Fir face oil - the benefits and application

Fir oil is the purest environmental product, because the fir from which the substance is extracted can only grow away from the highways and industrial plants that cause air pollution.

Oils made from cones and young branches of coniferous trees, bring invaluable benefits to human health. This is due to their natural composition. Fir oil is successfully used for cosmetic purposes, restoring and rejuvenating sensitive skin. Herbal remedy incorporates a large amount of organic elements, vitamins, carotenoids, phytoncides and other useful substances.

Fir oil is a natural antibiotic and has anti-inflammatory effect.

The composition and beneficial properties of fir

Fir can rightfully be called perhaps the most useful plant that can perform such tasks as cleaning air from mold and allergic components, destroying pathogens and viruses, scaring insects.

Fir grows to a greater extent in Eastern Siberia - a region that is considered the most environmentally friendly in Russia. Natural product is extracted from young shoots and cones of the tree, carrying out the harvesting of raw materials in the summer months.

Many medicinal qualities of fir oil due to its unique composition. It contains such useful components as:

  1. Phytoncides. These are biologically active substances that are produced by the plant, cause death or inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Bisabole. This organic substance has anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes and restores sensitive and problematic skin, relieves peeling, promotes more rapid healing of wounds and burns.
  3. Boryl acetate. Fights inflammatory processes, causes the death of harmful microorganisms.
  4. Tocopherol. This substance stimulates metabolism.
  5. Tannins. Possess high bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties.
  6. Vitamin C. Provides protection against premature skin aging.

In addition, fir oil contains camphor, limonene, carotene, phenols and complex organic compounds that have a tonic, regenerating, antibacterial effect.

Where is applied fir oil

Funds based on fir oil are widely used in medical and cosmetic industries.

  1. Doctors and cosmetologists advise to use the product as a remedy that relieves, heals wounds, relieves inflammation, fights bacteria, soothes and tones the body.
  2. On its basis, drugs and cosmetic products are created that rejuvenate the skin, restore hair, normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system, help get rid of gynecological problems, diseases of the joints, and lung diseases.
  3. Camphor, which is made from fir oil, is used externally in the treatment of burns and eczema.
  4. In cosmetology, the oil is used as an antibacterial agent for the face in the fight against acne, ulcers, boils and other rashes.
  5. The tool helps to eliminate swelling, struggling with age-related skin changes, providing a tightening and toning effect and removing wrinkles.
  6. The product normalizes the condition of hair prone to fat, performing tasks such as deep moisturizing and accelerating growth.

For cosmetic purposes, fir oil is used as the main or complementary ingredient in many skin care products. Funds based on it are a great option for skin prone to fat. With success, masks, lotions, creams and other products with fir oil in the composition are used for acne. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of the healing liquid help to eliminate irritation in problem areas, soothe inflamed skin. Oil promotes deep cleansing of pores.

In addition, the tool perfectly copes with the task of caring for aging skin. With dehydration and wilting, the skin needs increased nutrition. Over the years, the number of mimic wrinkles is growing rapidly, which cannot be ignored. Fir oil helps to restore aging skin, deeply nourishing it.

Cosmetic products containing fir oil, improve blood circulation, saturate the skin cells with beneficial substances, bring it into tone. The face acquires a healthy color, the number of wrinkles is reduced, the skin returns elasticity and elasticity.

How to use

Fir oil is added to purchased cosmetic products (creams, masks) or cooked independently. In its pure form, it is allowed to use this remedy for acne, dotting it only on the inflamed areas, avoiding contact with healthy skin.


As with any other cosmetic, fir oil has contraindications, it must be taken into account in order to avoid undesirable reactions. The product can not be used for:

  • hypersensitivity to this tool;
  • kidney disease;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Recommendations for the use of fir oil for the face

For better absorption of the nutrients contained in the oil and intensive effects on the epidermis, cosmetologists advise you to follow a few rules:

  1. Before using the product, the face must be thoroughly washed, eliminating makeup residue and various impurities.
  2. It is undesirable to use the oil in its pure form, since it can cause allergic reactions, the undiluted product can be used only for spot treatment.
  3. Cosmetologists advise applying the agent as a supplementing ingredient to the main caring products by adding a few drops.

Effective recipes for skin care products

If you prepare your own care products, you can significantly reduce financial costs and time to search for the best cosmetic product. In addition, it allows you to be sure that the product is completely natural and safe. The following are recipes, the main component of which is fir oil. Means for skin care of various types.

  1. Mask for oily skin. The tool reduces the production of sebum. To cook it, you need to beat two yolks, add 3-4 drops of fir oil, stir until smooth. Mask put on face. When the layer dries - apply another one. There should be four layers. After drying, the composition is washed off with plenty of water.
  2. Compress for problem skin. The tool is well struggling with inflammation, irritation and other phenomena that have to deal with the owners of problem skin. To prepare ½ tsp. cocoa butter mixed with two drops of fir oil. In the resulting liquid, it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad and dot the treated places with rashes twice a day.
  3. Mask for fading skin. In order to bring the skin, on which the first signs of wilting began to appear, in a tone, boil one small potato, peel it, crush it, add 1 tsp. cream with a small percentage of fat and 3 drops of fir oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until smooth. Apply the mask on the skin of the face, after a quarter of an hour, rinse with water. The procedure is recommended once a week.

Early aging of the skin can be prevented and delayed the appearance of age-related changes on the skin. To do this, a couple of drops of fir oil should be added to a regular care cream. The tool will increase the effect of a cosmetic product.

So, fir oil is a product endowed with incomparable healing properties. If you use it correctly, you can get rid of a large number of cosmetic problems.