Tomato Grigorashik - description and characteristics of the variety

Neat and spectacular bushes of this tomato will not only replenish the harvest, but also decorate the site or balcony. And the fruits of this tomato love children.


This is an early, superdeterminant tomato of the stem type. It does not require support and pinching when grown. Enters fructification for 88-90 day of development. And while continuing to actively increase the green mass. As laid by the breeders, the plant, on average, grows up to 30 cm. It turns out well leafy and branched bush. Actively developing stepchildren and basal stems. The leaf is small, dark, strongly corrugated. On fruit clusters, up to 6-8 tomatoes of the correct spherical shape are formed. The taste of the fruit is sweet, the color is bright, red. The average weight is 30 - 40 grams.

In the fruiting stage, it is a compact plant, abundantly covered with ovaries, emerging and ripening fruits. With good care from one bush for the season you can get 1.5 kg of tomatoes.

Given the compactness and decorativeness of a tomato, it is recommended as a balcony pottery culture. Well gives in to cultivation in the closed and open ground. This is a hybrid tomato, seeds obtained from grown fruits do not carry the stated characteristics.

Features of growing

As an early crop, tomato "Grigorashik F1" is grown through seedlings. Seeds can be treated with special preparations to accelerate germination, to neutralize possible infections. Then they are sown in the finished soil mixture for solanaceous crops. It is necessary to sow for 50 - 60 days before planting on a garden bed or in a permanent pot. In the phase of two true leaves, the plant is diving. Before disembarking to a permanent place, within one to two weeks, the seedlings are hardened to reduce the risk of receiving transplant stress.

Planting density is done up to 6 plants per square meter. The first feeding is done when the plant takes root. Top dressing can be combined with irrigation, they should be liquid, to be carried out at least once a month. Wash with warm water regularly. When grown in individual pots, the plants will require more frequent watering.

Harvest and use

The fruits of this tomato are small, bright red, rich taste, sweet. Thin and durable skin for a long time keeps the tomato fresh. They are well kept and carry transportation. Fruits are easily cut and bite. The pulp is dense, the tomato is juicy.

Considering the decorative effect, the tomato is suitable for decorating various dishes and making fresh use on its own. It will also decorate a vegetable platter and its own canning in the pulp and brine. Can be used in the manufacture of pasta, sauces, juices. The small sizes will allow to dry successfully fruits and to freeze them entirely.

Disease resistance

Due to its early development, the tomato "Grigorashik F1" is not susceptible to late blight and other common diseases of tomatoes. In addition, sustainability is laid on the gene level.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive side of this tomato: lack of care; high decorative and versatile use of fruits; yield; crop transportability.

The conditional disadvantage is the need to acquire breeding seeds.


Albina, 55, Ural: Summer is always communication with grandchildren, I still have small, inquisitive and active helpers in country troubles. And the tomato "Grigorashik F1" is very suitable, so that the kids over the summer can see how the seed turns out to be a plant with such tasty tomatoes. We manage to grow it without seedlings. We get great pleasure from the common cause thanks to Grigorashik. And of course, this is a very tasty tomato, universal in its use in blanks. And I grow it in the country and until the new year, practically, on the loggia. Very beautiful and edible it turns out a border from plants of this tomato in the mixed vegetable landings. In general, universality in everything.

Irina, 36 years old, Samara: Recently moved to live in your house with a garden. And "Grigorashik F1" helps me for a couple of years, as a very unpretentious tomato. It grows without special attention and at the same time the harvest is good and can be planted on a flower bed in the yard, because it is beautiful.

Ivan, 68 years old: I tried to grow many varieties and hybrids of tomatoes. Grigorashik F1 is now one of my favorite tomatoes. Liked for its simplicity and yield. And he is beautiful and delicious. Fruits, you want on a table, you want to add to any preparation. And fresh tomatoes are stored long enough. I grow it for several years.

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