How to get rid of stretch marks on the hips at home

Stretch marks on the hips are also called "striae", they have a purple shade, which later brightens up to beige. As a rule, striae appear due to a sharp weight loss, the skin does not have time to adapt to the changes, so a gap of collagen fibers is formed. Girls after childbirth often complain of the appearance of stretch marks, this is due to an imbalance of hormonal levels. Whatever the reason, the only way out is to fight the hated defects. Today we consider the main methods of disposal: wraps and massage.

Wraps against stretch marks


To effectively carry out the procedure, you need to take into account the main points that will be useful in the future. So let's get started.

  1. Before making wraps, take a hot bath with herbs, thoroughly steam the skin and rub it with a hard washcloth.
  2. The composition of the wrapping includes components such as chili or papaverine, in their pure form, they are extremely dangerous. When preparing the mixture, stir it as thoroughly as possible so that there are no lumps left. It is not always possible to knead the composition to a uniform consistency with a spoon. In such cases, use Chinese chopsticks, a knife or fork.
  3. It is known that wraps are carried out with the participation of food film. However, not everyone knows that it should not be turned around immediately after applying the product. Cover the body with stretch marks with the mixture, wait for about a quarter of an hour, only then use the film. It is important to remember forever that it is impossible to tighten the skin strongly, otherwise the blood circulation will be disturbed. The body will begin to swell, and the effect will be zero.
  4. During the wrap carefully monitor your own health. If you feel unwell, which is manifested in fever and dizziness, discontinue the procedure. Take a cold shower, drink a glass of green tea with honey. In cases where the oven starts strongly, remove the film and pick up another composition.
  5. At the end of the wrap, you must use a stretch mark cream. In the fight against streyami should use only an integrated approach, nothing else.
  6. You probably understand that stretch marks will not be completely removed. Yes, they will become less noticeable, but at the termination of the course and the slightest weight loss will reappear. If you do not want to permanently remove them with a laser, spend the wrap 2 times a day for six months. Then take a break for about 1 month and repeat the course. Throughout the course of therapy, engage in active physical activity, do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Depending on the treated area, the total amount of the composition is calculated. On average, all recipes will be offered to eliminate stretch marks for girls of average build (approximately 60-65 kg.).

Stretch wraps recipes


Pepper "Chili" and natural coffee. To prepare the composition, you need to brew black coffee so that the liquid was exactly 120 ml. The coffee grounds set aside, it will need for pre-processing defects. Now slowly pour in 35 ml of coffee. hot pepper, drip 7 ml. rosemary oil and 10 ml. geranium ester. Add 60 grams. flaxseed bran, wait for their partial swelling. Rub the skin of the coffee grounds to redness, apply the composition, turn around the film. Keep it for about half an hour. If no discomfort occurs (itching, burning, pain), increase the interval by a quarter of an hour.

"Papaverine" and clay. Mix in a container 4 of any type of clay in an amount of 30 grams. everyone. Pour in mineral water to cover the mixture. Stir with a fork or knife, add 40 ml. natural oil (corn, castor, sea buckthorn, etc.). Begin to gently pour in 3 ampoules of "Papaverina" by first typing them in a syringe. Bring the mass to homogeneity, add 15 ml. liquid glycerin and 35 g. honey Again, stir and make a mask, wait a while, then turn into a film. Wait about an hour.

Cinnamon and mustard. Pour boiling water over 50 grams. ground mustard and 45 gr. ground cinnamon, pour 170 ml. rosehip infusion. In a separate container, mix 60 grams. pink clay, 40 g. white clay, 30 g. black clay. Brew them in 180 ml. warm water. Optionally, pink can be replaced with white. Connect both the composition, distribute the defective areas. Wait 15 minutes, you will feel the tightness of the epidermis. After that, you can safely turn around the film and hold for about 1 hour.

Walnuts and citruses. Grind in a blender 12 pcs. walnut kernels. Mince through a meat grinder 1.5 lemon and 0.5 grapefruit, add chopped nuts. Put in a saucepan 35 gr. nettle and brew it 70 ml. boiling water, insist about an hour. Strain, add 25 grams. oatmeal or rye bran, mix, do not wait for the swelling. Immediately combine the two compounds, heat the mixture in the microwave, spread over the surface of the skin. Wrap the area with cling film, hold for at least 45 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar and algae. To prepare the mixture for wrapping you need to buy kelp in a pharmacy. You can replace it with nori or ficus. Tear algae into small pieces or cut with scissors. Dilute with a little water so that they swell a little. Pour in a teaspoon of vinegar, add 40 grams. lemon juice and 20 gr. honey Apply evenly to the area of ​​stretch marks, wrap around with a film. Keep about 1.5-2 hours.

Massage from stretch marks

Massage should be done daily several times, warm the skin with intensive movements for 3 months, if you wish, longer. The method is effective, especially in conjunction with wraps. The process accelerates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, thereby increasing skin elasticity, and stretching are reduced.

Before the procedure, you need to warm up the skin well by taking a hot bath. For its proper preparation, mix 140 gr. sage, 100 gr. calendula, 50 gr. chamomile, 110 gr. lemon balm, brew all herbs with 5 liters of boiling water. Pour the hot bath, pour in the solution.

After that, spend scrubbing sea salt. To prepare the mixture, combine 50 gr. sea ​​salt, 140 gr. low-fat cottage cheese and 50 gr. coffee grounds. In a separate container brew 15 gr. green tea and add 20 gr. gelatin. Wait for it to swell. Connect both compositions to each other, carefully massage the area with stretch marks for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the composition with a contrasting shower, complete the procedure by washing with hot water. When the preparation has come to an end, you must immediately begin to massage.

Honey massageTake 150 gr. candied honey and put it in a cool place to thicken the mixture. Well massage your skin with a special anti-cellulite massager, it goes as a remedy for stretch marks. Now apply on the skin of honey even a thin layer. Put the palm to the stretch so that it sticks. Remove your hand sharply and begin an intense slap. Movement should be fast with a clear manifestation of pain. For handling hard-to-reach places, call a girlfriend for help. Do the massage for about half an hour, then rinse the composition with hot water, spread it with cream and start to touch the skin between your fingers for another 25 minutes.

Classic massage
Before a classical massage, it is imperative to steam the skin, not only the bath, but also wraps. Choose your favorite composition, wrapped film and start to work on the house. After 1 hour, wash with hot water, lubricate the epidermis with massage oil and begin the procedure. For a classic massage, any appropriate actions are suitable: pinching, pulling, clapping, and skin treatment between the fingers. Continue the procedure for an hour. Additionally, you can use pharmacy vacuum cans. Put one of them on the skin, squeeze until a vacuum is formed and move down and up for 10 minutes.

The most effective wrap includes papaverine, pepper and clay. Focus on these cosmetic compositions, periodically replacing them with new ones. Effective removal of stretch marks will occur only if the procedure is carried out daily without any excuses. Otherwise, there is a direct road to the beautician.

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