Can pregnant pumpkin seeds?

Every mother wants her baby in the womb to be healthy, well developed, receive the maximum amount of useful substances. That is why a woman tries in every way to maintain a healthy lifestyle - she eats properly, refuses from bad habits and self-treatment, is engaged in permissible types of physical activity. In a series of correct habits, you need to pay special attention to the choice of healthy, fresh and healthy products. Today we will talk about pumpkin seeds - are they permissible during pregnancy, what properties they have and how many seeds you need to eat, so as not to harm the baby.

Useful properties of pumpkin seeds for a pregnant woman

Pumpkin is considered an incredibly valuable product, it has many vitamins - A, C, E, vitamins of group B. In addition, the pumpkin is rich in trace elements - potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium. And in the pumpkin a lot of polyunsaturated acids and amino acids. All this makes the seeds incredibly necessary for the weakened body of a pregnant woman.

  1. Pumpkin is very useful for vision, and for both the woman and the baby in the womb. If you wear glasses or lenses, be sure to eat a pumpkin so that the level of diopters does not increase.
  2. B vitamins are beneficial for the nervous system. Hormonal surges and adjustments lead to the fact that during pregnancy a woman is often nervous, worried about any reason, the future mom becomes irritable and tearful. This is especially true of early pregnancy. This can be avoided if you regularly include pumpkin seeds in your diet.
  3. A large amount of ascorbic acid makes the product an excellent protection against colds. Vitamin C helps to form a strong immunity, which is especially important in the autumn-winter period.
  4. And pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E. Tocopherol is responsible for the skin's elasticity, promotes the production of collagen, it is a powerful protection against stretch marks on the stomach. A large amount of fatty vitamin helps preserve youthful skin and fresh radiance of the face. This means that young mommy will look great. Eat pumpkin seeds in late pregnancy - this will make the tissues more stretchable, the delivery process will be easier, without tears and serious injuries to the birth canal.
  5. Iron in the composition of pumpkin seeds perfectly raises the level of hemoglobin, it is an excellent prevention of iron deficiency anemia.
  6. Very often, women during pregnancy are prescribed folic acid and magnesium, without them the course of pregnancy will be complicated. So in the pumpkin a lot of magnesium, which prevents the development of hypertonicity of the uterus, relieves pulling pain in the spine.
  7. Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which normalize the metabolism of fats in the body, prevent the deposition of extra pounds. In general, pumpkin seeds can be called a healthy snack - just a handful of seeds will give a feeling of satiety for a long time. This is very important for future mummies who are worried about the changed figure.

In general, pumpkin seeds can be considered an incredibly nutritious and useful product. During pregnancy, the baby takes a lot of vitamins and microelements from the mother, and it is the woman who suffers with their lack. In the future mommy, hair begins to fall out, nails break, teeth crumble, chronic diagnoses become more acute, and colds become frequent. To avoid this, you just need to enter into your diet pumpkin seeds. But are they safe?

Can pregnant pumpkin seeds?

As noted, pumpkin seeds are very useful, but is it possible to use them all the time? The fact is that the kernels are a fairly high-calorie product, you should not actively lean on seeds. The allowable and safe dose of seeds is no more than 100 grams of pure kernels per day. Try to eat seeds in the morning, and in any case not at night.

Another unpleasant minus in pumpkin seeds is damage to the tooth enamel. If you often crush hard peel, you can spoil your teeth, which can begin to react to cold, hot and sweet foods. A pregnant woman doesn’t need cracks in the tooth enamel, so it’s better to clean the seeds with your hands or with a small knife.

Pumpkin, like any other seed, can cause an allergic reaction, keep this in mind. By the way, this is not so rare. If you try pumpkin seeds for the first time, be sure to start with small portions, watch the reaction of the body. When a skin rash occurs, when a stool changes, or when flatulence appears, you should stop using pumpkin seeds.

How to eat pumpkin seeds?

On sale can be found raw and roasted pumpkin seeds. In addition, salted seeds are often sold. Unfortunately, there is nothing useful in salt, this will only exacerbate swelling. Therefore, salted sunflower seeds dismiss immediately. Roasted seeds are healthier than salted ones, they are more pleasant to click, since the husk opens without any problems. But during heat treatment, most of the nutrients are lost, the amount of valuable vitamins and minerals is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, it is best to stock up on raw and unprocessed seeds. They are pre-washed and dried. Peeled seeds can be eaten just like that, but it is better to add them to salads. They not only increase the nutritional value of the dish several times, but also add a light nutty flavor. With pumpkin seeds, even a simple vegetable salad will become unusually spicy and especially tasty.

Pumpkin seeds are a real storehouse of vitamins and valuable substances. Keep the seeds in a vase on the table instead of candy - it is much tastier and much healthier!

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