How to get rid of heel spurs folk remedies

Heel spurs are a disease in which a small acute growth appears on the bone tissue on the heel from the sole side. At first, it is practically invisible from the outside and can be diagnosed using x-rays. This phenomenon is popularly called the heel spur, because over time such a defect can give external visual changes similar to the spur. The medical term for this disease is plantar fasciitis and heel bursitis. The symptoms of the two diseases are very similar.

Diagnose heel spur is quite simple. If a person experiences pain while walking, if pain increases with the load, then it should be sent to an x-ray. Usually in the side image of the foot such a growth is clearly visible. Pain when walking resemble sticking out of the shoes of carnations. That is, it hurts only when you step on the heel. It is especially painful to walk in the morning when you step on your heel after a night of sleep. Such people try to avoid pain, step on the toe and begin to limp.

But where does it come from? How does bone tissue appear? After all, before the appearance of the disease, did you not experience discomfort while walking?

How does the heel spur appear

First, the disease is in the plantar fasciitis stage. For some reason, the fascia is inflamed - it is a connective tissue on the sole, which ensures smooth and even circulation. If the process of inflammation lasts a long time, and the fascia continues to be in an inflamed state, it begins to soak in calcium, calcification occurs. Inflamed tissues become stiff and a thorn or growth is formed.

By itself, the spike does not cause any pain. Discomfort occurs when, when walking, the spike cuts into the soft tissue of the foot and damages it. Irritation and redness begin.

Heel spurs can appear at any age. However, older people are most affected. Often the spur is a consequence of a previous illness. Sometimes a spur appears after a foot injury. Spikes can occur on one or both feet.

Heel spurs are most susceptible to people who have flat feet. Also at risk are pregnant women and those who are dramatically gaining weight. All these people are subjected to an incredible foot load, which can cause the formation of heel spurs. Most often, this spike appears in women because they wear heels. High heel holds the foot in an unnatural position, which affects her health.

How to treat heel spur

Traditional medicine offers many options for getting rid of this defect. For example, the effects of ultrasound, x-rays, laser. This is a disease that can and should be treated with folk remedies. Very effective in dealing with heel spurs are massages, compresses, warming and wraps. Various types of physiotherapy are helpful. If no type of treatment helps, the issue of surgery is resolved. Nares simply cut off.

Get rid of heel spurs with massage

Mechanical effect on the spur is one of the most effective.

  1. Mash your foot first. Start with the fingers and gradually reach the heels. Massage should be intense and quite painful. Only this kind of impact will give a real result.
  2. Then heat a pound of salt and sprinkle it on the floor. Walk on hot salt and warm your heels.
  3. Helps and potato massage. Cook potatoes in a uniform, about 2 kg. Then pour the cooked vegetables with water in a bowl and knead them with your feet. Just wait until the potatoes cool slightly, do not burn yourself. After full preparation, the mashed potatoes should be rinsed, iodized with a mesh and put on warm socks. The procedure is carried out at bedtime.
  4. Rub your feet and heels against the washboard or any other grooved surface. Rub at least 15 minutes every heel.
  5. Steam your feet in hot water with the addition of sea salt. Water should be as hot as you can tolerate. After that, take a chop hammer for meat, a rolling pin or a simple log. Knock a wooden object on the heel many times. You can watch TV and knock at the same time. This popular method asserts that in this way it is possible to break a soft heated thorn.

All procedures must be done every day. A full course of treatment is at least 10 sessions. Indeed, it is impossible to get rid of the heel spur quickly.

Folk recipes from heel spurs

Warming up with whey. Take a few liters of whey. Heat it to the temperature that you can withstand. Dip your feet in the serum and keep your feet until the fluid is completely cool. Need to do 10 sessions. At 4-5 days the pain subsides, but it is important to complete the course of treatment.

Garlic compress. For the preparation of this tool you need to grate a few cloves of garlic on a fine grater. Attach the cooked mass on the heels and tightly bandaged. Compress can be left overnight. If you experience a strong burning sensation, garlic can be mixed with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Tar. Take tar and spread it a crust of rye bread. Attach the bread to the heel, cover the bag and tightly bandage. So you need to go to bed. Do not load the heels. In the morning, the pain will subside, but the procedure must be repeated several more times.

Onion wrap. To prepare this tool you need to take a few onions and grate them. Then apply weight to the heel and wrap the foot package. Insulate and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the compress, but do not wash the heel. Repeat the procedure several times.

Bile. This is a popular and effective means of dealing with heel spurs, known at all times. Take two tablespoons of animal bile, mix with a tablespoon of alcohol and the same amount of soap shavings. Use only soap. Apply the mass on the heels, wrap the package and leave overnight. Repeat several times. Bile can be bought at the pharmacy.

Cabbage with honey. It is necessary to take a cabbage leaf and stretch it with a rolling pin. Spread natural honey on a sheet and apply to the foot. Tie and leave for a day.

Turpentine and ammonia. It is necessary to make compresses of these fluids alternately, alternating them every day. Moisten a piece of cloth in the liquid, attach it to the heel, wrap it with waterproof paper and bandage tightly.

Herbal compress Take a small amount of nettle, plantain and burdock leaf. Nettle and plantain need to chop, put burdock on a sheet and attach to the heel spur. So you can walk all the time until the pain subsides and complete relief comes. Compress needs to be changed every 4 hours.

Heel spur delivers a lot of inconvenience. It causes pain and does not allow walking, working and studying normally. At the slightest suspicion of a thorn in the sole, you need to consult a doctor. He will certainly write out an effective treatment that will save you from suffering.

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