How to clean the fur of silver fox at home

The silver fox is the fur of a black-brown fox, which is quite difficult to meet in the wild. Silver fox fur is highly valued for its color - it shimmers in three different shades. To the touch the silver fox is very soft and pleasant. Fur coats, vests and hats from this fur are incredibly warm, they can be worn even in the most severe frost. However, most women appreciate the silver fox for the personification of luxury, wealth and chic.

However, it is not always possible to keep the fur product as it came to you from the store. With each sock the silver fox grows dull, the fur becomes faded, renders yellow. When inaccurate socks on the fur coating may appear spots that are not easy to remove. In addition, on the inside of the product is contaminated with greasy marks. The easiest way to clean the silver fox - is to give a fur coat in the dry cleaning. However, the product can be cleaned at home.

How to freshen silver fox fur

If there is no obvious dirt on the fur, you can refresh the product with semolina, starch or baby powder. Spread out the product on a flat surface, such as a table. Lightly heat the talcum powder, starch, or grits in the pan. After that, sprinkle the fur evenly with a hot, free-flowing composition. Try to powder penetrated the most inaccessible places - at the very base of the fur. This will clean the product as best as possible. You can even rub the coat with your hands, imitating hand wash.

Semolina, starch or baby powder is an excellent adsorbent material that absorbs moisture, dirt, dust, fat. After the loose composition absorbs all unnecessary, the fur coat will need to be carefully cleaned of white powder. To do this, shake the silver fox, knock it out with a stick, comb it with a comb, walk around it with a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle. You will notice that the embossed white powder has become gray and dirty - by it you can judge the degree of contamination of the product.

How to clean silver fox fur

If the fur is heavily polluted, you can not do without wet cleaning.

  1. Prepare a warm soap composition from liquid soap or gel. Hard soap and powder are not recommended, as small particles can get stuck between fur flecks and extract them from there will not be easy.
  2. Wind a piece of light clean cloth onto the brush. Dampen the device in water and walk it all over the fur. Try not to wet the fur much, however, do not leave it completely dry.
  3. The inner part of the product can be cleaned simply with a brush, without winding the fabric. Carefully clean the soiled and greasy places. Usually, most of the fur coats on the inside of the cuffs and collar are dirty. Caps religiously dirty from the side of the forehead - in the place of contact with the skin.
  4. After that, wipe the fur of the product with a clean damp cloth so as to rid the pile of soap traces. Wash or wash the inside thoroughly. But be careful with this - wetting the fur is not recommended.
  5. When the villi of the fur will cease to be soapy, they can be dried. Drying a product means hanging it in a draft. Do not forget to hang the fur on the hangers. In no case can not be dried products made of natural fur near heaters, under direct sunlight, and even more so near open fire.
  6. Sometimes the full drying of fur and thick lining can take more than one day.

If you plan to clean the silver fox for storage until the next season, after cleaning, dry it very carefully so that it does not become damp in the closet.

We clean the silver fox from stains

Sometimes on a fur coat there can appear complex difficult-to-remove stains with which it is not so easy to cope. In this case, we have reserved for you a few secrets that will help to clear the fur without difficulty.

  1. Petrol. Remove stubborn stains with gasoline. However, only purified, transparent gasoline, which is sold in hardware stores, is suitable. Moisten a small piece of bandage in it and wipe the stain. If pollution does not go away immediately, leave the bandage soaked in gasoline on the stain for 10 minutes. After this, there will be no trace of dirt.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The following recipe will help to relieve the silver fox from yellowness. In two glasses of water, dissolve a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of ammonia. Stir the composition thoroughly and apply a small part of it to the inner fur trim. So you can check the reaction of the fur to the cleaner. If you are pleased with the result, go through this composition on all yellow spots of the product. Use a sponge, rag or sponge for this. After this treatment, simply wipe the fur with a damp cloth - there will be no trace of yellow spots.
  3. Kerosene and chalk. These ingredients will help you rid the fur of complex greasy spots. Grind clerical chalk and mix it with pure kerosene. Apply cooked gruel to contaminated sites. After 5-10 minutes, the gruel can be removed, and the pollution wiped with a cloth. Kerosene gently corrodes stubborn fat, and chalk absorbs it immediately.
  4. Alcohol. You can get rid of paint and ink stains with alcohol. Dampen a cotton pad with medical alcohol and gently wipe it with dirt. If the paint does not move away, leave a disc moistened with alcohol on the stain. After a while, wipe the dirt again. However, be careful with this - excessive friction can damage the nap.

All these recipes are not only effective, but they are also easy to use - the ingredients for cleaning can be found in any first-aid kit or hardware store.

No matter how hard we try to protect expensive fur products, nobody is insured against pollution and incidents. Our recipes will help you quickly and efficiently remove stains and refresh the fur at home, without resorting to expensive dry cleaning services. And then your silver fox will always look expensive, stylish and luxurious!

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