How to get rid of pain in the knee at home

Knee is a very complex mechanism that can be easily incapacitated, but sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to restore. That is why, as soon as any painful sensation appeared, it is advisable to pay attention to it and try to cure it. Today we want to talk not about self-treatment, which often leads only to a worsening of the situation, but about ways to competently help your own body.

Sore knee. Many faced this, the majority tried to treat on their own. Our first and main advice: if nothing helps, and the pain does not go away - rather to the doctor. The specialist will always prescribe the correct and adequate treatment.

How does the knee joint, and why it hurts

The knee joint is a special mechanism by which we can bend the leg and move. Despite its strength, it is rather capricious and can easily be damaged. Many professional athletes, in particular, football players, have constant problems with this part of the body. However, if you do not belong to this group, you can get rid of the problem once and for all.

Why does the knee hurt? There are a lot of reasons, all of them can be divided into several groups.

Mechanical damage. In simple terms, various injuries. A knee can severely damage even a minor blow to it. Often people fall on this part of their body, and together with hematomas they get more serious injuries: cracks, joint displacement, dislocations and even fractures. By the way, a fracture of the patella is one of the most difficult, so you need to be careful here. If, upon impact, you notice redness, blood, even worse - swelling, you have a direct road to the clinic.

Physiological factors. Any disease associated with the knee joint. This can be either his cold (for example, with a long stay in cold water), and any pathology, congenital or acquired in the process of life. sometimes in the joint various tumors of different origin are formed.

Psychological factors. There is such a thing as psychosomatics. If it is easy to explain: sometimes internal experiences are projected onto organs or parts of the human body. For example. severe stress, prolonged depression, simply depression, can easily cause problems with the knee joint. Probably, everyone heard the expression that a person had “legs bent because of intense grief”. Sometimes this is exactly what happens in life.

The causes of knee pain are a great many, from uncomfortable posture, prolonged and improper exercise, overstrain of the leg muscles to severe internal pathology. However, you should not immediately panic. Very often, the pain either resolves itself or is easily cured. Immediately go to the doctor if:

  1. You have sharply felt a very strong pain with an increase in sensation. Sometimes they are shot, and bending becomes simply unbearable;
  2. As a result of the injury, there is swelling, swelling, pain when pressing with your fingers, and your knee is prevented from walking, sitting, or even just moving;
  3. The pain does not manifest itself very much, it is more like a nagging, but, nevertheless, does not go away for a long time.
  4. You yourself feel anxious and suspect something serious. Fears may not be confirmed, but you will get rid of nervous tension. As a result, the problem will go away.

Knee pain is a very common phenomenon, because this joint is one of the most complex in the whole human body. You need to learn how to properly care for him and correctly respond to the pain that has arisen.

How to get rid of pain in the knee: different ways

If the problem has already occurred, panic will not help. Here you need to properly and correctly help yourself. Here are some effective ways:

  1. Folk methods. There are a lot of them, not everyone equally helps. But in most cases, when pain arises due to an overstrain or a minor injury, you can help. Well can help iodine in the composition of the alcohol solution. Means need to smear sore spot (mix iodine and alcohol and wait until the resulting drug becomes transparent). Gently rub it into the knee, while in any case without imposing any dressings (bandage and fixation are contraindicated).
  2. The same methods include a compress of freshly grated potatoes. Rub the root, not peeling it off and add aviation kerosene a little, mix. Put means on the damaged place. The best option if the procedure will be carried out 15 minutes before the night's sleep. Kerosene improves blood flow, and potato has long been considered one of the best outdoor remedies for relieving pain and reducing spasm.
  3. Homemade ointment for the knee joint. One of the easiest recipes: 1st. spoon of vinegar (apple) + 1 tsp turpentine + egg yolk. Everything should be at room temperature. Ingredients must be thoroughly mixed into a homogeneous, thick mass. Before applying the knee is recommended to rub a little, so that the ointment is better absorbed. After the sore spot is smeared, it is wrapped and left for a couple of hours. Another recipe: cut the middle onion in half and cut each part in order to drain the juice. The root vegetable prepared in this way should be put on the knee, tightly wrapped so that the liquid coming out of it interacts with the tissues of the joint, and leave overnight.
  4. With the formation of edema, the whole bush of the calendula plant will be the best remedy. Tear it, process it under water, chop and boil it. Then attach to the sore spot and tightly wrap with a bandage or gauze, or even better - cling film. Treat so recommended for 4 days, immediately before bedtime.
  5. All kinds of rubbing and massages can help. But it is important to remember: such actions are good only if there is a small injury, without displacing the joint. Otherwise, only an osteopath should work with the knee. It will correctly set it up and apply a fixing bandage or even plaster. Rubbed usually before bedtime so that the pain subsided, and the person could sleep peacefully. What is used? Grinding tincture on a dandelion with the addition of medicinal alcohol (warming, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect) is effective, nine-strength infusion with vodka (before use should be kept for at least three days, and before applying lubricate the place of exposure with oil to avoid skin burns), chestnut tincture with vodka (proportion of 1 bottle of 300 grams of crushed chestnuts, stand for at least two weeks with daily shaking, rub in intensively and not filtering).

All of these tools are not official, but can still help. To relieve severe pain, you can use any medical painkiller (ibuprofen, noshpa), but this will be only a symptom relief, not a treatment.

Some more tips

In addition to the listed drug methods, there are others. The easiest of them is to secure the joint so that it does not move. This will not only relieve the pain, but also help the trauma to pass faster. In special stores (usually, sports or medical) sold knee pads. With their help, you can easily securely and accurately secure the crippled knee, thereby securing yourself from pain.

Finally, physiotherapy can also be effective. It will be better if the doctor prescribes it, but you can warm up and massage at home. The main thing is to be sure that it really helps you.

A doctor who deals with injuries and diseases of the joints is called an osteopath. Only he can determine the degree of damage and restore your knee. Sometimes it is better to immediately contact a specialist if you feel that something is wrong. It is important to understand and remember one detail. Diseases and injuries of the knee may succumb to conservative therapy only at the very initial stages. Since this joint is constantly moving, you can only aggravate the condition and provoke the rapid development of the problem. And then you will need surgery. That is why it is often recommended not to self-medicate.

Knee is a fragile and complex mechanism, which is very simple to break the integrity of. Do not brush off the problem, they say, someday itself will pass. A timely and correct decision is a guarantee of complete healing without any interventions in your body and exhausting recovery periods.

Take care of your knees, monitor your health, and then your life will be full and interesting!

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