How to use burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil is considered to be a universal remedy. It is widely used in cosmetology for the treatment of hair, eyelashes, nails. Due to the healing, antiseptic and disinfecting properties, dermatologists often turn to the composition. Burdock oil in its pure form is sold in pharmacies and cosmetic stores, its pricing policy is relatively low. To use the tool as an improvement in the condition of the hair, you must have basic knowledge. Consider the important aspects in order.

Indications for the use of burdock oil

  1. The first and most important aspect of the product is slow hair growth. Due to the active composition of burdock oil awakens the follicles, so that the hair begins to grow faster.
  2. It is not uncommon for men, children, and women to have bald spots. Burdock oil is widely used to treat massive hair loss. The method is extremely effective in combination with a healthy diet.
  3. Burdock oil fights with increased greasiness, a tool extremely effective for people with oily type of scalp. The composition normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, if used within reasonable limits.
  4. Indications for the use of burdock oil are considered itching, excessive dryness of the scalp, dandruff, seborrhea and other similar illnesses. Thanks to the moisturizing ingredients, the product moisturizes and nourishes the dermis.
  5. Modern rhythm of life leaves its mark on society. Constant use of thermometers (hair dryer, curling iron, iron for straightening, etc.) makes the hair brittle, dull and lifeless. Burdock oil smoothes the scales and restores the structure from the inside, struggling with the section.

It is hard to believe, but burdock oil has no contraindications at all. The only caveat - the use of the composition can be dosed if there is an individual intolerance to the incoming components.

To assess the skin's response to burdock oil, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of the composition to a separate strand and scalp, soak for 1 hour, rinse and evaluate the result. In the absence of peeling, itching, redness and other discomfort, feel free to start using oil as a means of treating hair.

How to cook burdock oil at home

Experienced housewives prefer to prepare the composition at home, wanting to get a completely natural product without additional ingredients.

Burdock oil is prepared on the basis of burdock root, as long as the plant does not exceed 2.5 years. However, if you wish to cook the butter on your own, give preference to burdock root up to 1 year old (the best option is 10-11 months). Make sure that the stem of the plant is fresh, not dried.

As a rule, the oil is prepared from September to April. Dig a plant, cut off the top, leaving only the dense strong roots. Wash them in cool water, then chop into pieces 6-8 cm in size.

Leave the root to dry for 2-3 hours, then place them in a plastic container or glass container. Fill with sunflower oil so that it covers them completely.

The exposure time is about 20-25 days, after the specified period the agent can be used for its intended purpose. The main thing is to pre-strain the composition through a cotton-gauze filter.

How to use burdock oil for hair

Home use of burdock oil is a complex procedure that requires time, patience and attention to detail. The most common method - applying burdock oil in its pure form directly on the hair. To take into account all the nuances, use the step-by-step instruction.

  1. Before the procedure, wash your hair 2 times using burdock shampoo and balsam (if possible), then remove excess moisture with a towel. Do not blow dry your hair, the oil is applied to wet curls.
  2. Pour a small amount (taking into account the length of hair) in a deep bowl, heat to a temperature of 40 degrees. You can prepare the composition using a microwave or steam bath, at your discretion. The main thing is that when applied to the hair mixture was warm.
  3. Comb the hair, divide it into thin strands, secure with rubber bands or hairdressing clips. Scoop up some oil on the pads of your fingers, in a twisting motion, treat the scalp, make a massage.
  4. After processing the root zone, take one or more strands, comb them and distribute burdock oil from the roots to the ends with a sponge or brush. Stroll along the curls of the comb to evenly distribute the mixture. Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  5. Burdock oil acts 3 times more efficiently if you create a "steam bath" for it. Wrap hair with cling film, put a plastic bag over your head, turn into a terry towel. Turn on the hair dryer, warm it up for 7 minutes. Keep burdock oil on your hair for at least 3 hours; after the time limit, proceed to flushing.
  6. Remove the towel, bag and cling film. Try to wash the oil out of your hair with running water. After that, apply shampoo, foam it and wash it off, clean it 4-5 times. Pay proper attention to the top of the head, to the temples and the back of the head; the oil from these zones is hardest washed out.
  7. If you can not wash off the composition with shampoo, use a folk remedy. Sift rye flour, dilute it with warm water to obtain a creamy mass. Wait for as long as the composition does not swell, then distribute it over the entire surface of the hair.
  8. Rub the mixture of rye flour into the hair structure, try to foam the composition. Soak the mask for about 7 minutes, then rinse with water and shampoo. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.
  9. The frequency of use of pure burdock oil varies from 2 to 4 times a week, it all depends on the initial state of the hair. The course is 2 months, after that it is necessary to take a five-day break and resume therapy.
  10. Strengthen the effect of vegetable oil will help mixing it with olive, corn or chamomile composition. It is also recommended to make masks based on this product.

Burdock Masks

The frequency of application of masks - 1 time per week, provided that the net composition will be used three times a week. The amount is calculated on the hair length up to the blades, vary the proportions at your discretion.

  1. Nettle. Get in a pharmacy dry nettle leaves, brew 30 gr. plants in boiling water (230 ml.), leave for about 30 minutes. After the due date, strain, you only need a solution. Add to it 65 ml. burdock oil, heat the mixture if it is cold. Spread over hair, carefully rubbing into scalp and tips. Exposure time - 2 hours.
  2. Banana. Grind in a blender or mash 2 ripe bananas with a fork, mix the mixture with 80 ml. burdock oil. Add three egg yolks, whisk together. Apply the product to your hair and skin, wrap your head with plastic wrap, wrap a towel. Soak for 4 hours, then rinse.
  3. Honey. Melt in a microwave oven or in a water bath 100 gr. acacia honey, add 90 ml. burdock oil, mix. Apply the mixture to the hair, massage the scalp. The duration of exposure varies within 2-3 hours. Optionally, you can add chicken yolk to honey and burdock. In this case, the mass does not need to preheat.
  4. Cocoa. Whisk five egg yolks, add 145 gr. cocoa powder and 30 ml. cocoa butter. Pour in 85 ml. burdock oil, mix. Make a hair mask, paying attention to the root area and dry tips. Wrap the head with a film, wash it off after 4 hours.

Burdock oil - a real find in the field of cosmetology. Due to its beneficial properties, the product restores hair from the inside, accelerates blood circulation in the scalp, awakens and nourishes hair follicles with oxygen. Use the product in its pure form 3 times a week, consider the preparation of masks based on this product.

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