How to make a husband jealous: advice of a psychologist

Jealousy - the main female weapon that helps to spark interest in her husband. She makes him understand that the ring on the ring finger and the stamp in the passport does not turn the spouse into a slave or a thing that does not go anywhere. Skillfully manipulating male instincts, a woman instead of a victim offended and deprived of attention, becomes an object of desire, a precious prize, for which it is worth fighting for.

Useful changes

The spouse is not the center of the universe. The wife is not obliged to devote her free time exclusively to His Majesty, refusing all the joys of life. To strengthen family life, it is useful to recall old hobbies and hobbies, or to find new activities.

A good idea: sign up for a dance where there are a lot of hot and seductive men. You can attend foreign language lessons, where you will definitely find a charming teacher or a cute and loving student. There are a lot of interesting and useful courses that allow you to expand your horizons, and as a bonus get a fan.

Bad decision: do macrame, embroidery and other exclusively female hobbies. A husband, as an individual, not deprived of his intellect, will realize that he has no reason to be afraid of forty years old lonely aunts, and will change his mind to be jealous.

Tip: Hobbies - a way to relax and go out in people, which has a positive effect on women's self-esteem. The main thing - do not forget about the existence of a husband who needs clean shirts, a delicious dinner and a pleasant society of a legitimate spouse.

Beauty is a cause for jealousy

Men love when the house is removed, and from the kitchen smells like borscht, but it doesn’t bring them the appearance of fresh cake or washed dishes. Males are driving a beautiful and well-groomed woman.

Spouse changed her tail to exquisite styling? Instead of a well-worn dressing-gown, does she wear seductive outfits? Do not go to the store without makeup? The male brain begins to actively move the convolutions, and look for the cause. One of the first questions will be: "Is she cheating on me? Wife has a lover?"

The task of the faithful to pacify the rage and indignation of her husband, convincing that she simply decided to take care of herself. At the same time, it is necessary to sow in his subconscious a seed of suspicion that will not allow him to sleep well.

Active sports, diet and a visit to a beautician will make her husband jealous, and his wife will make more confident and attractive. A beautiful woman is a desirable booty that is scary to lose or give to another.

Tip: Do not get involved in hard diets, while exhausting the body with heavy loads. A hospital bed is not the best way to make your husband jealous.

Secrets, intrigue and secret information

The phone call at 8 pm made my spouse jump up in surprise, and then retire to another room or go out to the porch? For the first time, the strange behavior of the faithful does not arouse suspicion in husbands. They only reduce their shoulders, and continue to watch the next football match. But if the situation repeats regularly, and every evening the wife spends with an unknown caller from 30 minutes to several hours, or writes messages to someone, the spouse is alarmed.

The gray matter in the head suggests that a woman cannot talk daily with a friend or mother without devoting him to the details of the conversation. He begins to get nervous, follow, trying to examine the contents of the phone book and the folder with the incoming messages. Suspicions gradually increase, and develop into jealousy.

Action scheme:

  1. Ask for help from a friend, signing her "Eugene work", or "Sasha courses." The alternative is to resume communication with an old male friend, warning that it is better to call in the evening.
  2. Leave the phone next to the spouse so that it can hear the sound of messages and incoming calls.
  3. To make an innocently frightened face, try to quietly hide the screen from her husband, quickly go away from the sofa on which he sits.
  4. Taking the phone with you to the bath and to the kitchen, you can accidentally forget it in the bedroom so that the spouse gets the opportunity to explore the contents of the smartphone.
  5. Put the password, especially if before the faithful had unlimited access to all files on the phone. Sudden protection is a great excuse for jealousy.

Important: The messages should not be compromising information, which can not just cause suspicion, but become direct evidence of adultery.

Hall assistance

Is there a childhood friend who is ready to take an active part in the fun game “Bringing the husband to white heat”? Remarkably, because she may have serious problems, and the wife will often have to come to her and stay overnight. Well, if the young lady lives on the other side of the city, or in the suburbs.

Battle plan:

  1. Tell her husband that Masha broke up with another boyfriend, who turned out to be a scoundrel, and now she will have to console the unfortunate girl.
  2. Take pajamas and warn you that after work you will have to spend the night at an abandoned young lady so that she will not do anything in a fit of rage.
  3. Forget to answer 2-3 calls, then call back, and come up with a plausible excuse: turned off the sound so as not to disturb the girlfriend, decided to take a shower, and forgot the phone in the kitchen.
  4. Ask Masha to pick up the phone instead of the legitimate wife, and say that she is now busy.
  5. Returning home, to convince her husband that he really stayed with a friend, and he has no reason to worry or jealousy.

Tell me, honey, where was

When the husband leaves to drink beer with friends, the wife does not find a place for herself, drawing pictures of treason in bright colors. Similar feelings seize the spouse when his devotee goes with the girls to the bar to remember the youth, and to fade a little.

Suspicions creep into the man's head, if the wife is late at work, let him warn him about it. Some start to worry if the spouse came 20-30 minutes later, because she was stuck in traffic, or there were long lines in the store.

Smart young ladies know how much time is needed for the spouse’s indifference to be replaced by doubts and suspicions, and they can linger for a while, writing a report, or discussing girlish problems in a cafe with their best friend.

Important: You can not disappear overnight without explanation, and return home in a shabby form, with a sharp aroma of fume. This behavior will not only make her husband jealous, but also push him to the idea of ​​divorce.

Sex is a weapon for jealousy

Marriage is associated in men with regular and free sex. If you deny your spouse in intimacy, he will begin to look for the cause of headaches and protracted critical days. He will ask for advice from the Internet, and will definitely get an answer: "My wife has a different one."

The noble's task is to refuse softly, finding logical and plausible excuses so that her husband does not accidentally think that he has ceased to attract her. He should suspect her of infidelity and be jealous, and not lose confidence in his abilities.

Important: You can not completely deny the spouse in intimacy, otherwise the place of the legitimate wife will take a lover who does not torture migraines and remorse.

Obvious signs

My husband did not give flowers for a long time? Forgotten a woman should be cherished? Time to remind him of the direct male duties, and treat yourself to a sweet bouquet or a nice decoration. Money for the golden ring can be taken from the stash, which the wife collected with a bait for her lover.

Flowers to buy at different points, preferably not near work. Otherwise, acquaintances will see a woman who repeatedly leaves the store with a luxurious bouquet, but without being accompanied, and the secret will be revealed.

A few words about flirting

The girl who monitors her appearance and manners, attracts men. They offer to carry bags, treat coffee, or give a lift. To make the husband jealous, it is enough not to refuse help, and allow him to see himself in company with other males.

A sweet smile addressed to his friend will cause the spouse to clench his fists and gnash his teeth from discontent. A woman must convince her lover that she tries to look friendly, and nothing more to avoid scandal.

Forbidden method: You can not compare the husband with the former, saying that they showered the lady of the heart with flowers and gold, but he is not able to give his wife a plastic hairpin. Such actions underestimate his self-esteem, and kill the love of his wife.

The woman who started the game, should understand that you need to behave cautiously, and not leave any evidence. Its main task is to give a hint and make you build painful guesses. The main thing - do not forget that jealousy can either save a dying marriage, or completely destroy it.

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