How to get rid of rosacea on the face: useful tips

Kuperoz is a burning sensation, redness, hypersensitivity and dilated capillaries. Spider veins often appear on the cheeks and chin, as well as the wings of the nose. Exacerbation of the disease causes alcohol, sun, nicotine, too cold and hot water. Cuperosis develops due to genetic predisposition, improper lifestyle, abuse of the sauna and bath. Eliminate the symptoms help skin care products, diet and sports.

Food from the vascular reticulum

Asterisks and reddening more often occur in owners of thin light skin. Such patients, as well as people with weak capillaries and problems with pressure, are recommended to follow a special diet.

Symptoms of rosacea are aggravated by red meat: beef, pork, lamb, and veal. Turkey and chicken can be consumed, but not more than 400 g per week. The component is replaced with fish and seafood. Shrimps, hake, salmon and mussels contain amino acids and vitamins of group B. Components strengthen the walls of blood vessels, slowing down the appearance of "stars". Seafood combined with fish oil. Food supplement - a source of omega-3. Amino acid is useful for the skin and capillaries, normalizes metabolism and pressure.

The disease is exacerbated by the abuse of processed foods and smoked meats. Preservatives weaken the walls of blood vessels. Salt contained in sausage and frozen dumplings, retains fluid in the body and leads to pressure surges.

Sausages and pâté are replaced with dishes from beans, peas and soy, hard cheese and cottage cheese, as well as chicken and quail eggs. The body receives protein from legumes and dairy products. The component is involved in the production of collagen, which increases the tone of the capillaries and skin.

Butter and sour cream cause exacerbation of rosacea. Products - sources of bad cholesterol, which leads to the formation of plaques and the appearance of a vascular network on the face. Fats of animal origin are replaced by vegetable. Instead of butter, they eat olive, corn, linseed, and sunflower oil. Only an unrefined variety of cold-pressed, in which a lot of omega-3.

When rosacea can not be abused sweet. Cakes and sweets - fast carbohydrates, because of which the level of sugar and pressure rises sharply. Cakes lead to weight gain. Fats are deposited on the face, impairing blood circulation and capillary tone. There is a vascular grid and redness, symptoms of rosacea increase. With a tendency to diabetes and "stars" on the cheeks and nose wings, even sweet fruits are excluded from the menu: oranges, mangoes, pineapples and papayas, as well as red plums. Prohibited foods are replaced by apples, lemons, sauerkraut currants, broccoli and bell peppers. Vegetables and berries are rich in ascorbic acid. Vitamin C returns the capillary tone, removes the vascular network and reduces the sensitivity of the skin.

In case of rosacea, products containing potassium and rutin are useful:

  • bananas;
  • spinach;
  • buckwheat;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • carrot;
  • asparagus;
  • roots and leaves of parsley.

Trace elements and vitamins normalize blood circulation and pressure, tone up capillaries and large vessels.

When kuperoze can not chocolate, coffee and strong tea. Dessert and drinks, rich in caffeine, stimulate blood flow to the face and the formation of a vascular network. Coffee is replaced with green tea and dogrose broth, in which there is a lot of ascorbic acid.

The disease will recede if dishes with soy sauce, raisins, table and apple cider vinegar, as well as tomatoes and onions disappear from the diet. It is not allowed to eat lobster, white and black bread, pasta and alcohol during rosacea.

Instead of sweets and sausages, you should eat a handful of nuts daily, drink at least 1.5 liters of distilled water and 500 ml of kefir or yogurt without sweeteners and preservatives. Balanced nutrition can be supplemented with extracts and extracts from:

  • chestnut;
  • mimosa;
  • blueberries;
  • arnica;
  • grape seed;
  • echinacea;
  • myrtle

Capillaries are strengthened with biological supplements with rutin, silicon and collagen.

Couperose Masks

Thin and light skin prone to redness and "asterisks" should be protected from frost and direct UV light. In winter and summer, using medicated creams with chamomile, calendula or aloe extract, they buy special gels and creams for rosacea. Cosmetics better to buy in pharmacies.

The foundation and powder help to stop the disease. Decorative cosmetics not only masks the defects, but also protects the face from direct UV light. With rosacea, you can use scrubs, but only soft and no more than 4 times a week. Hard particles in case of abuse damage the skin and increase irritation.

In the evening it is useful to rub apricot or coconut oil in the face instead of cream. Cosmetic activates the production of collagen fibers, soothes and regenerates the skin. Essential ingredients can be added to the oil:

  • Japanese mint;
  • lemongrass;
  • thyme;
  • rosemary.

Ingredients remove redness and reduce asterisks. Grape and apricot kernel oil is complemented with homemade masks for rosacea to make the skin clean and beautiful.

Oil and berries
In winter, the epidermis is regenerated with a talcum powder or corn starch agent. You can use and potato. In a bowl pour 40-50 g of the dry component, add 1 tsp. lanolin and 30 ml of any vegetable oil. Sea buckthorn, flaxseed, corn and coconut possesses restorative properties, but sunflower is also suitable. The mass is stirred and applied to the face after washing. Remnants of a rosacea mask are removed with warm, not hot, water. The skin is wiped with a cotton swab soaked in chamomile decoction.

The vascular net is removed with fresh berries:

  • raspberries;
  • sea ​​buckthorn;
  • cowberries;
  • strawberries.

Ripe fruits mash with a fork or blender. Talc or potato starch are added to berry mush. Prepare a thick paste, which is applied with a thick layer on cleansed cheeks, nose wings and chin. The dried up mask is removed, the remains are cleaned with a cotton swab and chamomile decoction. After the procedure, the skin is smeared with a mixture of vegetable and essential oils. Means soothes, moisturizes and restores, neutralizes fruit acids.

Healing plants and tomatoes
Kuperoz treated with a mixture of herbs:

  • yarrow;
  • daisies;
  • horse chestnut flowers;
  • horsetail;
  • calendula

Medicinal plants in equal parts are mixed in a bowl, add hot water so that the components soften and swell. Mask is filled with potato starch to make it thicker and more uniform. The warm composition is applied with a thick layer to reddened areas for 20-30 minutes. You can make a mask of gauze: cut a flap with holes for the eyes and nose. A prepared face is covered with a cloth, and a grass and starch gruel is laid on top.

Green tomatoes help to eliminate the symptoms of rosacea in a few weeks. Vegetables finely chop or fray blender. The paste is wrapped in gauze or cotton fabric. Tampons with green tomatoes are applied only to prominent capillaries. The tool is removed after burning or tingling. The skin is rinsed with warm water or a soothing chamomile decoction. The face rests for several hours, then the procedure with the tomatoes is repeated. Per day make from 3 to 5-6 lotions. Treatment with green tomatoes lasts until the capillaries disappear.

Vessels and skin strengthen dark grapes. Berries, cut in half, applied to problem areas. The bones are removed so that they do not injure the skin. Fruits hold for 20-30 minutes. You can secure the grapes with a plaster or bandage.

Bananas, Yeast and Vitamin Cocktail
Helps with rosacea aloe pulp. The large leaf is washed and ground, the cake is separated from the juice with gauze. Measure 20 ml of aloe and mix with 60 g of dry yeast. If the mask is too thick, it is diluted with boiled water to a creamy consistency. The tool is used three times a week. After the aloe vera mask, moisturize the skin with a thick cream.

People with thin and sensitive skin are recommended to use banana nutritional formulations. The fruit contains starch, which soothes inflammation, and vitamins that stimulate collagen production. The pulp is crushed with a blender, add 20 ml of olive oil and 30 g of linden honey to the mass.

The elasticity of the skin and capillaries restores cucumber juice. In separate containers, beat 35 g of fat sour cream and egg white. Products gently connect, filled with 1 tsp. cucumber drink. Thick means impregnate a gauze napkin with cuts for eyes and a nose. Mask hold 20-25 minutes. The remains are removed with a dry cotton swab. The tool is used at bedtime, after the procedure, do not wash until the morning.

The areas where the vessels protruded can be lubricated with geranium essential oil. The component is applied in patting movements. The remains are removed with a cotton swab, rubbed into the skin of cream of rosacea.

Vitamin mask to strengthen the skin and capillaries prepared from kefir. Measure 90 ml of fermented milk drink, mixed with 5 drops of currant essential oil. Gauze cut, folded 4 times, impregnated with means, heated to room temperature. Leave on face for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, you need to wash your face with cool but not icy water and apply nourishing cream for rosacea to the skin.

Potatoes and bodyaga
Cosmetic defects are harvested by potatoes. Several peeled tubers are passed through a meat grinder, mixed with wheat flour or rye flour. Form a cake, which is applied to the face for half an hour. The starch secreted by the potato tightens the pores and tightens the epidermis, tones the capillaries. Thanks to the tool, blood circulation is restored, and the “stars” become less noticeable.

Tingling and burning sensation is cured by bodyagi. Mix 20 g of grass powder with 1 tsp. lanolin or usually petroleum jelly. The mask is filled with 30 ml of vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. l starch. Talc for the face does not fit, it dries the skin too much. Beat the components with a blender until smooth. The tool is evenly distributed over the face after washing and scrubbing. The mask from bodyagi is washed off with chamomile broth, heated to 38-40 degrees.

Tonics and Gadgets

Ginger compresses can be applied to the reddened areas of the face. Mix 15 g of crushed root and 1 liter of liquid base. The broth is heated to 90 degrees, but not boiled. Boil 5 minutes, cool. In the filtered drink moisten cotton cloth or gauze, you can slice of cotton wool. Apply the compress to the affected areas for 20 minutes.

In case of rosacea, the face is rubbed with a chamomile tonic: per 60 g of plant 1 liter of boiling water Insist herbal tea for several hours, then filter and dissolve 3-4 tablets of Ascorutin in the medium. It turns out anti-inflammatory cosmetics, enriched with ascorbic acid. Chamomile tonic returns the elasticity of the vessels and makes the "stars" less noticeable.

If you do not have the money for a special cream from rosacea, you can buy a conventional cosmetic with chamomile extract or vitamin E and add to it Ascorutin 1-2 tablets.

Oat flakes are applied to inflamed areas. Porridge mixed in equal proportions with chamomile flowers, crushed in a coffee grinder. Add a little vegetable oil to the powder to make an elastic dough. Flapjacks are fixed on the face with a plaster or bandage, left for 40-50 minutes. The lotions moisturize the skin, saturate it with vitamins and amino acids, return the elasticity of the vessels.

Saves from "stars" and irritation compresses with apple cider vinegar. On the steam bath heated 4 tbsp. l food supplement to 50 degrees, add 35 ml of honey and 1 tbsp. l oatmeal flour. The gauze or cotton swabs are impregnated with sweet gruel, left on problem areas for 30-40 minutes. The remains of honey and vinegar are cleaned with a decoction of chamomile or calendula.

Cosmetic defects can be massaged with your fingertips. During the procedure, rub in a mixture of vegetable oil and vaseline. This homemade cream restores blood circulation, normalizes the skin and reduces sensitivity to cold.

During the period of exacerbation of couperose, it is impossible to make contrasting gadgets and wipe the face with ice cubes, as well as wash with ice water and stay in the cold for a long time.

Useful recommendations

  1. Cosmetic defects appear due to hormonal disorders. Owners of light and thin skin are forbidden to take oral contraceptives without a gynecologist appointment. You can not abuse the corticosteroids and other drugs that disrupt the thyroid, pancreas or adrenal glands.
  2. It leads to the appearance of nicotine couperosis. The substance clogs and weakens blood vessels and small capillaries, causes problems with pressure and adversely affects the condition of the skin. To get rid of a cosmetic defect, you have to give up cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.
  3. Blood circulation is normalized through exercise. Running, swimming and morning exercises strengthen the heart and walls of blood vessels, saturate the body with oxygen. Skin condition improves, problems with pressure and "stars" disappear.
  4. Cuperosis occurs in people who are constantly nervous and worried. The pressure due to stress and depression is constantly increasing, and the capillaries do not withstand, their walls become less elastic. Patients are advised to regularly meditate or practice yoga, draw and walk in the fresh air.
  5. Cuperosis is a good reason to check the liver. Vascular mesh and "stars" occur on the face due to hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatosis.
  6. Maroon streaks and spots are removed in beauty salons. Cosmetic defects are treated with laser, ozone and chemical peels.
  7. When kuperoze can not be long in the sun and sunbathe in the solarium. It is forbidden to visit the bath and sauna, make inhalations and steam out the face.
  8. Do not buy cosmetics, which includes alcohol, menthol, eucalyptus or mint. Products with clove and acetone are contraindicated.

Kuperoz need to be treated comprehensively. The correct cream and gel for washing combined with folk masks and lotions, complement the diet and exercise. Give up smoking and alcohol, learn to cope with the effects of stress. Thanks to the combined approach, the skin of the face will become clear and the vascular grid will disappear.

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