Tomato Scherezad - description and characteristics of the variety

Variety Scheherazade liked vegetable growers. The fruits of this tomato are distinguished by a pleasant taste and versatility, and attractive bushes of the plant will adorn any summer cottage.

Features grade

Scheherazade variety refers to semi-determinant, mid-seasoned tomatoes. The period of fruit ripening is from 115 to 120 days after germination of the seedlings. Scheherazade is characterized by prolonged fruiting. Vegetable growers harvest last crop in September.

Characteristics of the plant:

  1. Tall bush. The average height of Scheherazade varies from 1 m to 1.5 m.
  2. A large number of leaves. The leaves of the plant are velvety, painted in a beautiful, emerald shade with a blue tint.
  3. Abundant bloom. Inflorescences appear in large quantities. In addition, Scheherazade has a good ovary formation.
  4. The average level of yield. Up to 2 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from 1 square meter.
  5. Negative reaction to increased temperature. Heat is destructive for this variety. If the air temperature rises to critical levels and lasts for a long time, the plant may cease to bear fruit.
  6. Good immunity. Variety resistant to common diseases of tomatoes.

Characteristic of fruits:

  1. Tomatoes have an oval, cylindrical shape.
  2. The weight of ripened fruits varies in the interval of 100-300 g. To achieve the maximum weight of each of the ripe tomatoes is possible with the correct formation of the plant.
  3. Ripe berries have a dense skin that is covered with down. This feature provides a similarity of tomatoes with peaches.
  4. Ripe vegetables have a bright, rich, red-orange shade.
  5. The flesh of the fruits of this variety is very juicy and fleshy, has a dense structure.
  6. High taste characteristics.
  7. Pleasant tomato flavor.
  8. Universality of fruits.
  9. Good lezhkost.
  10. Ripe berries tolerate long-term transportation without losing their appearance.

Features of growing

The Shakherezad variety successfully grows and bears fruit in open summer cottages and in greenhouse conditions. Agronomists recommend starting the process of seed germination in the first months of spring. Sprouting is carried out according to the classical scheme:

  1. Disinfecting seeds. Disinfection solution can be prepared by yourself or purchased at the store.
  2. Sowing. Seeds are placed in the nutrient soil to a depth of 1-2 cm.
  3. Greenhouse conditions. Before the appearance of the first shoots, the containers with seed material are covered with a film or glass and put in a warm place.
  4. Good lighting. Sprouted seedlings need a lot of diffused light.
  5. Moderate watering. Seedlings are watered as the topsoil dries.

Young plants are allowed to plant in the beds of the greenhouse at the age of 2 months. In the event that Scheherazade cultivation is planned in the open field, transplantation is carried out only after setting a stable temperature regime.

Experienced growers recommend monitoring the temperature in a closed greenhouse. For proper plant development and good fruiting, you should maintain the air temperature at around 24-25 degrees Celsius.

Plant Care

Scheherazade is a capricious and demanding varieties, therefore, non-compliance with the rules of care will lead to the absence of fruiting, and in some cases to the death of the plant.

Rules for the care of Shahherezad:

  1. Proper watering. Water the bushes should be regularly, as the soil dries. Excess moisture will lead to decay of the root system.
  2. Loosening the soil. The soil needs regular loosening, which will provide unhindered access of micronutrients and moisture to the roots of the bushes. In addition, loose soil will ensure good air circulation.
  3. Top dressing. Scheherazade responds well to the introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers into the soil.
  4. Garter. Despite the fact that the stem of this variety of tomatoes is quite thick, it tends to break off under the influence of external factors and the weight of the fruit, which indicates the need to tie the plant to a strong support.
  5. Masking Scheherazade needs to be staked.
  6. The formation of the plant. Experienced growers recommend growing the plant in 1 stem. This will get the maximum amount of fruit.
  7. Timely harvest. If ripe tomatoes are regularly removed from the bushes, the process of formation of new ovaries will occur much faster.

With proper care, the Scheherazade variety will please any vegetable grower with a good harvest, and the bushes of the plant will be an ornament to the beds.

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