How to clean sewer pipes at home

Pipe clogging is a very unpleasant business. Especially when it comes to sewage. However, no one is immune from such problems. Therefore, if you want to prepare and meet this attack fully armed, be sure to read this article. And if the problem in the form of a cork in the sewer pipe has already overtaken you - read faster.

Elimination of congestion folk remedies

Our people are the most intelligent and creative. We will always find a way out of any situation. Folk recipes are good not only in medicine, but also in everyday life. No, tea with lemon and raspberry jam will not break the cork, but soda and vinegar can be.

To do this is quite simple. The reaction of the compound vinegar and soda is known to all. It's all the same here. However, the solution must be prepared directly in the pipe. That is, at first the floor of a glass of soda is poured, and then the liquid is poured in the same volume. Then the pipe is tightly closed and left for at least 2 hours. After the allotted time, everything is washed with several liters of boiling water.

This method is simple, but it is "light artillery", since it will not be able to cope with serious blockages.

Boiling water to help

This method will be effective if the accumulated fat is the cause of clogging. This will require a container of boiling water. If the pipe is plastic, the water temperature should not be above 90ºะก. A hose and a compressor are also required if the plug is deep.

The process is quite simple. The hose is inserted into the pipe (as close as possible to the mash). Next, with the help of a compressor hot water is supplied. As you can see, nothing complicated.

By the way, a similar method can pierce not only fat, but also ice plug in the aqueduct. The principle of operation in this case is similar.

Cleaning with chemicals

Chemistry is now present everywhere and already rather fed up, and we are increasingly trying to find more and more natural and organic. However, in this case, it will serve as an excellent assistant. Now there are a large number of special tools that effectively combat clogging in pipes. Some are suitable for cleaning plumbing, others are more useful in sewage jams. Therefore, before choosing carefully read the instructions.

In operation, they are quite simple and resemble the first method. It is only necessary to pour the product into the pipe and leave it for a couple of hours (the exact time is also indicated in the instructions). Then everything is washed with warm water.

It is worth working with such tools carefully. If they effectively remove blockages, imagine what they can do with the skin. Therefore, you should definitely wear rubber gloves.

In addition to ease of use, chemicals have the following advantages:

  1. This method is suitable for pipes of any material and different diameters.
  2. Even if the developers of your home turned out to be too creative and tried to create unusual forms of the pipeline, this method will still be effective.

However, there is one significant disadvantage in this method. It is only suitable if the plug does not completely block the passage in the pipe. Also, for each type of clogging you will have to choose a specific tool, since they all have a highly specialized direction.

In addition, probably, everyone remembers school chemistry lessons, where it was said that some elements hate each other so much that at the slightest touch a violent reaction is caused. If not, then these comedies have seen exactly. So, why all this. Combining two or more funds at once is strictly prohibited. All of them have a different composition, so such actions can cause various troubles.

Mechanical cleaning methods

Let's now talk about how to eliminate traffic jams, which require a little physical effort. This will be required in cases where the above methods have been ineffective.

Removing a blockage with a plunger
Vantuz. At first glance, this is a simple object, consisting of a wooden handle and a rubber main part. However, even the most eminent chemicals can envy its effectiveness in dealing with traffic jams. The secret of efficiency lies in the fact that rhythmic movements create high pressure, which has a destructive effect on the plug. Its remnants come out later.

The process of work is quite simple, but it has several nuances that we recall.

  1. The plunger must completely cover the drain hole. If a tool that you have less than your hand, you can not even try, because no matter how intense the attempts are, they are doomed to failure.
  2. If a filter grate is installed on the drain, it must be removed. Also, the edges of the tool is best smeared with petroleum jelly. The plunger is installed so that the hole in the blocked pipe is completely closed by it.
  3. After that, go to action. Begin an intensive up and down movement of the plunger. However, do not forget that the tool should not detach from the surface.
  4. Having done these simple manipulations several times, tear off the plunger and observe whether the plug is removed or not. If there is no result, repeat the procedure.

If after several attempts there is still no result, there are two explanations: either you are doing something wrong, or the resulting traffic jam is too far. In the second case, the plunger will not help. And only a special plumbing cable can handle it. How to use it, read on.

Sanitary cable for sewer cleaning
The method using a plumbing cable is good if the cork is not greasy, that is, it was formed from parts of rags and other similar materials. The advantage is that this metal spring with a tip on one side and a handle on the other can penetrate deeply enough.

The main disadvantage is that it will take a lot of time and effort to eliminate the blockage. But surely many will agree that it is better to sweat a little, than to refuse a sink or bath.

So, to begin with we will study a little. The structure of the cable is already clear:

  • Handle for ease of use;
  • Cable itself;
  • A tip on which various nozzles are put on.

By the way, these nozzles are selected and installed is not so easy. Their type depends on the method of eliminating the mash. Some destroy the cork and push it further along the pipe, others pull it out.

By selecting the nozzle and making sure the integrity and serviceability of the cable, you can get down to business. It would be better if you perform the procedure with an assistant, since it is more difficult to do it alone. So, the first person takes the cable by the handle, the second directs its beginning to the drain hole. After that, the tool should be gradually pushed into the depths, turning the knob clockwise. To make it convenient to perform this procedure, it is better to pull the cable. So he will not get confused.

When the cable reaches the cork, you should pull it back a little, and then with sharp movements try to push the jam. When using the hook as a nozzle, debris that blocked the pipe should be picked up and pulled over.

After that, reach the cable and send a stream of warm water into the pipe, which should be gradually increased.

The described method is not easy, but the most effective, which can be applied independently.

All the above methods have their advantages. Some are simple, but effectively cope with light and medium blockages. Others are more complex in execution, but even serious traffic jams are removed.

But sometimes, all these methods may be ineffective. In everyday life, this rarely happens, but it is still worth remembering about it. To solve this issue is possible only with the help of hydraulic cleaning.

Hydraulic cleaning

This method is the most effective, which is almost guaranteed to cope with any kind of clogging. Accordingly, the question arises: why it was impossible to immediately apply it. The answer is pretty simple. The thing is that for the implementation of this method there are several conditions:

  • This cleaning should be done by a professional;
  • This requires a special electric tool.

Are you an experienced plumber? Hardly, otherwise they would not have seen this article. However, what is so special about this hydraulic device is that only a professional should work with it.

In fact, the essence of the work is simple. The machine through the hose supplies water under an incredibly strong pressure into the pipe. Also at the end of a special nozzle is put on, which distributes the flow of water.

The biggest challenge is ... price. This unit will cost more than 100 thousand rubles. Few people will buy a hydraulic device at this price to use it every few years. That is why in case of a serious blockage you will have to call the master.

Another advantage of the hydraulic system to eliminate blockages in the pipes is that chemical means can be added to the water, which will help to eliminate the plug as soon as possible.

Using these methods, you will surely pierce your pipe. However, do not be lazy to start small. All methods are effective. Often, blockages are formed quite weak, which even soda with vinegar can cope with. Therefore, you should not immediately call the master with a hydraulic installation or mess with the cable.

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