How to get rid of stray dogs in the yard and in the country

The man-wrestler, the defender always causes respect, at least in his own eyes: it all depends on the goals of the struggle. And everyone becomes them, if it comes to dogs. It is necessary to talk about them, the more so to perform any action, people are immediately divided into two camps: one on the side of the dog, the other against. And if we draw an analogy: why is a robber with a knife isolated from society, and a dog with bared teeth is not? Same dog weapon. Many will say: not everyone bites. So, wait for a precedent?

What are homeless dogs dangerous

Every year, articles appear in the press, in which it is written in black and white that there and there dogs bitten and bitten people, and in some places it was fatal. Counter-defender: domestic dogs sometimes do this. Still, there is a difference: a domestic dog can be controlled. In addition, if the domestic dog is not specifically trained to capture a person, it rushes to the people to play with them. And the man is frightened. This is said not to whiten dog behavior, but for the owner, who must stop his bully. And a stray dog ​​has no motive to play with a person, if it rushes to him, then specifically for an attack.

In addition to direct physical exposure, stray dogs are carriers of disease: who and when will be vaccinated? For example, from rabies. And everyone who gets in contact with the dog one way or another: cats, birds, mice. That is, not only a dog bite can be dangerous, soon even after a pigeon pecked you, you will need to run to the clinic.

And the worms? Helminth eggs with dog excrement spread all over the city, infect domestic dogs, and directly children, picking, say, in the sandbox. Or collecting a bouquet of bright autumn leaves for mom.

And how many skin diseases a stray dog ​​can “throw up”, because a child’s hand stretches to stroke an animal. Sometimes it can do without just deprive. Also in Moscow there were already outbreaks of leptospirosis, affecting both animals and humans, capillaries, kidneys, spleen, liver.

How to get rid of stray dogs in the yard

The very first rule, it’s the most important thing, is not to feed the dog, especially their pack, in the yard. Sometimes one time is enough for them to consider it a feeding place. The dog will constantly return to this territory. If there are garbage dumps and garbage cans in the yard, then they should certainly be covered with lids, because a stray dog ​​considers such places to be its dining room.

In addition to food, homeless dogs need a permanent place to sleep, breed and raise puppies. This place should be warm enough, especially in winter. Therefore, they should be blocked access to heating, collectors and basements.

Dogs have a good memory, and if she was uncomfortable several times in a certain territory, she will avoid it. Especially if you link the danger or inconvenience with any signal (at least the same red lamp as in the experiments of Pavlov).

The following remedy for basements is not quite suitable, but for heating mains and other places for bedding in the yard completely. It is necessary to spray or spray liquid ammonia - after a day the smell becomes not perceptible to a person, the dog, with its smell, is disgusted and sharp for several days. In the basements, the effect will be given by the Cayenne mix: mix the shag in equal proportions (you can even use tobacco from cigarette butts) and black ground pepper.

How to get rid of stray dogs in the country

Not only stray individuals can run there in flocks, but also quite domestic ones, which the villa owners took with them to nature. Ran a couple of times, playing, and there are no flower beds or beds, everything is trampled or broken. Conclusion: first of all in the country you have to put a fence. Neighbors will understand.

If for some reason the dogs still visit the site and chose a flower bed for rest, you can water it with red pepper decoction: there is no harm to the flowers, you shouldn’t sprinkle it especially in the heat, the smell is harsh. From time to time this operation must be repeated: the winds and rains gradually nullify the concentration of pepper.

Both in the courtyard and in the country this method of exile is very effective: to lead one of his big dog through the territory (a stray pack is not afraid of a small dog). He will mark the borders, ryknet on tramps. Dogs respect the rights of the strong to extraterritoriality, so they will not go abroad. There is no such dog, invite a neighbor with a shepherd dog, it will be mutually beneficial to you.

You should not believe that sterilization and castration play a great role in the struggle. They will have no offspring, but the aggression of the dogs that survived after this will not go anywhere: they are fighting for survival, which does not dispose to universal love. Do not shoot them yourself, if a person is not a sadist, then this is crazy. Do not pour isoniazid, a remedy for tuberculosis, which is poison for dogs. You just need to call the housing authority, they will contact the so-called special economy. And then what happens is the whole world: the European Union, the United States, Japan, and Canada. Stray dogs are caught and placed in a shelter. If after a certain time the owner is not, the dogs are put to sleep.

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