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How to make halva at home

Halva has long been famous for its beneficial properties and energy value. Experienced housewives through trial and error brought the most delicious cooking technology. Halvah can be made from sunflower seeds, walnuts, honey, peanuts. However, like any other matter, there are some peculiarities that need to be taken into account.

Redhead Sparrow - description, habitat, interesting facts

All residents of the city are accustomed to the abundance of sparrows on city streets, in parks, squares. They sit in the trees, talking among themselves, or roam the earth in search of a worm or something edible. You can meet this brisk little bird under your feet at the bus stop, where they are waiting for bread and sunflower seeds to be thrown at them, there are a lot of whisk and crowds waiting for them near the cafe.

Serpent Eater - description, habitat, interesting facts

Snake eater (krachun) is also known by another name - eagle-serpent eagle, it is a representative of a predatory breed of birds from the family of hawks. The unit to which it belongs, has the name Falcon, and the subfamily of this population of birds is called serpent eagles. In Latin, this bird has a different name, which, literally, sounds like "chubby".

How to use Kombucha for hair

The widespread popularity of the tea fungus is due to its versatility and the presence of a mass of useful properties. Soldiers who took part in the Russian-Japanese war brought him to our country. Today it is used to treat so many diseases. In addition, it is quite widely used cosmetology.

Can I wash my hair with cold water?

Care for hair requires carefulness, and therefore the main role is played by proper shampooing. Everyone knows that in urban apartments are carried out maintenance and repair of heat supply. This usually happens in the summer, so a person has to swim in cold water. Is it allowed to wash hair in such conditions?

How to quickly remove headache without medication

Acute or dull pulsation in the back of the head, temples or dark eyes occurs unexpectedly and can last for hours, depriving a person of rest and reducing his working capacity. Discomfort caused by stress, nervous exhaustion or osteochondrosis is removed by folk remedies. Natural recipes quickly eliminate headaches and do less harm than pills.

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The benefits and harms of blueberries for the health of the body

Bilberry preferably grows in swamps and pine forests. Berries are placed on a high shrub that is resistant to temperature extremes and cold. Blueberry fruits are considered to be unique, they are used everywhere: in cooking, medicine, cosmetology. In this regard, many people raise the question of what benefit and harm a berry can bring.

Arthritis of the shoulder joint: causes, symptoms, treatment

Among all the inflammatory processes that occur in human joints, one of the leading roles is occupied by arthritis - primary and often acute symptoms of joint damage. Most often, the disease affects those groups of mobile joints that are most susceptible to overloading, or because of their anatomical structure, they are most vulnerable to salt deposition or infection.

Milky orange - description of where poisonousness grows

Orange mlechnikov is considered to be an inedible type of the Russula family. These fruiting bodies are regular lacteas, releasing caustic sap. Despite the pleasant smell emanating from the mushrooms, these specimens are inedible. Their consumption in food can be unpredictable. Even in folk medicine such mushrooms are not used.

Saker Falcon - description, habitat, interesting facts

Balabanas are birds of prey. They are one of the most dangerous among all raptors. They belong to the falcon family. The species has several other names - ragor, itelgi. In addition, the name can be written as "Saker Falcon", and "Balaban". These are also 2 different names of this type. The word originated from Persia.

Why is horseradish useful for the human body?

Frost-resistant spicy horseradish root is known to all in our lands. It takes root in any conditions and gives a very valuable crop. So, completely without hassle, without caring for the plant specifically, you can get a healing drug and spicy spice on the table, which will remain tasty and healthy throughout the year. What the hell is so good for the body?

How to bathe in the Russian bath: useful tips

Many people believe that going to the bath is a hard pat with a broom and a constant stay in the steam room. However, this error is erroneous. As in any other case, the procedure requires careful monitoring and appropriate training. Actions should be beneficial for the body, not harmful.

How to check polarized glasses at home

Recently, at the hearing of the phrase polarized glasses. What it means: another marketing ploy or something really good. After all, more and more buyers prefer glasses equipped with polarized filters. What is polarization In simple terms, polarization is the direction of light, which can be vertical or horizontal.

Can strawberries be breastfed?

The well-known berry called strawberry has a very juicy taste and contains many useful properties. Her real name is a fragrant berry. This name comes from the Latin phrase "fragaria vesca", which translates as fragrant. The fruits of strawberries contain just a storehouse of vitamins.

Chia Pudding Cooking Recipes

Modern man is increasingly thinking about the correctness of the basic ration, and this is no accident. Saturating the body with only useful enzymes will be able to maintain beauty and health for many years. But when adjusting the food you should not deny yourself a sweet treat. For dessert, you can make delicious pudding based on the well-known chia seeds.

How to treat thrush in infants mouth

Thrush in the mouth of a child (or candidiasis) is a fairly common disease that almost every mother faces. Candida fungus is in almost every organism, their number remains on an insignificant level, they do not manifest themselves and do not interfere with their owner. However, some factors (poor hygiene, reduced immunity) can lead to the fact that Candida is actively growing, covering the mucous membrane of the mouth with white bloom.

How and where to properly store plums?

To date, there are many varieties of plums, but because the hostess trying to stock up on them for future use. In order to save the harvested or purchased harvest, you need to sort and select only high-quality copies. They should not have signs of damage, otherwise the rest of the fruits will spoil.