Canadian Sphynx - breed description and character of a cat

One of the most unusual and unique feline breeds is the Canadian Sphynx. The sophistication inherent in its representatives is achieved due to the smooth skin without wool. The sophisticated and refined image of a cat attracts the attention of creative people engaged in art and fashion, and its unusual appearance contributes to the fact that magical properties are often attributed to the animal. For example, the origin of this breed is often associated with the legend of cat sacrificing wool to the gods. In fact, the reason for the appearance of such a breed is exclusively genetic. However, the rationalistic explanation of the appearance of Canadian sphinxes does not detract from the uniqueness of their habits, which do not leave indifferent even skeptics. Not every cat can make a real mystical effect on a person with the help of the ability to hold the eye.

The history of the breed


Antiquity is the time when the first mentions of cats without wool are found. However, there are legends according to which even the Aztec had domestic animals of such a special breed. This is confirmed by the images of myths in cave paintings, where the silhouettes of hairless cats are clearly visible. It is possible that the famous Mexican breed was captured on the stone, which was a huge success at American specialized exhibitions, but disappeared in the first decades of the twentieth century. The photographs that have survived to a hundred years ago, where Mexican hairless cats are captured, allow us today to compare them with modern sphinxes. Thus, the individuals of the beginning of the last century had a more elongated body and wedge-shaped head, as well as thick hair, which appeared in the winter in the back and tail. All this is not present in modern sphinxes, the history of the breeding of which deserves special attention.

It originates in 1966 in the country, whose name will be fixed in the name of the breed. It's about Canada. In one of the Canadian families, an ordinary tabby cat was born a kitten without hair, which received the name Prun from its owners. In order for sure to pass on its unique features to subsequent generations, it was decided to cross it with the mother. This allowed us to preserve as many genes as possible that led to this result. Their offspring consisted of both ordinary kittens and hairless. Crossing was repeated several times.

As a result, in the early seventies of the twentieth century, cats appeared without a coat, with minor differences in appearance with modern sphinxes. Of course, in breeding the breed, not everything went smoothly, since non-professionals, who had a very small genetic foundation, were doing it. Another particularly sad page in the history of breeding the Canadian Sphynx was the massive death of hairless kittens. The hosts did not always find a way to save the lives of tender and tender babies in the first months.

However, fate was favorable and gave the world in 1975 another opportunity. The birth of the second hairless kitten this time happened in Minnesota. The hosts gave him the playful name Epidermis. A year later, this mom-cat Epidermis again made the owners happy with a bald kitten, after which both Sphynx fell into a specialized nursery "Stardust".

But the story did not end there, as in the Canada mentioned by us, the second time was found to be the hairless kittens. With the consent of the owners, the female Pinky and Paloma, who produced such a miracle, they went to Holland. There began a branch of the breed by crossing with the closest sphinxes in appearance Devon Rex. As a result of this experiment, bald kittens appeared in the first generation, which somewhat changed their appearance. In particular, that inconceivable amount of folds was lost all over the body. We can observe this change in modern representatives of the Canadian Sphynx breed. However, this did not affect the popularity of pets. The unusual kind of animals, their special character gave them a mystery. The mystical image of animals attracted people of creative professions and continues to hold their attention until now.

In Russia for the first time sphinxes appeared in the eighties of the twentieth century. Hairless pets in our country were brought from the United States of America. Interesting names bestowed on compatriots of unusual animals, showing ingenuity and resourcefulness. So, the male got the name Pelmen, and the female received the symbolic name Nefertiti.

The structure and texture of the skin of the sphinx is very similar to the human epidermis. The main feature of sphinxes is that they sweat all over, which we do not find in ordinary cats. The perspiration produced has a characteristic brown tint and a certain odor that cat owners do not consider unpleasant.

Intellectual abilities of Canadian Sphynx

Representatives of the Canadian Sphynx breed have good learning abilities. Cats quickly remember their name, are amenable to training, are very curious and have no difficulties in socialization. Being sociable by nature, hairless cats delight the owner with general leisure: they are happy to watch TV, follow the person to the apartment, because they like to attract the attention of the owner. They have a sweet temper, good memory.

Many people note a developed sense of logic in the cats of this breed of logic, which makes them look like dogs. They are often related to dogs and the fact that during walks on a leash they do not experience discomfort. Bringing oversized objects in the teeth of the owner, performing a trick, opening and closing doors and windows - all this does not present any difficulty for hairless cats.

A distinctive feature of the breed are mobile, sensitive sensitive flexible fingers with claws. They allow cats to make light manipulations with small objects.

Peculiarities of pet socialization


Representatives of the Canadian Sphynx breed are very adaptive and easy to socialize. They are sensitive to the character of the owner, they know his habits and hobbies. Based on this understanding, they easily build their relationships with him, which can be called a style of communication. Of course, Canadian sphinxes feel a strong attachment to and dependence on a person, because they understand that without him they will not be able to live. Cats are deprived of hair that protects from hypothermia, they do not have a mustache to hunt. They are waiting for death if they are homeless. Therefore, the owner is an indisputable authority for them.

Sphynxes are not afraid of large animals, because they easily get along with dogs. Unfortunately, hairless cats will not be able to rid your home of mice, as this is mostly a decorative breed. Pets get along well with children. The playful nature of the animal allows you to share your leisure time with the kid. Contributes to this and the lack of pain points on the skin, allowing you to endure the carelessness of the game on the part of the child.

The nature of the Canadian Sphynx

Canadian Sphynx is docile and loving. They need the attention of the owner, and are also happy to satisfy his need for communication. Angry a cat is very difficult, as representatives of this breed are not at all inclined to aggression. Pets are kind and affectionate. Sphynx can scratch, but it does it very rarely, during a simple game. They are not vindictive and do not hold insults on the owners after the punishment.

The most difficult thing for the sphinx is loneliness. Cats constantly feel the need for communication, as they are naturally endowed with excessive sociability.

The specifics of learning the Canadian Sphynx


A distinctive feature of cats of this breed is a wonderful memory that never turns into rancor. They perfectly understand the verbal prohibitions, but do not perceive rudeness and elevated tone. Their reaction to emotionally colored remarks becomes misunderstanding, as the animals get lost and repeat the mistake again.

They cannot be beaten and brute force is applied to them. Such treatment will lead to the real trauma of the animal. It is possible to punish sphinxes, but using only a strict voice. For example, if a cat went to the toilet in an inappropriate place, you can sprinkle it with water, clap your hands, express the ban in a calm, stern voice. Other measures will not correct the situation. If the cat spoils the furniture or wallpaper, then you need to satisfy his desire to sharpen claws with the acquisition of new toys or equipment of a special cat corner. To prevent the emergence of interest in your indoor flowers can be buying specially planted grass in a pot.

The main secret of success in the education of the Canadian Sphynx is to maintain constant friendly communication with the pet. Give your pet time, play with him, talk!

Walking and exercise


Pets feel comfortable while walking with the owner on a leash. However, the inability of the sphinx to live on the street does not require frequent and long stay on it. Occasionally, in good weather, make the cat walk in the fresh air. Soft grass, not hot, but warm sunbathing several times a month will benefit the Canadian Sphynx. If you equip the cat a place on the balcony or windowsill, then she will take the opportunity to sunbathe at home.

Sphinxes are very fond of the sun, in the summer their color changes to warmer shades. But be sure to ensure that the animal does not spend too much time in the sun, otherwise its skin will begin to peel off.

Canadian sphinxes need an active lifestyle. Equipping an apartment or house with special projectiles and labyrinths will allow your pet to keep fit even in your absence.

Fact! The average body temperature of the Canadian Sphynx is higher than the temperature of the human body and reaches 39-40 degrees in an adult animal, and in a kitten 42.

Care for the Canadian Sphynx

Pets of this breed are distinguished by tenderness and sensitivity. However, the principles of care for them are not very different from other breeds.

The lack of wool entails the need for close attention to the temperature in the room, which should not fall below 20 degrees. In the cold season, this problem is solved by specialized clothing for animals. As noted earlier, the Canadian sphinxes sweat with their whole body, as a result of which the skin of the animal is covered with a slight bloom, which performs a protective function. The cause of excessive plaque can be a poor diet of the animal.

Pet skin can be wiped with a damp sponge. Swimming is not prohibited, but there are several restrictions for this activity, the observance of which is necessary. First, it is impossible to bathe the sphinx more than twice a week. Secondly, you must use mild detergents (baby shampoos) with low acidity. Thirdly, after taking a bath, be sure to ensure that the skin of the animal was dry, as moisture on the body can lead to hypothermia.

From the discharge in the ear can be eliminated with a wet cotton pad. Special attention should be paid to the care of the claws of the animal. To avoid scratching the skin, you need to trim the tips of the claws a little.

Sphynx and apartment


If you are ready to keep the space of your house clean, you can safely wind up the Canadian sphinx. Dropped to the floor or left unattended on the table small items, pieces of paper and thread may be in the pet's stomach, as it is difficult for him to cope with his curiosity. The same can be said about food located in a prominent place.

The appearance of a pet will require the definition of a special place for his meal, where he can find three separate bowls: for water, dry food and other products. You will not need a separate sleeping place, since the thermophilicity of the Sphinx will lead him to your bed. But he will not give up his own house, where he can relax during the daytime hours.

To prevent scratches on furniture and wallpaper, you will be helped by special claws, which pets willingly use.

Canadian Sphynx Feeding

Good appetite of the Canadian Sphynx is due to the fact that animals spend a lot of strength and energy every day. Many owners of cats of this breed prefer a natural type of feeding. In this case, the basis of the cat's diet includes raw meat, poultry, or by-products such as boiled liver or scar. Once a week, pets are served boiled egg and fish. Cats are very fond of such dairy products as ryazhenka and unsweetened curd, and the inclusion of oatmeal and rice porridge in the diet will allow the animal to be vigorous and healthy.

Drinking cream is added to the diet of little kittens and pregnant cats. Greens and vegetables are very useful for animals of this breed, therefore, they are often included in the composition of specialized canned food and pates.

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