How to get rid of body odor

There is a well-known saying of the inhabitants of Scandinavia - "The best smell is the absence of any smell." But few people can boast that his body is fragrant with a natural pleasant scent. Most try to drown out the strong body odor with an expensive perfume or antiperspirant. It is worth noting that this method does not give a 100% result - the unpleasant smell continues to disturb, even despite constant hygiene. How to get rid of the constant unpleasant body odor? Why is there such an unpleasant problem?

The skin is the largest excretory system.

It is known that the skin is the largest excretory system of the human body. Toxins are excreted through the skin, nutrients are supplied, perspiration is expelled through the skin; this is an ideal place for the development of microbes. A person has two types of sweat glands - external secretion and internal (apocrine). If the first type of glands is located throughout the body, then the second is only in those places that are covered with hair (armpits, pubic region).

Apocrine glands in most cases bring a big problem for adolescents - it is during the period of puberty that the organism rebuilds, the sweat glands begin to develop more intensively and the smell of sweat (that is, the process of microbial reproduction) increases compared with another period of life. In the normal state, apocrine glands do not bring much inconvenience - the release of a small amount of sweat with an oily liquid is inherent in all people. Experiencing sweating is not worth it. But if the sweat in the hairy areas is too sharp and unpleasant, you need to think about the reasons for its occurrence.

The work of the sweat glands of external secretion in a normal state is almost not noticeable to the person himself and those around him - if everything is normal with health, then there is no smell on the body. As a result of research, which was conducted by scientists, it was found that sweat consists of 99% of ordinary water and only 1% are organic and inorganic compounds, among which there is urea, acids and alkalis.

It is worth noting that each person has his own individual smell, which is not perceptible to the feeling of charm, but is distinguishable only when several feelings work together. This aroma is decisive when choosing a sexual partner or life partner.

Causes of odor

Unpleasant odor on the body does not occur by itself - due to the enhanced work of the sweat glands, microbes begin to actively proliferate, they are the main cause of the terrible, sharp aroma that spreads throughout the body. However, the appearance of microbes on the human body does not differ in typicality - this is facilitated by several factors, among which it is necessary to note diseases such as:

  • Kidney and urinary system diseases
  • Diseases of the digestive tract
  • Thyroid gland
  • Altered state of external or internal secretion glands

If you feel that the unpleasant smell began to increase with time and every day gives you more and more inconvenience, and you began to notice a deterioration in your general condition, consult your doctor for help and go through all the proposed examinations.

Folk methods of getting rid of body odor

  1. The first and most effective method to get rid of bad odor is to regularly monitor your body, take a bath, shower, any water treatment. Water, even without any means, perfectly washes away all the obscene smell.
  2. If you began to notice a disgusting smell, pay attention to the armpits and other places where the skin is constantly in contact with each other. When washing in the shower, use antibacterial detergents, do not abuse perfume or other odorous solutions - they only cause irritation and increase odor.
  3. Remember: no expensive perfume can save you from an unpleasant smell - they only drown it. Deodorants very well help eliminate the cause of the appearance of scents - they tighten pores, reduce the work of sweat glands, the production of sweat.
  4. If you do not have a deodorant on hand, use the popular recipe - mix water and hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts, wipe the whole body with the prepared solution. It will kill germs and prevent their further development.
  5. A disinfectant (ordinary antibacterial wipes) also works well for eliminating sweat - just wipe the places that most disturb you.
  6. Mineral alunite destroys unpleasant odor from all over the body. It is enough to wipe the body with it.
  7. Clay - well removes the layer of old skin, which is saturated with all kinds of germs. Make clay wraps more often, lubricate armpits, legs and palms.

If you dream that your body is fragrant, do not dwell on your problem - often take a shower, lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a diet.

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