Peppermint essential oil for hair - use and application

It has long been popular esters due to the special positive effects on the hair. The mint ether, which is aimed at the normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands and the fight against loss, also has value. It is used to eliminate dandruff, cross-section and other unpleasant phenomena associated with the skin of the head and hair. In today's article we will look at everything that affects the use of this composition. We analyze the benefits and other important aspects.

The composition of the ether

  1. The plant, on the basis of which the ether is produced, is ranked among the family of yasnotkovye Raw materials are made from leaves and inflorescences. Through the use of hydrodistillation, the final product retains all valuable substances and has the maximum positive effect.
  2. For 1 l. the ether must be collected and recycled about 50 kg. raw materials. You must admit that it is quite a lot, therefore oil is valued no less. It turns out colorless, pleasantly smelling, can give off in greens or yellowness.
  3. The basis includes a secondary alcohol, otherwise referred to as menthol. In addition, the chemical list of substances is divided among other components. These include thymol, pinene, neomenthol, carvalol, fellandrene. The list of minerals includes sodium, calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, etc.
  4. Ascorbic acid, thiamine with riboflavin and pyridoxine, as well as folic and pantothenic acid should be distinguished from vitamins. It does not do without riboflavin, nicotinic acid, other substances valuable to the hair and the body.

Valuable qualities and disadvantages

  1. Ether is used in various fields. It helps to invigorate or, on the contrary, calm the psycho-emotional environment. Cheers up, adjusts a hormonal background. In addition, it is not at all necessary to inhale the oil, just rub the leaves between your fingers and enjoy the scent. Just a couple of minutes, the state will improve. Due to the effect on the central nervous system, a person gets rid of insomnia and the effects of stress. All this is extremely important in the intense rhythm of life.
  2. In addition to the tonic effect, the discussed raw material improves the functioning of the immune system, thanks to which a person fights against the attacks of viruses and various infections. Bactericidal oil, they lubricate the suppuration of the skin. The use of the composition is popular among doctors who treat vascular occlusion and vegetative-vascular dystonia in particular. Oil rubbed whiskey and inhale it to eliminate headaches.
  3. The composition is extremely effective in the treatment of heart disease. It is included in many drugs like validol. Means rinse the oral cavity for disinfection and eliminate bleeding gums. They rub muscles and massage them when the vessels ache. Also, a positive effect is observed on the condition of women who want to get rid of pain during menstruation.
  4. To suppress vomiting spasms while traveling by car, the oil is added to a special pendant that is placed on the neck. It improves the condition, removes nausea and dizziness no worse than special bracelets. In the world of cosmetologists, the tool is used to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and fight acne. When the epidermis is dry, the oil is able to restore the water balance, as well as cure flaking and other problems. In the treatment of complications of a dermatological nature, ether is simply indispensable. It eliminates dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.
  5. Despite all of the above valuable qualities, this compound has some list of flaws. These include the possible development of an allergic reaction, manifested by a rash, itching, redness. Also, do not exclude irritation, deterioration of sleep with frequent inhalation, decreased libido in the male half of humanity. Some have heart pains and bronchospasms. It is clear that these side effects do not apply to all people. But care must be taken.

Hair use

  1. This composition is mixed with ready-made cosmetic shampoos, masks, conditioners, decoctions. To eliminate the cross section of the ends, one should do the combing, brushing the comb in this raw material. It is necessary to daily comb the curl after curl for a few minutes.
  2. If the skin is excessively sensitive, then there is no need to apply the composition in pure form. It is added to the base, which serves as any base oil (almond, flax, etc.). The calculation is such that 25 ml. relies only 3 drops of mint oil.
  3. Those who want to give preference to combing should choose a suitable comb with widened and sparse teeth. It should be wooden, but not plastic or aluminum. To eliminate the loss make a massage from a mixture of oils, including mint.

Scalding with oil

  1. In the process it is extremely important to distribute the raw materials not on the skin, but on the strands themselves. Otherwise clogged pores. If the curls have dryness, and the skin itself is delicate, then combine 3 drops of ether with 20 ml. oil base. So you warn of negative consequences.
  2. When carrying out such therapy, preference is given to the most popular oils, which are ideally combined with ether. This list includes flaxseed, castor, almond. Observing the step-by-step instruction, the effect will be achieved in times faster.
  3. Armed with a wooden comb, rub a few drops of the ether itself or composition with its inclusion. Begin to go through the strands, the whole procedure lasts up to 7 minutes maximum. Next, you must wait half an hour and wash the hair.

Add ether to shampoo

  1. Most manufacturers in advance take care of what is included in the detergent mint ether. However, if your shampoo does not possess such properties, you can independently enrich it with a natural additive.
  2. When systematically washing the hair with such a tool, you will notice an increase in the luster of the curls. After several procedures, the structure of the hair follicles and the stem itself is significantly strengthened. The active components of the essential oil increase blood microcirculation in the skin.
  3. In addition, many representatives of the fair sex claim that after regular use of shampoo with the addition of mint ether, the hair has become less dirty. Thanks to this, the head can now be washed only twice a week. The effect is achieved due to the cleansing properties of the essential oil.
  4. To obtain an effective tool for washing and cleansing curls, you must adhere to certain proportions. Before applying the detergent to the hair, pour the required amount into the palm of your hand. In this volume you need to drop about 4 drops of mint oil.
  5. Before distribution on the hair, you need to thoroughly mix the components. Otherwise, a high concentration of ether may adversely affect a certain part of the curls and skin. Often there are burns. Next, distribute the shampoo and do a light massage in the root area. The procedure lasts at least 8 minutes.
  6. Wash your hair and apply the usual shampoo without adding ether. This way you will get rid of the residual oil. While washing your hair you will feel a pleasant coolness. Consider, you should not feel burning. If you feel something like this, wash your head immediately.

Masks with ether

  1. For weak and dry hair. Warm up on a pair of 50 ml. Burdock oil, mix 2 drops of peppermint ether. The finished tool must be rubbed on the root area. After a light massage, stretch the oil over the entire length. Build a thermal cap made of film and a terry towel. Wait at least half an hour. It is recommended to wash off the mask with non-hot water using the usual shampoo.
  2. For oily and normal hair. Beat in foam 2 chicken yolks. For convenience, use a mixer. Mix 10 ml to the mass. lemon juice and 4-5 drops of mint ether. Get from the components of a homogeneous structure. Then distribute the finished mass from root to tip. In the root area, you need to make a light massage. It is best to carry out such actions on wet and clean curls. Then wrap your head in plastic and warm with a warm scarf. Wait about 35 minutes. Wash the hair you need hot running water.
  3. For all hair types. Dissolve 50 g in cool water. white clay. As a result, you should get a creamy mass. Enter 30 ml. boiling water and stir. Wait a quarter of an hour. Components must infuse, cover them. Mix 5 drops of ether and apply to the root area. Manipulate with massaging movements. Warm up on the classic technology and revive about 20 minutes. Rinse the hair with running water at room temperature. The advantage of the mask is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Mass must be applied to dry and clean strands. The result will please you.

Remember that the freshly prepared mixture is not recommended to be stored for a long time. With subsequent use of the composition simply squander its healing properties. If you decide to make masks of several components, ether is always added last. Remember that the basic ingredients are not recommended to warm up above 38 degrees. Always before using any means, check the body's response to the composition, by applying a few drops on the wrist.

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