How to strengthen nails with acrylic powder under gel polish

The build-up is slowly becoming a thing of the past due to the injury of the nails after removing the artificial plates. More and more girls prefer to have natural nails, but not every beautiful lady can boast beautiful fingers from nature. We are talking about the imperfections of the native nail plates. There are always cracks, bumps, gaps. Therefore, the issue of modeling becomes quite relevant. Consider ways to use acrylic powder.

Properties of acrylic powder


Bulk composition has a lot of advantages that are aimed at eliminating many problems with regards to nails:

  1. Due to its porous and light structure, the powder does not clog the surface of the nails, allowing them to "breathe."
  2. In the process of applying the powder composition eliminates the likelihood of bubbles, which look sloppy.
  3. Nails after using the powder become strong, eliminating their breakage and delamination.
  4. Powder perfectly copes with external irritants, such as ultraviolet, frost, household appliances.
  5. Due to the wide variety of colors, powder can be chosen for every taste, manicure options are endless.
  6. Powder weightless, when applied to the plate barely noticeable, so the nails look very natural.
  7. All artificial materials for building injure the surface of the native nail, and the powder is aimed at the correction of the form without loss.
  8. Nails modeled with powder can be easily corrected, which is not the case with gel coatings.
  9. To remove the layer of acrylic, there are special tools that facilitate the removal of the artificial surface.
  10. The service life of a manicure with acrylic powder reaches 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer.

Purpose Acrylic Powder

  1. Powdered weightless composition belongs to the category of acrylates. Polymer material is widely used by these masters to improve the natural shape of nails, fill voids, leveling the surface of the plates.
  2. Powder is combined with a monomer - a special liquid, with which you can get high-quality mixture for modeling. At the exit, we have a dense paste that dries out in the air for a short time. Acrylic does not require a special ultraviolet lamp, unlike gel.
  3. Experts in the field of the nail industry distinguish three directions of modeling acrylic powder. The number includes the creation of three-dimensional design, a general plate correction, repair of chips and cracks.
  4. It is necessary to immediately clarify that the powder intended to strengthen or build-up is one and the same material. However, to carry out repairs, use a powder without a shade. The design is performed with colored powder.
  5. To make a full-fledged extension, it is required to have powder of a pink-beige subtone, which in color should match the shade of the nail bed. This is necessary to extend the plate itself.
  6. If you are aiming to prepare your nails under a gel polish, use colorless or pink body powder. This procedure will help you create a bonding layer between the natural plate and gel polish. As a result, the duration of manicure wear will increase by an order of magnitude.
  7. The use of powder to strengthen the nails under the gel polish has other advantages. Reduced probability after applying a color coating to get bumps or bubbles. The powder also fills microcracks, which could spread under the action of gel polish even more.

Who shows the use of acrylic powder

You should not assume that the powder refers to expensive materials. You can buy the product relatively cheaply in specialized stores for the nail masters.

Experienced experts recommend to use the powder composition of girls who suffer from severe delamination, brittleness and cracks.

After applying the powder on the plate, all the microcracks are filled, the paste hardens and becomes similar to cement. All this eliminates breakage and severe injury to the nails.

Also, strengthening the powder will help the girls to create a quality coating under the gel polish, especially if the nail plates are depleted and thin by nature (they bend strongly). For this category of persons, specialists do not recommend using gel extensions.

Strengthening nail acrylic powder

First you need to prepare materials and tools:

  • degreasing agent;
  • antiseptic;
  • acrylic powder;
  • nail files with different abrasiveness;
  • buff for polishing;
  • monomer;
  • primer (acid or acid-free, at discretion);
  • brushes to remove excess dust;
  • gel to give the cuticle softness;
  • orange stylus (pusher) for manicure;
  • finish (coating that fixes the result);
  • tips for building;
  • glue for tips and tips;
  • molds for mixing components;
  • lamp for drying (UV).

Not all listed materials may be required. It all depends on the ultimate goal you are pursuing. To strengthen the gel polish plates, it is enough to have a minimum set: pucher, degreaser, antiseptic, buff and saw, monomer with powder, primer.

Nail preparation

  1. Make a manicure, but not edged. Foam the cuticle or treat it with a special softening gel. Use pusher to push the skin to the base of the nail.
  2. Release the nails in advance from the old coating, if any. Wash hands, dry, treat with antiseptic. Do the same with the tools.
  3. Saw the free edges of the plates, giving them the required length. Arm with a buff, polish the surface, removing only the glossy layer. Degree your nails, begin to strengthen the manipulation.

Technology to strengthen the nail powder

  1. Wear a medical mask to protect the airways. Open a window for airing or spend strengthening on a loggia during warm time.
  2. Apply the primer over the polished plate, let it dry. Then apply the monomer with a thin layer. Now put a little powder on the pusher, sprinkle a thick layer on top of the monomer.
  3. Do not feel sorry for the powder, it will not create bumpiness on the nails. After the plates are powdered, send your hand under the ultraviolet lamp for 1.5 minutes (you can skip this step if you do not have a UV lamp).
  4. When the contents harden, brush off the excess with a wide brush. Correct nails using nail files and buffs. You have strengthened your nails under the gel polish, now you can apply a color coating.

There is another way to strengthen the nail plates with acrylic powder. To do this, moisten the brush in liquidity and immediately lower it into a can of powder powder. Do not hesitate, retreat 1 mm from the cuticle and distribute the liquid paste over the entire plate. Seal the free edge of the nail. Here you can not hesitate, because the powder in combination with the polymer dries quickly. The layer must be thin and crisp. Further filing and polishing are carried out at the discretion, sometimes these actions are not required at all.

Cons of acrylic powder

  1. Acrylic-based powder has a rather unpleasant smell. Some people have deteriorated health after using the compound. Currently, acrylic powder can be purchased without odor, the price will be much higher.
  2. Consider the composition to be properly used. If you do not keep up with such a trifle as the gap between the powder and the nail, problems may arise. In such a “bubble”, pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply actively. Often formed fungus plates and similar troubles.
  3. If you do not follow practical recommendations and do not strengthen the nail, it can be easily damaged. Sometimes the powder affects the appearance, the nail plate loses its original shine.
  4. It is worth knowing that the coating on the basis of acrylic powder should not be removed using a classic nail polish remover with acetone. The aggressive composition negatively affects the structure of the nail plate, destroying it.
  5. It is forbidden to wear an acrylic layer for a long time. To use powder, you need to have some skills. The composition quickly hardens on contact with water, so the procedure must be carried out wisely. If you do something wrong, the procedure must be repeated.

How to remove acrylic

In order not to harm the nail plate, it is important to learn how to properly remove the acrylic layer. To do this, moisten the cotton wool with a special compound and wrap the fingertips with the product. Wrap a foil over it. Wait about 10 minutes.

After a specified time, use the pusher and slide the cover to the edge of the plate. Perform the procedure with extreme caution.

If you could not do everything the first time, repeat the manipulation. The remains of the composition must be removed with a soft buff. Do not overdo it in the composition. The skin may suffer.

Practical recommendations

  1. Masters of nail modeling recommend the use of nourishing varnishes. In addition, it is important to additionally take vitamins with a high calcium content.
  2. Remember, acrylic powder does not nourish the nail plate with minerals. Means promotes fixing gel varnish for longer wear. To the nail plate remained strong and healthy, iodine, vitamins B, A.
  3. To nail was hard and at the same time, elastic, in the body should be enough iron and silicon. Sulfur promotes rapid tissue repair. In the daily diet should include red meat, an abundance of vegetables, butter, liver.
  4. Acrylic powder gives strength to the nail plate, but when working around the house is to use protective gloves. Also do not forget to systematically carry out a light nail massage. This improves blood circulation.
  5. Every day you need to drink the proper amount of clean water. Systematically moisturize the skin of the hands with nutrients. Nails should not suffer from dehydration. Do not often resort to procedures using gel polish and acrylic. The nail plate should rest and recover.
  6. Remember, it is recommended to use acrylic only with a capacity of at least a few millimeters. Otherwise, the free edge of the nail will break off or stratify.

Acrylic powder is a good tonic. It is important to be able to properly apply the composition. For this you need to master some skills. If you are not confident in your abilities, use the services of a professional. Otherwise, do not hurry. Follow step by step and you will definitely succeed.

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