Butter for hair: how to use

About how useful butter for the hair, few people know. Meanwhile, this product moisturizes, gives a healthy shine, makes curls soft and smooth, like silk.

Hey wait! Why did you run to the fridge? Rubbing the top of the head with a bar of oil, you will not get the desired result. This delicate substance works only as a part of masks. Yes, and it should be washed off with the mind. Otherwise, after drying, instead of a head of hair, there will be fatty tow. Read carefully below all the tricks and subtleties.

General rules

There is no need to explain that butter for hair should be taken now. Therefore, read the label in the store. The composition should not be incomprehensible words and overseas ingredients. Try searching in the market, at grandmothers or private farmers. It is clear that such a product will be more expensive than the factory spread. But after all, your hair does not require 2 kg. For the mask you need quite a bit.

Rule 1. Butter for hair should be completely natural.

Many women before cooking masks melt the product in the microwave. But they do not take into account that this is a completely different substance. Of course, it also has its own scope of application in cosmetology, but this is slightly different.

The best would be to get the bar out of the fridge and leave it in the room for at least half an hour. During this time, the oil will acquire the desired temperature and consistency. Do not be afraid that it will melt. Butter natural production perfectly retains its shape. Naturally, if your room is not Sahara.

Rule 2. Butter for cooking masks should be at room temperature, but not melted or overheated.

By the way, you have to disappoint the owners of hair, fat at the roots. They are absolutely not recommended to put any mask with butter on the scalp. This will further aggravate the problem. But if their hair is dry at the tips, then such masks can be used. Naturally, only on these very tips.

Women with normal sebaceous secretion or excessively dry skin can make masks with this product.

Rule 3. For oily scalp, butter cannot be used for hair.

Some sources recommend to wear a warm hat and look like a mask from 3 to 12 hours. They forget that butter is not henna. It contains a large amount of active substances and vitamins. And, as they say, the best is the enemy of the good. Therefore, you should not torment your hair with such a long and greasy bath.

Rule 4 You can keep a mask with butter on your hair from 20 to 35 minutes.

How to apply and wash the oil from the hair

All masks are applied quite easily, with a wide stiff brush or even just with your hands. First, dividing the strands into partings, and then to the ends. Those who have oily scalp are easier. It is enough for them to smear the curls with a mask without touching the roots.

Then it all depends on the mask. Liquid covered with plastic or film, thick wrapping is not necessary. Still advised to cover his head with something warm. For example, a handkerchief, towel, old hat. We see no point in this, except as a convenience for owners of long hair. Just the hair will not interfere. And this ritual of warming has no sacral significance, for the mask is completely warm from the skin.

After the time is up to the most difficult - wash the butter from the hair. Let's open one secret that allows you to wash the hair from any oil:

  1. Pour into your hand the usual amount of shampoo.
  2. Do not wet your hair!
  3. Rub shampoo right over the mask and DRY hair. Massage more intensely.
  4. He will not give foam, but will destroy the connection of oil with the surface of keratin scales.
  5. After 3 minutes, rinse your hair with water, a little warmer than your usual temperature. But not hot!
  6. Then again pour into the palm shampoo in your usual quantity.
  7. Wash your hair as usual.

After such flushing curls usually creak from the purity. There will be no trace of butter on the hair, and there will be benefit from the mask.

Council For complete comfort, after washing, rinse hair with slightly acidified water. For 1 liter of liquid take half a teaspoon of citric acid or a whole - lemon juice.

Recipes hair masks with butter


  1. The frequency of use of masks with such a fatty product should not be more than 1 time per week. Otherwise, instead of benefit, you get harm.
  2. Store the prepared mixture can not even be in the refrigerator. They need to be used right away. A healthy person understands that masks without preservatives and stabilizers are very quickly colonized by bacteria and deteriorate.
  3. After washing the hair from the mask do not use oily nourishing conditioner. It weights and sticks hair. But a light remedy, on the contrary, is recommended. It will add extra volume and shine to the strands.

Mask for intensive hair growth. Composition:

  • butter, 1 part
  • Kefir, sour milk or whey, 3 parts

Products are mixed in a non-metallic vessel until smooth. Apply to hair, leave for 20-22 minutes. Then do not wash off with hot water and shampoo, otherwise the milk will curl up into lumps, and it will be very difficult to wash them out of the hair.

Moisturizing mask. Composition:

  • sour cream
  • butter
  • dry mustard powder
  • olive oil

All components need to be taken in equal parts. The quantity needs to be adjusted based on the length of the curls. Apply the mixture on the head on the parting, lightly massaging with your fingertips. Leave for 15-18 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly using your usual shampoo.

Mask to strengthen thin dry hair. Composition:

  • butter, 1 part
  • olive oil, 3 parts
  • fresh lemon juice, 1 part

The components are thoroughly kneaded, but not whipped. Then a little heated in a water bath. Up to about body temperature. Next you need to put the mixture on the scalp, rubbing it with some effort. It is necessary to hold such mask no more than 30 minutes, it is not necessary to wrap.

After the time, wash off the mixture with warm water. Be sure to shampoo, otherwise after drying, the curls will hang with fat icicles stuck together.

Mask for tired hair. Composition:

  • fresh milk, 2 parts
  • butter, 1 part
  • olive oil, 1 part
  • eucalyptus oil, 5 drops

Mix gently with a whisk or wooden spoon, trying to avoid the appearance of foam. Then applied to the hair, carefully lubricating each strand. Then heat is wrapped for 20-24 minutes. Wash off as described above. It is desirable to cool water and, of course, with shampoo.

Mask for hair growth. Composition:

  • butter, 1 part
  • castor oil, part 1
  • lemon juice, 5 drops

The mixture is carefully rubbed into the scalp with your fingertips. The remains of the mask is distributed over the hair with a comb with rare teeth. Wrap is not necessary. It is recommended to keep such substance no more than 15 minutes.

Rinse hair will have not two, but three times. Because castorca is very badly washed off. But after a few procedures, powerful hair growth becomes noticeable. The recipe is recommended for women with sparse dry hair. They become thicker, denser and heavier. Do not be afraid, the remnants will not fall out under its own weight.

Again for growth. Composition:

  • butter, 1 tbsp. l
  • grated fresh horseradish root, 1 tbsp. l
  • raw chicken egg yolk, 1 pc.

In a glass or plastic bowl with a wooden spatula, grind all the components until a homogeneous mass. Next, the mixture is applied to the scalp and hair roots. Do not rub, otherwise the fire will start and you will look like a ghost rider. Cover everything from above with polyethylene or wrap with cling film. It can be further warmed.

Keep no more than 35 minutes, rinse as usual. You can make such a mask no more than 1 time in 10 days. If a severe burning sensation begins, immediately stop the procedure, rinse everything off with shampoo. Ideally, such a mixture causes mild tingling and warmth, but everyone’s skin is different in sensitivity and susceptibility to stimuli.

Read the recipes carefully. If you have allergies to at least 1 component, discard the idea. No hair is worth a long hospital stay. Look for other methods to restore your hair and always think with your head, not with a reflection in the mirror.

Butter for hair is a storehouse of vitamins, healthy shine and soft silkiness. Make a gift for your hair, pamper it with a tasty mask. You will see the result after 2 treatments, because nature has invented everything for beauty and health.

Watch the video: Butter Hair Mask. SOFT HAIR & GROWTH (October 2019).


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