How to iron a cat or a cat

It seems that cats are simply made to be stroked - these fluffy creatures are so cute and beautiful. But many people forget a rather obvious fact - you are not a toy, but a living creature, and if you can squeeze and caress a plush toy by any means, then you need to take some care, tact and understanding about the cat.

Of course, the instruction on how to stroke a cat may seem rather funny initially, but this information really deserves attention and study. Therefore, we will try to understand what is the feature and the essence of stroking your fluffy pet / pet.

The benefits of stroking a cat

Nowadays, many medical institutions use animal therapy, including cats, and in particular, cat purring. In addition, such methods are used in nursing homes, and every private owner of a cat knows how useful it is sometimes to just listen to the fluffy purr. In fact, the benefits in this is for the representatives of the cat.

The bottom line is a special resonant vibrating, which acts in a calming way for the whole body and activates the recovery processes. In addition, such vibrations increase the body's resistance to external influences. In general, the whole complex of useful properties, and if to say - "cats emit positive vibrations" - this phrase is completely true, purring vibrations are really able to heal. As you know, cats sometimes go to the place where it hurts, and just feel when they need to be close to the owner.

It is interesting! Purring can relieve stress and reduce high blood pressure.

Why cats purr?

There is a common phrase - "heals like a dog", however, in fact, it heals faster and faster on cats, and in many respects thanks to purring. This fact is studied and proven by scientists. Just because of their regular purring in a supine position, cats are less able to get sick and heal various injuries. By the way, precisely because of this, they do not suffer from diseases of a sedentary existence. They can sleep or just lie down for 18 hours daily, but at the same time they do not acquire, in old age, such illnesses that would develop in many other animals exhibiting such minimal mobility. In fact, the reason for this is precisely in such a regular vibration charging that they perform.

When you pet a cat or a cat, you activate the children's memory. The movement of the hand through the fur resembles the feeling that the mother tongue gave, which proglazhivayuschy kittens. Therefore, to some extent, cats fall into childhood from stroking and, finding themselves in a kind of trance, begin to purr.

How to treat a cat correctly?

As mentioned earlier, the cat is not a toy and not a device for extracting purring. Even if the pet has a positive effect on you and helps to recover, you need to save measure and honor your pet.

Many owners of furry friends notice how, after 2-3 minutes of purring, the pet suddenly begins to scratch. Thus, they express elementary discontent, but not dislike for you. Simply, they are tired of stroking and want to do something else. Therefore, you should not force the pet to sit in order to stroke. Especially when the situation does not have this. You also need to focus on the cat and pay attention when he gets tired of your attention.

An example instruction looks like this:

  1. The animal must be initially at rest.
  2. Bring the hand / palm in the face / nose of the cat and give an opportunity to smell.
  3. If the cat has no interest in you and sends your hand "to ignore", you should not insist on attention.
  4. If the cat / cat sniffs, rubs his face, go to the next step.
  5. We begin to stroke the fur all over the body, first on the back.
  6. We continue to act with an emphasis on the areas that are most preferable to your pet / pet.

Of the forbidden areas, the bridge between the tail and the body should be noted, and the tail itself - it is better not to touch it. This behavior can be compared with the way you greet a friend by touching his genitals. Usually animals are nervous if these parts of the body are concerned.

You should also be attentive to the paws, not all cats / kittens like gentle strokes on top of the foot. Some individuals do not allow stroking the neck / throat, but if they allow you to walk around this area, as well as your tummy, then there is clearly sympathy between you.

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