How to get rid of beriberi

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of vitamins for human health. As a rule, they enter our body from food. In spring and winter, when the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is significantly reduced, it becomes difficult to maintain the necessary balance of vitamins, which leads to poor health and weakening of the body.

What is beriberi

Avitaminosis is a disease caused by a lack of vitamins in the human body. Its main cause is malnutrition, when one or another group of vitamins is lacking in food or is completely absent. Less commonly, the basis of the disease may lie in digestive system diseases that prevent the normal absorption of trace elements.

If a person does not eat food of animal origin, he can observe a deficiency of vitamins A, D and E, with a lack of plant foods in the diet - C and B.

Signs and symptoms of beriberi

Common symptoms of avitaminosis include:

  • dry skin, cracks in the corners of the lips;
  • soft, exfoliated nails, the appearance of light spots on the nail plates;
  • irritability, fatigue, loss of strength, insomnia;
  • bleeding gums;
  • decreased libido.

Signs of a lack of major groups of vitamins
In case of vitamin A deficiency, the skin and eyesight of a person is primarily affected. There is dryness in the eyes, redness of the eyeballs, the quality of vision at dusk ("night blindness") may deteriorate. The skin begins to peel off, it is possible the appearance of boils and ulcers.

Vitamin deficiency in the group will manifest itself as insomnia, irritability, general weakness, loss of appetite and, therefore, weight loss. Headaches can become frequent.

A lack of vitamin C is characterized by weakness, bleeding gums and the frequent appearance of bruises on the body, even from light strokes. A sharp decrease in immunity will lead to an increase in colds and viral diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency causes brittle teeth and bones, pain in muscles and joints and, if untreated, contributes to the development of diabetes, hypertension and even cancer. But a particular danger is the avitaminosis of this group in young children. The baby increases sweating, he shows no interest in games, his bone apparatus is formed with impairments and rickets develops.

Malfunction of the digestive system, pain in the liver and lack of sexual desire manifests itself beriberi group E.

An insufficient amount of vitamins PP impairs the functioning of the digestive organs. A person loses his appetite, suffers from diarrhea or constipation, feels dry mouth. The skin turns red and rough. In severe cases of beriberi, seizures may occur.

How to get rid of beriberi

The easiest way to get rid of beriberi is taking vitamin complexes. The doctor, assessing the patient's condition, will select the required dosage of vitamins and prompt a high-quality drug.

Synthetic vitamins have several advantages over their natural counterparts. First, they do not cause allergic reactions. Secondly, the newest vitamin complexes are developed taking into account the effects of one vitamin on another, which makes their work more efficient. So, for example, vitamins A and E are important to take together, since the latter helps to better assimilate the first. Conversely, balanced complexes should not contain vitamin E and D at the same time due to their poor compatibility.

The optimal time of day for taking vitamins is morning. It is more correct to do this immediately after breakfast, as most vitamins are better absorbed with food. Wash down the capsules need simple water. Soda, coffee, juice or milk can interfere with the absorption of vitamins.

It is necessary to take drugs strictly following the dosage specified in the instructions. Constant excess of the daily needs of the body for vitamins can lead to another illness - hypervitaminosis.

Treatment of beriberi at home
In order to saturate your body with vitamins, try replacing morning tea with a decoction of cowberry leaves and currants or rosehips with the addition of lemon juice.

When multivitaminosis (lack of several groups of vitamins in the body), traditional medicine advises the following recipe. In a blender, mix two bananas and an orange without a peel, 100 grams of dry wine, one lemon and grapefruit, and 50 grams of walnuts. One tablespoon of the mixture is recommended to take 3 times a day after meals.

Many scientists believe that vitamins are better absorbed by the body from food, and not from synthetic drugs. Therefore, at the first signs of beriberi, you should reconsider your diet:

  1. Apricots, fish oil, carrots and tomatoes will help fill the deficiency of vitamin A. Lovers of carrot juice, for better absorption of useful substances, are advised to add a piece of butter or a tablespoon of heavy cream to it.
  2. Meat, fatty fish, buckwheat, liver, legumes, and peanuts are rich in vitamin B.
  3. Vitamin C deficiency can be replenished from citrus fruits, black currants, rosehips and kiwi.
  4. Vitamin D is found in seafood, oatmeal, parsley, butter, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products. In addition, the human body itself can reproduce vitamin D under the influence of sunlight. In this case, a greater amount of vitamin enters the body under the morning and evening sun.

Sources of the largest amount of various vitamins are eggs and nuts.

How to keep vitamins in foods

To protect vitamins in fruits and vegetables, they need to be stored in dark and cold places. Pay attention to the shelf life. Fresh foods contain more nutrients. During the hot period, most fruits and vegetables lose some of the vitamins 3 days after harvest.

Stocking berries for the winter, you need to grind them with sugar before freezing.

Meat products and fish are not advised to cook and store in metal or enamel pot, which has chips.

Preventive measures

To prevent beriberi, you need to closely monitor the diet. It should be based on fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain breads and various cereals. Preference should be given to products with the least heat treatment.

Do not forget about meat products - important suppliers of vitamins A and B. In case of complete refusal of food of animal origin, a person needs to replenish the supply of nutrients of the body with the help of medical complexes.

So, it is necessary to fill in the lack of vitamins for a person’s physical and emotional health. Remember that the demand for vitamins increases in autumn and spring, with strong physical and mental stress, stress. When the first signs of beriberi appear, it is better to consult a doctor, who with the help of special tests will determine the cause of the ailments and advise the correct treatment.

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