How to calm down and stop being nervous

Some people are constantly in a state of anxiety and anxiety. Such individuals are usually worried about and without it. As soon as one problem can be solved, a new one is formed in its place, and so on to infinity. If you belong to this type of people, you need to get rid of this habit.

How to stop nervous and calm down

Take a break on something

  1. Such a move will help overcome emotional stress, if there is no other way out, and you can’t do anything else. As a rule, you start to boil, for example, when talking to your boss or in any similar situation.
  2. Therefore, there is only one way out - to be distracted by extraneous things. You should not wind yourself up on trifles, direct your thinking channel into positive dreams. You can also get distracted by a colleague and look at his clothes. Think about where he dresses, and in general, do you like his style.

Leave the irritation zone

  1. If you are upset for any reason in a crowded place on the Internet, it is worth taking appropriate measures. Delete the community in which you communicate. Blacklist the abuser. It is necessary to stop often sitting at the computer and start living in real life. Such experiences are meaningless.
  2. If disappointment has occurred, for example, on any holiday, find the reason to leave the company and inform your friend that you need to leave. Try to move away from the unfavorable zone as quickly as possible. Hurry to a cozy home and watch a funny movie, an interesting action movie.

Drink water

  1. Experts around the world claim to cope with anxiety and nerves, you need to drink a glass of water. Do the manipulation slowly, enjoy the moment. The fluid will help restart the mechanisms in the body.
  2. In most cases, a person begins to feel bad because of hysteria and dehydration. You may not feel such a lack of fluid. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor how much water you consume per day.

Take a break from fun stuff

  1. It is recommended to resort to this method when the others are useless. You need to redirect your attention to something interesting and unobtrusive. Read the work, play a video game.
  2. Try to come up with a kind of game. Go for a walk, run, ride a bike. Start a dialogue with a stranger. Find a general topic for discussion and arrange an interesting conversation.

Take a physical activity

  1. This is a fairly common method that is familiar to almost everyone. You need to drop everything and engage in physical activity. This way you can overcome immediate problems.
  2. If it's summer, visit the pond and arrange a calm swim. Do general cleaning in the house. Get rid, finally, of old things and trash. Have sex with your loved one. Dance, work on the dacha.
  3. Physical fatigue will do its job, you can completely relax. Urgent problems will fade into the background. You simply will not have time to worry. Do not resort to bad habits, alcohol and tobacco all aggravate. Take care of your health.

Practice breathing

  1. It has long been proven effective respiratory gymnastics, which helps to stabilize the psycho-emotional background of a person. If you pay attention, you can see that in different stressful situations, breathing changes.
  2. To bring yourself in order and calm down, it is important to start breathing correctly. Take control of your breathing. It is easy if you periodically resort to this method. Regular procedures help to significantly strengthen the nerves.
  3. Straighten your back to begin practicing. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. The main thing in this business is not to hurry. Try to stretch the exercises. After a full exhalation, make a short pause.
  4. The concentration of attention and the rest of the nerves takes place precisely on a long exhalation. To improve the tone of the body, it is recommended to pay more attention to the breath. Exercises also should not be done for too long. You can feel the unpleasant feeling of unaccustomed.

How to stop being nervous on every occasion

  1. Analyze your life and remember what events made you nervous. Perhaps because of difficulties at work, during exams or unpleasant conversation.
  2. Now appreciate how important these things are. Are they worth your nerves? What is the importance of skirmishes in public transport, in the store or at work? If all this is petty, drive in.
  3. There are many more things to worry about. This is the health of loved ones and their own, parenting, material well-being. This is where you should focus.
  4. Remember the interesting expression: "The cat doesn’t care what the mice are whispering behind its back." If you often suffer from the opinions of others, hammer on him and enjoy life.
  5. Take the habit of doing so that in the future nothing could hurt you. Try to quickly disengage from the negative, concentrate only on the really important things.
  6. Never exchange money, do not let little things shake your psycho-emotional environment. If you worry about any matter, there will be no strength or patience for important matters.

How to stop nervous before a performance

  1. Very often people start to panic when they have an important event on their nose. It can be a celebration, an exam, a public speaking, a serious conversation and so on.
  2. In this case, adopt breathing exercises. Inhale deeply through the nose, release the air through the mouth. At this time, close your eyes and concentrate on the movement of the diaphragm.
  3. If on the nose performance in public, carefully prepare for it. Memorize the speech so that it flies away from the teeth. Rehearse in front of the mirror, then call your friends to evaluate the work done.
  4. In order not to be nervous before a responsible meeting, select the wardrobe correctly. You should not be disturbed by uncomfortable pants or jewelery ringing on your arm. Think over answers to possible questions in advance.
  5. Motivate yourself! It is important to understand that this event holds great promise for the future. If you want to achieve heights, you will have to overcome the anxiety and reach the opponents in full combat readiness.
  6. Do not translate everything into drama. Your speech or speech will not lead to death, failure is not the end, do not be afraid of it. Do everything to concentrate on the main thing, look fear in the face.
  7. If at an important event your palms are sweating or you do not know where to put your hands, take a small object (a match, a ring, a key chain, etc.). Fingering it in the hands throughout the event, but so that no one saw.
  8. Be sure to give yourself a mental briefing before the event. Repeat like a mantra: "I am calm," "I will succeed," "I am not nervous." Relax your body, straighten your back, do not keep your hands on your chest. Forward to new challenges!

How to calm down before an important meeting

  1. Even if you feel bad, pretend to be calm. Do not pull at the clothes and hair, talk monotonously and relatively calmly. Do not shout, do not twitch. Show yourself as a professional in this field. Demonstrate equanimity, do not let emotions float at the most inopportune moment.
  2. You need to keep calm outside to achieve the same effect inside. In addition, you will mislead your opponents. Surely many of them are waiting for you to fail. Do not think about it, memorize it, be well prepared for possible questions and unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Watch your facial expressions, do not bulge eyes, keep your lips closed or only slightly parted. Do not cross your arms over your chest, even if the conversation time has not yet come. Do not gesticulate too intensively, watch movements, they must be clear and collected.
  4. Take your time, haste has never brought anyone to success. With constant nervousness, your opponents will think that you are insane. Do not rush, even if the meeting is about to come, and you're still standing in traffic. Warn of being late in a calm voice, then enter the room as a serious person. Also, do not let others rush you.
  5. Eliminate all aspects that characterize your nervousness. How do you behave in stress? Now do the exact opposite. Watch your behavior and body, be open to dialogue, do not shift from foot to foot and do not fidget on the chair.
  6. Analyze how you look from the side. The feedback principle always works! In itself, the feeling that you are watching your own “I” will make you gather and stop being nervous. Think what happens if you do not? That's right, the whole environment and business partners will see your shifty eyes or nervous crossing of fingers. Do not allow such an outcome of events, so as not to humiliate yourself in the eyes of interlocutors.

Every person runs the risk of nervousness if there is a responsible event on his nose. In such situations, the main thing - to remain calm. To achieve this, resort to breathing exercises. Remember not to concentrate on failure. You will succeed, believe in your own strength! If necessary, ask your loved ones to evaluate your behavior from the side.

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