Soy sauce - the benefits and harm for men and women

Already 10 years ago, the king of oriental cuisine won the love of Russians - soy sauce. The benefits and harms of it have long been studied in Asia. But in our country there are still few experts on the value and possible negative consequences of its ingestion. We hurry to fill this gap in your knowledge, and we will tell the facts most known for today.

What is harmful soy sauce

As you know, this liquid has a pronounced salty taste. And this is no accident. The composition of soy sauce, dark or light, contains a large amount of ordinary salt. Therefore, its use is worth limiting.

In general, the sauce was originally invented as an additive to the main dish, a kind of seasoning that tones the taste. Our compatriots went further: they pour it absolutely everywhere and literally in liters. No wonder that afterwards such "chefs" are expected:

  • gout
  • hypertension
  • heart attack
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis
  • kidney disease

How little trouble can bring unlimited salt intake? But that is not all. Soy sauce, cooked according to the rules, contains a lot of protein. It can therefore cause an allergic reaction, especially in children. Pediatricians strongly recommend not to add brown liquid to food for children up to at least 5 years old.

Another danger lurks in the presence of estrogen. Hormones benefit women, but only if it is not the future mom. Because the body of a pregnant woman is already stuffed with hormones, and their overabundance threatens the future baby with various brain pathologies.

For the same reason, do not abuse soy sauce to people with pathologies in the endocrine system. In particular, with thyroid disease. Who knows how hormones in the body behave?

How is soy sauce useful?

However, despite all the warnings, soy sauce remains one of the popular dressings for ready meals. But scientists have already conducted several studies proving that moderate use of the product not only does not harm, but also benefits.

Especially prized high content of antioxidants. These substances, discovered by science relatively recently, have already managed to bring a lot of pleasant moments to mankind. It is thanks to them that the body begins to age very late. And all the organs function practically as in youth. Plus, numerous laboratory tests of various groups of people have shown that regularly using soy sauce at times reduces the risk of cancer.

Very significant is the positive effect of soy sauce on the female body. Due to the presence of powerful natural phytoestrogens:

  • wrinkles appear later
  • painful menstruation is more easily tolerated
  • reduced risk of post-climatic osteoporosis
  • smooth menopause symptoms
  • decreases the risk of breast cancer
  • climax itself is transferred much easier

Therefore, even some gynecologists strongly recommend that women over 35 start gradually to include a small amount of soy sauce in their diet.

Such an important protein

Proteins are a necessary component of human nutrition. Without them, the normal functioning of all body systems is impossible. What do those people who are "rewarded" from the nature of individual intolerance to animal protein? After all, the body itself does not reproduce such substances. It should receive them from the outside, with food intake.

Soy sauce will help to partially solve this problem. After all, the content of proteins in the composition, it is second only to meat and eggs. Of course, this does not mean that this knowledge allows you to start sipping buckets of sauce. But, as a dressing for the main courses, this is quite an option.

By the way, vegetarians and vegans use this feature of the sauce. Which, as you know, receive less protein with food. After all, rarely a plant can boast of such a high content of beneficial substances.

Tip Some people have completely eliminated salt from their diet, replacing it with soy sauce. Here they are definitely not experiencing a protein deficiency in the body.

Soy sauce for the heart and blood vessels

Recent independent studies have shown that competent regular use of soy sauce has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system. For example, just a few drops of Asian seasoning give a delicate push to the general circulation of blood. At the same time, the rich composition of soy sauce favorably affects:

  • vascular elasticity
  • their cleanliness from sclerotic plaques
  • strengthening the vascular system in general

This is an indicator that the use of soy sauce in food is a partial prevention of heart attacks and thrombosis.

Nowhere without amino acids

The athletes did not ignore the soy sauce. After all, they know that the normal work of muscle tissue and its growth are impossible without amino acids. Refueling can be called in terms of their content champion.

Even doctors recommend regular use of Asian seasoning for people with severe exhaustion and muscular dystrophy. Because by itself, the human body can not synthesize amino acids. And without them, the body quickly loses muscle mass, grows old and begins to ache.

With all this, soy sauce is one of the lowest-calorie foods. Therefore, it can be safely used by people who are following a figure, are dieting or are engaged in powerful physical exertion. The fat layer does not grow, and muscle tissue works great.

Vitamins and Minerals

Some sources claim that the vitamin and mineral composition of the sauce does not affect the human body. Say, too little amount of consumed refueling per day. Tend to disagree with this statement.

No doubt, the average person eats little soy sauce a day. But if you eat it regularly, then the body may well receive the required amount:

  • B vitamins
  • copper
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • vitamin a
  • gland

Agree with the current nutritional culture, even insignificant milligrams of nutrients can play a big role in the work of the whole organism. This is especially true in the cold season and in early spring, when there is no fresh greens and most vegetables.

Interesting Facts

Due to the increased popularity of soy sauce all over the world, many fakes of this exceptional product have appeared on the market. For example, unscrupulous manufacturers profit from ignorant people, slipping them a substitute under the guise of a natural product. In order not to put your money in the pockets of fraudsters, always look for the word "fermented" on the packaging of soy sauce. And remember that a quality product can not cost three pennies, selling at every corner.

Everyone knows that the taste of the famous Asian seasoning is very salty. Nevertheless, it is inferior to any sodium, even the most wonderful salt, in sodium content. This is very important in the light of non-sodium diets. After all, some people are recommended to limit sodium intake for strict medical reasons.

And quickly changing their eating habits is rarely possible. Therefore, soy sauce comes to the rescue. There is little sodium in it, but the taste of the dish remains salty. What is not salvation for fans of gluttony?

Indirect harm from soy sauce can arise from the raw materials from which it was made. Once in a press even soy scandal inflamed. This happened because of the high content of carcinogens in the finished sauce. Yes, and it was made from genetically modified soybeans, which does not add to the usefulness of such a filling.

By the way, soy sauce is recommended for people with diseases of the nervous system. The high content of vitamins of group B contributes to the correct work of the nerves, relieve depression and get rid of insomnia. Migraines and headaches, too, will bypass lovers of eastern gas stations.

Carefully review the bottle on the light when buying. Even thick dark sauce should be absolutely clean, free from impurities, sediment and incomprehensible flakes on the bottom. And read the composition. Natural soy sauce is beautifully stored for about 2 years without the addition of preservatives.

Here it is so amazing, soy sauce. The benefits and harm of it, as well as any product will provoke eternal disputes. We hope that our information will bring you new knowledge. But to use them without harming yourself and your household is your task. Remember, sauce is not an independent food, but only an additive to it. And do not get sick.

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