How to remove fluffy hair at home

Fluffy hair delivers a lot of trouble to its owners. They are difficult to lay, constantly electrified and carelessly stick in different directions, creating a dandelion effect. As a rule, this feature has a lady with curly or too thin hair. Laying aids, antistatic agents, lamination and keratin straightening often help to fight fluffiness. In order not to overpay fabulous money in the salon, we will analyze the best ways to care for your hair.


Fluffy hair is directly related to the occurrence of a statistical effect. It is for this reason that you need to kill two birds with one stone using an antistatic agent. Prefer a professional series that you can find in specialized stores for hairdressers. If possible, together with the antistatic, purchase shampoo, balm and mask from the same manufacturer. The result is achieved by evenly distributing the product with a convenient dispenser. Antistatic agents contain silk peptides, ceramides, vitamins A, B, D, natural oils and ethers. All of these components make the hair heavier, due to which the fluffiness is removed.

Hand cream

A negative feature of this method is that after using the composition, the hair begins to attract dust, so it becomes dirty quickly. However, if there is no antistatic agent, and you need to bring the hair in order in a short time, the method fits perfectly. Apply a little moisturizer or hydrogel on the palms, rub them well together and gently smooth the surface of the hair. Try not to handle the root area, so that the strands do not look greasy or slick. It is not necessary to cover the hair with a copious amount of money, it is enough to walk on it with barely touching movements. In cases where there is no cream, use moisturizing milk or serum to remove makeup.


Stylers are styling products designed to fix and create hairstyles. Styles include mousse / foam, wax, gel, varnish. The tool must be selected based on the structure of the hair and their type. Girls with oily hair should prefer foam and mousse, they do not weigh down strands. Ladies with dry hair come with wax or gel. Owners of the normal and combined type can use all the options, as well as hair spray of medium or weak fixation. In all cases, the method of application is identical: spread the product on the palm of your hand in such a way that a thin film is formed, and then gently treat the surface of the hair. You can also distribute the composition on a thin comb with a frequent arrangement of teeth and gently comb the strands. After applying, you need to walk your hands on the head of hair without pressing and without squeezing the curls into a fist.

Keratin straightening

The most reliable way to get rid of unwanted fluffiness. Of course, exactly the salon technology will not be repeated, because the components are mixed in individual proportions.

However, you can achieve the desired effect at home by purchasing the necessary tools in a professional store of hairdressing accessories. The cost of liquid keratin varies in the range of 800-1500 rubles, choose the products of American, French, Spanish manufacturers.

If possible, consult with the master regarding the correct choice of drugs. If this option is not possible, we list the popular compositions: "Cadiveu", "Coppola", "Ekoz", "Cadiveu", "CocoChoco", "Aqva", "Global Keratin", "Inoar".

Tools and materials:

  • rectifier;
  • hair dryer;
  • bottle with liquid keratin;
  • tank with the batcher for uniform dispersion;
  • clips or hairpins;
  • keratin-based shampoo and balsam;
  • comb with teeth, which are located 0.5-1 cm from each other.

Procedure technology

  1. Well comb your strands, then wash your hair with shampoo and balm. Collect water with a terry towel, wrap your head and wait 10-15 minutes until the moisture is partially absorbed.
  2. Spend two lines with a comb to get a peculiar cross on the top of the head. You should have 4 equal sections of hair, leave one of them on the back of your head loose, the other three slaughtered.
  3. Now divide the first part of the hair into thin curls to facilitate your task. Lubricate all strands individually with liquid keratin, then repeat the steps with the other three sections.
  4. When the composition will be applied, comb the hair with a wide comb, then distribute the remaining funds in the hair. Read in the instructions how long it is necessary to maintain the composition, strictly follow the recommendations.
  5. After the interval, turn on the hair dryer to medium power, dry the hair. Take advantage of brushing or a massage comb made from natural fibers.
  6. Set the temperature on the rectifier to 220-225 degrees, then process the hair, starting from the bottom rows. For convenience, you can also split the hair into several parts. When the surface is perfectly smooth, turn off the device. Apply to the palm of your hand keratin serum or fluids, walk on the curls.
  7. For 50 hours, do not stab hair, do not tails, wear them loose. For three days, do not drench your head, do not visit the steam rooms and swimming pool. About two weeks after the end of the straightening is not allowed to do the perm. If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the procedure again after 10 days.


Unlike keratin hair straightening, lamination is not expensive. All you need is to buy 7 sachets of gelatin and clean water.

  1. Rinse your hair well with shampoo, use the conditioner, leave it for a quarter of an hour. At the end of time, wash off, make a mask. If you tint your hair with shampoo, balm, mousse - apply it at this stage. Otherwise, skip this item. Collect excess water with a towel, wrap your head and wait 15-20 minutes.
  2. At this time proceed to the preparation of the basic composition. Mix in a 165 ml glass or ceramic container. warm filtered water and 85-90 grams. gelatinous powder, leave to swell for half an hour. After that, mix the mass with a wooden stick and send it in the microwave. The tool must be completely dissolved and acquire a translucent liquid consistency. Then you need to pour 110 ml. rinse and mix.
  3. Apply the composition to the hair with a rich layer, wrap the strands with foil and turn around with a towel. After an hour, warm up your hair with a hairdryer, wait another 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

To get rid of the fluffy hair, carry out the procedure of lamination or keratinization, get antistatic. If you need to put the hair in order for a short time, lubricate it with a moisturizer or styling products.

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