Sour cream hair masks: 14 recipes

Smetannye hair masks have many advantages. Among them, the ease of use and relative ease of preparation. Also a home remedy can be kept for an unlimited amount of time. In combination with essential oils, egg, lemon juice, the mask has miraculous properties. It easily normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, fights cross-section, strengthens the follicles and moisturizes the hair along its entire length.

Features of the use of masks for hair from sour cream

  1. If you have dry hair, choose a high-fat sour cream (from 25%). To accelerate growth and strengthen the follicles, give preference to products 15% fat. If the mask is used for prevention purposes, sour cream with a fat content of 15-25% will do.
  2. Store products are inferior to home products, so choose the latter (if possible). You can also replace it with thick cream.
  3. Sour cream does not apply to allergens. However, if other components are present in the mask, do a preliminary test for the absence of individual intolerance. Spread some of the funds behind the ear, soak, rinse. If there are no red spots and itching, make a mask.
  4. Masks for hair based on sour cream have brightening properties. If you have recently painted a hair, try the prepared tool on a separate strand. If the color has not changed, apply the composition on the entire shovel.
  5. Smetannye masks are whipped with a blender and distributed on moist hair. Before the procedure, it is advisable to wash your hair, but you can skip this step.
  6. The main effect of sour cream is directed to the entire length of the hair. However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to affect the scalp. After dispensing, do a light massage in the root area to speed up the blood flow.
  7. Dairy products literally open up under the action of heat, giving away all the beneficial enzymes. After applying the mask, create a steam effect with food film and a terry towel.
  8. Sour cream is often used in its pure form without adding other ingredients. Apply dairy product to your hair, wrap your head in plastic and leave overnight. In the morning, the mist will significantly moisten and gain shine.
  9. The composition is removed with warm water with the addition of shampoo. The soap solution perfectly washes away the residues. You can remove the mask with ordinary water without cleaning products, if the mask does not contain oils.
  10. The duration of exposure of the mask ranges from 30-60 minutes. Procedures must be performed every 2 days. The course includes 15-20 procedures, therapy lasts for 2-3 months.

Kefir and Peach

  1. Peel the fruit, remove the stone, chop the flesh and turn it into mush. Pour 10 gr. gelatin, heat up and allow to swell for 20 minutes.
  2. After this period, enter 60 ml. kefir and 40 grams. sour cream fat content of 20%. Comb your hair, moisten it with a spray. Apply the product to the wet curls, rub into the skin. Wait half an hour, remove with water.

Cottage cheese and honey

  1. This mask requires liquid flower honey. If you have a thick product of beekeeping, pre-melt it in a water bath or in a microwave.
  2. Measure out 40 gr., Mix with 50 gr. homemade sour cream, three yolks, 30 ml. lemon juice. Add 70 grams. fat cottage cheese (preferably homemade).
  3. Wipe the whole mixture through a sieve or scroll through the blender until smooth. Spread over the surface of the stacks, rub into the scalp. Hold for half an hour, delete.

Banana and Yogurt

  1. Depending on the length of hair, take 1 or 2 bananas. Peel the fruit, chop the flesh, mash with a fork. Add 100 gr. thick yogurt, 50 gr. sour cream.
  2. Heat up to 50 degrees and mash with a blender. Apply over the entire length of the combed strands, work well the zone of the roots. Leave for 35 minutes.

Chicken Yolk and Berries

  1. Cool 4 yolks, send them in a bowl and turn into a homogeneous mass. Separately mash 2 handfuls of strawberries and 1 currant (black or red) in a puree.
  2. Combine several types of berries in one mixture, pass through cheesecloth to remove the bones. Stir in yolks, add 50 gr. fat cream and 15 gr. rice starch.
  3. Comb the curls, sprinkle them with water from the spray. Squeeze a little, apply a mask with a brush on all the strands and the root zone. Rub in 5 minutes, then soak for another half hour, rinse.

Coconut oil and starch

  1. This mixture requires 90 grams. sour cream fat content of 20%, 10 gr. corn starch, 35 ml. coconut or almond oil. Stir the ingredients, let them infuse.
  2. After 25 minutes, start the mask distribution. Cover not only the entire length, but the tips and scalp. Rub in the product with massaging movements. Hold for half an hour.

Onion Juice and Grapefruit

  1. First prepare the grapefruit. Remove the peel from it, chop the flesh into cubes and put it in a blender. Turn into mush, put on a strainer. Squeeze the juice, discard the cake.
  2. Now conduct the same manipulations with two bulbs. Clean them, squeeze the juice in the above way. Connect the onion liquid with grapefruit.
  3. Add 60 grams. sour cream, gelatin packaging. Heat the mixture to 50 degrees, let the granules dissolve. After 25 minutes, apply a mask, leave for 1 hour.

Gelatin and Cognac

  1. First, heat 70 grams. brandy or vodka, add 25 gr. gelatin. Immediately mix the composition, remove the grains from the walls of the dish. When the gelatin is dissolved, enter a couple of eggs and 60 grams. homemade sour cream.
  2. The mask must be at room temperature, otherwise the proteins will fold. Comb the hair, scoop up with a brush, apply to the roots and length to the middle. In addition, grease the ends. After 40 minutes, rinse.

Garlic and lemon

  1. Remove the husks from 6 teeth of garlic, pass through the press to let the gruel. Add 70 ml. hot olive oil, leave for 2 hours.
  2. After this period, filter the content (you can skip this step). Squeeze the juice from half a lemon, add to the garlic oil. Add 20 grams. gelatin and 70 gr. thick sour cream.
  3. The tool can be distributed. Due attention is paid to the scalp, massage. Soak the product under the film for half an hour.

Oil and nicotinic acid

  1. Essential oil beat should be used wisely, measure 3-5 drops for a mask. Mix with two ampoules of nicotinic acid, which is sold in a pharmacy.
  2. Add 60 grams. sour cream, 3 yolks, 10 gr. potato starch. Stir the ingredients, apply the composition over the entire length of the hair. Rub in by massaging, hold for 40 minutes under the film.

Carrots and Sauerkraut

  1. Choose a medium-sized carrot, rub it on a grater, send it to gauze and squeeze the juice. You can not do this, then the mask will be prepared on the basis of pulp.
  2. Now measure 40 grams. sauerkraut, remove excess pickle. Send the composition in a blender, turn into a puree. Stir in the carrot, add 50 grams. sour cream and a spoon of castorca.
  3. Move the whole mass in a saucepan, heat to 50 degrees. If the composition is not very hot, apply it on the scalp. Rub for 10 minutes, then hold for another 1 hour under the film.

Avocado and olive oil

  1. Cut the avocado into 2 parts, remove the bone, peel off the peel. Grate the pulp or chop into a blender gruel. Mix 100 gr. sour cream and 20 gr. gelatin.
  2. Transfer the composition to a saucepan, pour 30 ml. olive oil. Heat the mask, apply on the scalp and full length. Hold the product for half an hour.

Cranberry and Mustard

  1. Measure out 100 grams. fresh or frozen cranberries. Rinse the berries, leave them on the strainer until the liquid drains. Put the fruit in a blender, chop into mush.
  2. Enter 20 gr. mustard powder, 60 g. sour cream, 3 yolks, 10 ml. apple cider vinegar. Get from the mixture of uniformity, apply in a warm condition.
  3. Before all manipulations, brush your hair. Mask distribute over the scalp and length, rub. Duration of action is 40-50 minutes.

Sour cream and ryazhenka

  1. The mask is prepared from two fermented milk products without mixing with other components. Gelatin is added at will, it adds thickness to the composition.
  2. Mix ryazhenka with sour cream, adhering to proportions 1: 2. Heat the product in a microwave or in a water bath. Apply to wetted strands, soak under the package for 2 hours.

Potato and orange

  1. Rub a couple of potato tubers with the peel. Send the fruit to a gauze cloth, squeeze the juice. Add 40 ml. milk and 60 gr. sour cream high fat.
  2. Now cook an orange. Cut half of the citrus, squeeze the juice out of the pulp. Grate the zest, add to the potatoes along with the juice. Bring the composition to uniformity.
  3. Comb the curls, share the entire head of hair parting. Distribute the product, rub with finger pads for 5-7 minutes. Hold the mask under the film for 25 minutes. Rinse with shampoo diluted with warm water.

Smetannye masks can be kept longer than the specified period, if you are not allergic to other components in the composition of the funds. The most popular recipes are options with the addition of eggs, dairy products, starch, gelatin, cranberries. Citrus juice, cinnamon, salt, mustard are added to enhance blood circulation.

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