How to teach a dog to a muzzle: useful tips

Keeping a dog in the city involves the use of a muzzle and other necessary ammunition. However, not all pets are loyal to wearing a “wardrobe item” of this kind. Particularly obstinate pets shake their faces and stop on the spot, not wanting to continue the walk. To teach a dog to a muzzle, the owner must apply a lot of strength and have patience. Let's talk about how to do everything right without harm to the psyche of the ward.

Why do you need a muzzle for a dog

  1. Pets of small size differ in temperament, they often grab the leg of the children and the owner himself. Also, the ammunition will not allow the dog to injure a person passing by.
  2. If we are talking about a pet of a large breed, people do not always respond correctly to this type of dog. The owner, in turn, cannot adequately assess the reaction and mood of his pupil. The muzzle prevents the dog from attacking other animals and passersby.
  3. Many veterinarians ask for a muzzle when they are examined, and this is not surprising. It is difficult to examine the pet and assist him if the "patient" tries to bite the doctor. The animal must be taught to muzzle precisely for these reasons.
  4. Transport companies for the transport of passengers with animals require the presence of a muzzle. Many controllers of airplanes, buses, trains do not allow a dog to be transported without proper ammunition.
  5. In the spring and summer, people poison yard dogs with rat poison and other chemicals. If you walk with a pet in a muzzle, he will not be able to pick up food from the ground. Such a move will prevent the deterioration of the pet's health.

Choosing a muzzle for a dog

The muzzle is necessary to protect others from possible aggression of the dog, as well as to prevent poisoning of the pet. Ammunition should be worn for other reasons, which we have indicated above. Depending on the destination, isolated "deaf" or mesh muzzles. They can be leather, metal, nylon.

  1. Leather muzzle. The accessory is distinguished by its special strength and durability. Ammunition does not rub the animal’s face, but in the summer it makes breathing difficult due to poor throughput. Muzzles of this type are bought for small or medium breeds. A large individual will easily break the attribute with paws. Leather ammunition can be woven and complete. The first option is suitable to prevent aggression, the second is used with the goal - to exclude the selection of food from the ground.
  2. Metal muzzle (mesh). This type of muzzles is considered to be the most durable, durable, cheap. The option should be addressed only in cases where the pet has already grown up and is fully accustomed to the attribute on the face. If you immediately put on metal ammunition, the dog will kick and may injure the owner. Many veterinarians are wary of young individuals who were brought for examination in a metal muzzle.
  3. Nylon muzzle. Nylon ammunition today is considered the most popular. Muzzles are light, easy to use, do not cause discomfort to the animal. Due to the breathing and sliding material, the dog feels free. Thanks to the adjustment, you can purchase ammunition for growth. The negative characteristic is considered that nylon muzzles are produced only open. You will not prevent the selection of food from the ground, but reduce the amplitude of the opening of the mouth of the animal.

Important!If your pet is overly aggressive, give preference to muzzles with a maximum reduction in the amplitude of the opening of the mouth. Also, make sure that the ammunition has two or three buckles that tightly fix the accessory on the back of the head.

Features of training a dog to a muzzle

  1. If the pet belongs to a large breed, start training for a muzzle with six months. For small and medium-sized individuals it is necessary to increase the period to 7-8 months.
  2. At first, your main task is to prevent negative emotions. No need to punish the animal for disobedience. Tell the pet that the muzzle is a temporary and necessary thing.
  3. If soon there should be a situation in which the animal will be uncomfortable, do not wear a muzzle at this time. This may include planned or unscheduled bathing, care for teeth (claws, hair), treatment at the vet, etc. The dog must compare the wearing of ammunition with good events in life.

How to teach a dog to muzzle


  1. First you need to conduct training. It is important to understand that the first acquaintance is carried out exclusively at home.
  2. After purchase, unpack the ammunition, put it on the floor or sofa. Call pet, let him sniff a muzzle. Do not allow an animal to gnaw an accessory or play with its paws. All attempts to stop the command "You can not!".
  3. After sniffing you need to hang the ammunition on the pet. To do this, fasten the tape muzzle around the neck, do not put a cap on the face. Evaluate the animal's reaction: if the dog is calm, let the apartment be like a third of an hour. While the muzzle dangles on the neck, watch the reaction of the pet.
  4. He still can not nibble ammunition. If the dog behaves obstinately (trying to remove the attribute with paws, barks, bites), act smarter. Put the purchased delicacy inside the “basket”, the ward should see the treat.
  5. When the dog tries to eat delicious food from a kind of bowl, let him do it. The first steps are completed. These preparatory activities are carried out until the dog starts to rejoice at the fastening of the buckles on the neck.
  6. The animal will compare the training with the fact that with every action he is allowed to eat a treat. The dog will wag its tail and look forward to further training. It is not necessary to attach the muzzle around your neck, you can carry it in your hand, going for a walk.
  7. If you plan to teach an adult, it will take about 1 month. The puppy will get used faster (1-2 weeks). Periodically wear ammunition. You need to catch the moment when the dog without any special claims will wear it.
  8. If about 3 weeks have passed, but the animal opposes everything, feed him breakfast with a muzzle. Next, wash the accessory with water and go for a walk. Repeat until the dog no longer fears the attribute and will be glad to get a treat from it.
  9. After each muffled treat, fasten the buckles and put the basket on the muzzle. Wait 10 seconds, shoot, praise your pet. Gradually increase the duration until you reach 5 or more minutes.

If you often walk with a dog without a leash, putting a muzzle on an animal, you prevent possible injuries from passersby. When a dog runs on a person in ammunition, the pedestrian is confident in his own safety, so he will not defend himself with his feet and hands.

Watch the video: Teaching A Dog To Wear A Muzzle Muzzle Training (November 2019).


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