How to make a reservation at home

Today, booking is considered the most popular staining technology. The procedure is carried out in beauty salons for fabulous money, and this is not surprising. Partial processing of the strands in two colors allows you to achieve visual density. Shades similar in scale, favorably emphasize the facial contour and refresh the hairstyle. As a rule, “reservation” means a smooth transition from brown to blond. In order to properly conduct staining, it is necessary to follow practical recommendations.

Positive aspects of booking

  1. Technology staining helps to emphasize the naturalness of the image. Especially relevant is considered for those girls who do not want to go away from the native shade of hair, but want to bring a highlight to the hairstyle.
  2. Thanks to brondirovanie appears visual density of hair, which is achieved by playing the shadows from dark to light and vice versa. Coloring with this technology involves clarifying the tips, as a result of which the face looks fresh and attractive.
  3. Ideal for the primary color, which is superimposed with blond and brown pigments, is considered medium-blond. For this reason, girls with a suitable shade need not paint over the entire surface of the hair.
  4. After the brondirovaniya is over, there is no need to tint the hair roots monthly. This fact is caused by the fact that the application of pigment begins below the root area, so the transition looks smooth. The exception is made by the girls who have chosen a shade as a basis, far from natural.
  5. Bronding includes highlighting and coloring, it allows you to return to the native hair color without radical action. It is enough to partially paint the strands and refresh the image, then leave the hair to grow to obtain the desired result. Over time, dyed hair cut.

Features of the reservation

  1. Before making brondirovaniye, it is necessary to assess the hair for damage, that is, to understand whether it is possible to carry out the procedure. If the hair is dry and brittle, it is better to postpone staining until better times.
  2. Before the procedure, do not use the iron, curling iron, hair dryer and other hair appliances that work at a high temperature. Let the curls rest and get stronger.
  3. One month before the start of the intended coloration, start making nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating masks. Visit a hairdresser, cut the broken ends, use firming sprays and serums.
  4. You can not make brondirovanie on badly damaged hair, which about a month ago, were bleaching or pigment remover. Light paint includes ammonia, which destroys the structure, "finishing off" the hair.
  5. As mentioned earlier, the ideal shade for conducting brondirovaniya is considered to be medium or dark blond hair color. If your shoal is too dark, it is recommended to lighten it 2 months before the expected date of the procedure. In the case of lighter curls, they need to be darkened.
  6. Fair-haired young ladies will have to dye their hair 3 tones darker. Dark-haired beauties, on the contrary, need to lighten hair on 1 tone. In the end, you get the perfect primary color, which will allow you to proceed to the procedure.
  7. After selecting the base color, you can proceed to the selection of colors for the booking procedure itself. The main feature is that the selected shade should not differ from the main color by more than 3 tones. Prefer professional means ("Matrix", "Estelle", "L'Oreal", etc.).

Necessary tools and materials

  1. Coloring pigment. You will need to purchase 2 tones that will apply to the same series and the manufacturer. Do not buy paint of different brands, because they have different compositions. As a result of a chemical reaction, the result may surprise you greatly.
  2. Skin protection Take care of disposable rubber / polyethylene gloves in advance. As a rule, if you buy paint and activator separately, the gloves are not included in the package. You will also need a hairdresser cape or diaper on the shoulders, old clothes.
  3. Capacity. For booking you need to prepare 2 tanks in which the composition will be diluted. Give preference to plastic or glass bowls, rather than metal.
  4. Instruments. You will also need a thin brush for applying pigment, a spatula for connecting components. Get a thin comb with a sharp tip, with the help of hair will be divided into separate strands.
  5. Handy materials. To achieve a smooth transition, you will need to make highlights. For these purposes, take care of the foil or food film, in which the colored curls will be wrapped. Prepare a fat cream and cosmetic sponges, hairdressing clips.

The choice of shade for reservation

  1. The simplest and most convenient shade for home bronzing is the use of native hair color as the main one. In this situation, there is no need for a preliminary full coloring, as a result of which the hair tolerates the procedure more easily.
  2. Bronding is carried out by applying dark and light pigments. In the first case it is worth considering brandy, nutty, chestnut, chocolate or brown shades. In the second we recommend to give preference to the following brightening dyes: honey, light nut, wheat, pearl, flaxen, gold, nut and pearl.
  3. The choice of shades for reservation is the most important stage. All colors should belong to the same range and advantageously be combined with each other. You can not mix cold and warm pigments, otherwise staining will look inharmonious. When choosing, consider the color type of your own skin.

Home Booking Technology

  1. Dress up in old clothes, cover your shoulders with a cape, fix it on the neck. Protect your hands with gloves, dilute two types of paint (light and dark) in different bowls.
  2. Comb your hair, divide it by direct parting into several parts. This includes the frontal, occipital, crown (parietal) and two temporal zones. Fix each section with barber clips so that one does not interfere with the other.
  3. No need to lighten the back of his head, so that he formed the base. This will help give volume and make the transition smooth. Start from the top of the head: divide it into thin curls, each fix separately.
  4. Make the stuff at the roots, it will help make the transition smooth. Starting from the middle of the strand, apply a light shade, and paint the upper part dark. Fill the transitions with a clean brush, retreat 2 cm from the root zone. Wrap the strand with foil so as not to stain the remaining curls.
  5. Do similar manipulations with all the strands on the crown, then go to the temples. Also divide them into thin curls, dyeing hair from the middle to the ends with light pigment, and from the roots to the middle - dark. Do the stuffed in the roots, blend transitions.
  6. Always wrap an already painted curl with foil or film. Last processed frontal area. After staining, you need to maintain a certain interval specified in the instructions. Next, the paint is washed off and begins the process of coloring - creating glare on the surface of the hair.
  7. Dye your hair with light strokes that have not been bronzed before. Choose strands in a chaotic manner to make the highlights look natural. Do not moisten the brush in the paint too much to make the brush strokes barely noticeable. To avoid color mixing, wrap the treated curls with foil. Use both light and dark shades, alternating between them. After all the manipulations soak the paint again and wash it off.

Before proceeding to staining, it is important to remember forever that as a result of the brondirovaniye you should have a smooth transition from brown to blond. The ideal option is considered the main shade medium brown.

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