How to get rid of frigidity in women

Lack of sexual attraction to a certain partner, for example, a husband with whom a woman has lived for more than 5 years is not a sign of frigidity. The reason may be the incompetence of the second half, regular quarrels or monotony in bed. They diagnose hypolibidemia in patients who are not excited either physically or emotionally, practically do not react to caress, and lose interest in sex as such.

Step 1: Diagnose

Frigidity can be caused by health problems, so a woman should consult a gynecologist. To be tested for sexually transmitted and infectious diseases, to ensure that there is no inflammation in the genitals. Sign up for an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, examine the ovaries. Be sure to donate blood for hormone levels.

If problems with thyroid gland or ovarian disease became the causes of frigidity, special drugs will return the ability to enjoy sex to a woman. Physically healthy patients without pathologies are advised to contact a psychologist.

Step 2: No shame, no fear

Mother with Puritan views inspired daughters that sex is bad, so only corrupt women do this? Deprivation of innocence ended in disappointment, and causes only unpleasant memories? The girl became a victim of rape, and now can not look at men without a shudder, and the thought of sex provokes a panic attack? You can get rid of complexes and fears on your own, or with the help of a psychologist who will teach you to perceive yourself and your body, to trust a partner.

A woman who wants to enjoy intimacy with her man must understand that there is nothing reprehensible in making love. This process is natural, and is intended not only for procreation. Girls who love sex do not look lewd or dirty in the eyes of their partner.

To get rid of frigidity, it is advised to take your own body, not to be afraid of secret erotic fantasies and desires, learn to discuss with a partner the difficulties and nuances.

Step 3: Rubber Assistants

Couples in long-term relationships gradually lose interest in each other, and the first, as a more emotional being, is extinguished by a woman. You can wake up passion and attraction to your husband with the help of role-playing games or extreme situations. For example, seduce a soul mate in a clothing store, movie theater or dark alley.

It is useful to visit sex shops. In such stores there are many interesting accessories: from handcuffs with pink hem and rubber penises to anal plugs and latex suits. Perfume with pheromones, lubricants and lashes not only kindle the fire, but also improve the quality of intimate life.

Step 4: Find erogenous zones

The problem of women suffering from frigidity is the lack of basic knowledge about their own body. Every woman has certain points, the stimulation of which helps to arouse and tune in to sex. Some women have sensitive wrists or neck, others go crazy when a man caresses his chest or back. You can find magic start buttons only experimentally, in the company of a partner, or left alone with yourself.

Do not forget about the existence of the clitoris: the stimulation of this natural device helps many ladies to achieve the long-awaited orgasm. You need to choose the correct posture, and do not hesitate to give yourself pleasure, or ask your partner about a small service.

Step 5: Develop Sensuality

Frigidity - lack of interest in sex, inability to enjoy the process, so you need to learn to love petting and your body. Masturbation will correct the situation. This occupation is credited with so many side effects that women are afraid to touch themselves in order not to go blind or die of shame.

In fact, masturbation is a great option for developing sensitivity. You just need to tune in:

  1. Choose a time when you can be alone.
  2. Slide the curtains to create a cozy and romantic setting, to enhance the effect of lighting candles or playing relaxing music.
  3. Exciting properties have pornographic films and erotic stories.
  4. Clothes will be superfluous. You can gradually get rid of the dressing gown and underwear, without forgetting to caress yourself.
  5. No need to focus exclusively on the clitoris and genitals, because there is a chest, shoulders, stomach and other parts of the body. Slow stroking awakens sensuality, helps to understand where the erogenous zones are located.

Step 6: Review the diet

When frigidity in the diet should be a lot of protein foods, cabbage and vegetable oils, fermented milk foods rich in calcium. It is advisable to give up alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Eat a minimum of animal fats, fast food and sweets.

Physical exercises and kegel exercises that restore blood circulation in the genitals are helpful.

How to get rid of frigidity folk remedies

There are herbs that increase attraction and healing frigidity. These include coriander seeds and maple leaves, spirit tinctures of Rhodiola rosea and ginseng. Popularity among women suffering from sexual dysfunction, is a mixture of basil and yarrow, which is added to the "Cahors". At 1 liter of wine will need 5 tbsp. spoons of plants, insist medicine for 21 days, not forgetting to shake. Take 2-3 times a day. A spoonful of wine finishes breakfast and dinner.

An option for women who do not drink alcohol even for treatment is duckweed, which is crushed, and mixed with an equal amount of honey (0.5 half teaspoonful). The course lasts from a month to 40 days. Take three times a day, on an empty stomach.

Some women cope with frigidity using vervain: the plant is placed in bags of cloth worn on the sides or abdomen. It is useful to start the morning with half a pomegranate, and finish dinner with walnuts, use parsley in dried and fresh form.

Recommend a decoction of oats:

  • Pour a glass of grain with a liter of water, boil 500 ml of liquid until evaporation.
  • Pour 400 ml of milk, boil.
  • In the filtered drink add cocoa powder and honey.
  • Per day drink a glass of broth.

Alternative solution: mix the stalks and celery leaves in the amount of 4 spoons with 30 wild rose berries, cook in a liter of water. Insist broth need 15 minutes, drink instead of coffee and black tea.

Aromas to Awaken Passion

Some essential oils help to relax, get rid of stress, and perform the function of aphrodisiacs. They are added to baths or aromatic lamps, which are placed next to the bed.

  • Bergamot: from a bad mood, for cheerfulness.
  • Sage: if the cause of frigidity has become a prolonged depression.
  • Geranium and rose oil: to normalize the level of female hormones.
  • Ylang-ylang and lavender: soothes, removes tension and irritability.
  • Neroli: with muscle spasms, including in the genitals.

Essential oils can be used for massage, experts recommend rubbing fragrant mixtures in the heels. It is in these parts of the body that the points responsible for arousal and sexual function are located.

Women should not be afraid to ask for help from a gynecologist, to consult with a psychologist or sexologist. A positive attitude plus a well-chosen treatment is a direct way to get rid of frigidity.

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