly. Thanks to the mask, such curls will become softer and supple.

The oil allows you to restore the strands after an aggressive external impact - if the hair is burned out in the sun, if you have not washed your head after salty sea water, if you have not protected the strands from chlorinated water in the pool, etc.

In addition, burdock oil stimulates the production of melanin, which protects you from early gray hair.

All these beneficial properties of the oil will help you to reveal the true beauty and richness of your curls, to make them more silky and attractive. But in order for the mask to be really useful and effective, it should be properly applied and washed off.

How to use burdock oil for hair

If you want to make your hair a real gift, feeding them with vitamin oil composition, choose a day off for this, especially if you are making a mask for the first time. It can take a lot of time.

  1. First you need to buy a good and high-quality burdock oil. It is better to buy raw materials not in a cosmetic store, but in a pharmacy, make sure that the product is removed from the refrigerator - the oil should be stored that way. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product - expired oil loses its useful properties.
  2. Before applying the oil should be slightly heated in a water bath or in a container with hot water. Warm the oil on an open fire is impossible - it can deteriorate. Heat only a little oil - as much as you need for one application.
  3. Put on old clothes that you don’t mind throwing away - it is quite difficult to wipe the oil spots of the burdock. Prepare an old towel, bag and brush for painting.
  4. If you do not have a special brush for applying oil, use a sponge, cotton swab or a regular toothbrush.
  5. Next, you should decide what you are treating. If you want to get rid of dandruff or enhance hair growth, the oil should be applied to the roots, if you need to heal the tips - soak only oil in the oil.
  6. If you want to get the full wellness effect, start with the hair roots. Treat each centimeter of scalp thoroughly, spread the oil over the entire length, and moisten the tips with plenty of oil.
  7. Next, you need to make the effect of the sauna so that the hair opens its scales and oil penetrates into the hair shaft. So the benefits of the mask will be maximum. To do this, you need to wear a hairdresser's hat or just wrap your head with plastic wrap. From above warm a head with a towel.
  8. Keep the mask should be long enough, 2-3 hours. It is not recommended to leave oil masks for the night - it will be difficult to wash them later, besides, there are unpleasant stains on the bed.
  9. Hair washing is very important; if you do not rinse your hair properly, it will look greasy and untidy. Shampoo with a small amount of water should be foamed in a small cup and applied to the hair, rinsed thoroughly. Then you need to wash the curls 2-3 times with shampoo, carefully foaming the hair at the roots. At the end, rinse hair with hair balm.
  10. Finally, rinse the hair with cool water and vinegar or lemon juice, blot the strands with a towel and let them dry naturally, without a hair dryer.

You will feel the effect of applying the mask immediately - after the strands have dried and you comb them, you will feel the incredible softness and smoothness of the hair. Sometimes, to make burdock oil even more effective, it is combined with other products.

Beauty masks with burdock oil

Burdock oil - not just effective, but also a multifaceted component. To enhance its effect in a certain direction, it is combined in masks with some components.

  1. Dry hair. If you want to cope with dry hair, burdock oil should be combined with products such as honey, egg yolks, kefir, cucumber juice, fruit pulp. It is very useful to combine burdock oil with other cosmetic oils - almonds, sea buckthorn, castor oil, peach seed oil, etc.
  2. Masks against loss. You can awaken sleeping hair follicles and increase blood circulation in the scalp tissues with the help of warming agents. Among them are mustard, onion juice, red hot pepper. In combination with burdock oil, these ingredients give an excellent result, as the oil removes the aggressiveness of the components and makes the mask softer.
  3. Dandruff. When you need to get rid of dandruff with burdock oil, this product should be mixed with a decoction of nettle, aloe juice, calendula tincture, white clay, birch tar, etc.
  4. Fatty hair. Oil effectively fights against excessive oily hair, especially if you mix it with lemon juice, oatmeal, egg whites and chamomile decoction. The usual mask from burdock oil and rum will help to cope with dandruff and fat content.
  5. For smoothness. To make the strands smooth and shiny, you need to use in the mask not only burdock oil, but also glycerin together with vinegar. You will get an incredibly powerful blend that literally seals the hair scales, giving your hair a visual smoothness and a mirror shine. The mask is also good for curly hair - makes it smoother and softer. If you add a little gelatin to the composition, you will add extra volume to the curls.

Remember that natural homemade masks are much more useful and more effective than professional products that we buy at a cosmetic store. In addition, these masks are much more accessible and easy to prepare.

When using burdock oil for cosmetic purposes, you will notice improvements after the first use. But in order to achieve complete deliverance from the problem, it is necessary to do the procedure course. The best option is twice a week for a month. Then you can do maintenance prophylactic masks 1-2 times a month. And then the hair will always be healthy, strong and strong!