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How to sprout oats at home

Since ancient times, germinated oats has been a popular remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Even in ancient Egypt, it was eaten for medicinal purposes, in the hope of getting rid of ailments, and today there is a new and fairly widespread direction raw foods, in which germinated oats is the main product.

Cranberry tea - useful properties and contraindications

Marsh has truly unique healing properties. Evergreen shrub grows on peatlands and marshes in the northern regions of the country. Berry consumed fresh, frozen and dried. It is noteworthy that during storage cranberries do not lose their useful qualities at all. Traditional medicine provides a fairly rich list of various recipes using cranberries.

How to quickly reduce the pulse at home

Pulse rate is an indicator of the work of the heart, the rhythm of which changes due to emotional experiences, anxiety, excessive consumption of food, physical exertion. The attending physician, after listening to the pulse, will determine how rhythmically the heart muscle works, and make a preliminary diagnosis. If the accelerated pulse is regular and is accompanied by discomfort in the chest, shortness of breath, feeling of lack of air, then a specialized examination is necessary.

Polar bear - description, habitat, lifestyle

The Arctic may seem like a lifeless space, but in this snowy expanse there are also inhabitants of it. In particular, the polar bear. Basic information The Latin name of this animal literally sounds like a sea bear, and this name is quite relevant, since polar bears feel great in the water.

How to clean a suede bag at home

Bags made of suede can hardly be called practical. Due to the specific pile that quickly absorbs dust, the product undergoes damage in a short time. Depending on the degree of pollution, suede bags are either amenable to or not to be cleaned. Difficult stains include greasy traces that are far from being handled by all preparations.

Olive oil during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

Natural olive oil is the most valuable product for the future mother's health. It is not only rich in vitamins, but also due to its resistance to oxidation, it tolerates heat, leading to the formation of aldehydes. The latter are very dangerous for health, as they provoke cardiovascular pathology and even oncology.

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How to cook horseradish at home

Horseradish is considered to be a storehouse of useful enzymes. The root of the plant is characterized by intense aroma, which "hits" right in the nose. Many people love horseradish for a sweet aftertaste, which subsequently becomes burning. Grated horseradish root is added to the first and second courses, many prefer to use the sauce along with a slice of baguette.

What is useful watermelon for the human body?

For many people, watermelon is a taste of childhood. At one time, even the writer Mark Twain called this juicy and fragrant fruit the angelic food — he would hardly agree with him. This berry has a large number of useful properties that improve human health. As part of the watermelon are present in the proper amount of antioxidants and other substances that are so important to the body.

Big Dove - description, habitat, interesting facts

A large turtle dove is one of the largest birds, resembling in appearance the average size of a gray pigeon. The body length of representatives of this species is about 30 cm. The weight of a large turtle dove does not exceed 150 grams. The main habitat of individuals - the African and Eurasian continent. As a rule, as a place for the construction of their nests, these relatives of pigeons choose rather tall trees in park areas and urban gardens.

How to remove the crook on the nose at home

The hump on the nose is just an external peculiarity of a person, to which each is treated differently. Many are proud of it, considering it to be a peculiar highlight, an original detail, an indicator of belonging to a certain genus. And others, on the contrary, complex, wishing to get rid of the defect at any cost.

Grifola Curly - a description of where the toxicity of the fungus grows

Curly griffin - the largest mushroom of the tinder family, it has quite a few other names that are known to many lovers of quiet hunting: “mutton head”, woody chicken, meytake and others. It grows on trees and old stumps, attaching to the latter with its slender legs. The peculiarity of this species is that curly griffon grows in large colonies (fairly large clusters of fruit bodies) that reach significant sizes.

Tomato Scherezad - description and characteristics of the variety

Variety Scheherazade liked vegetable growers. The fruits of this tomato are distinguished by a pleasant taste and versatility, and attractive bushes of the plant will adorn any summer cottage. Peculiarities of the variety The Scheherazade variety belongs to semi-determinant, middle-ripening tomatoes. The period of fruit ripening is from 115 to 120 days after germination of the seedlings.

Woodcock - description, habitat, interesting facts

Woodcocks are often called forest sandpipers, they are distinguished from other birds by a long beak, black-brown feathers and a stocky body. Of all the species of this bird, two are common almost everywhere, the rest are found only on some islands. The daily routine of woodcocks is simple - they hide or fly all day, fly over food when the sun disappears over the horizon.

Is it possible to pull out teeth during pregnancy?

Pain in a tooth can begin in the most unexpected moments of our lives, as well as during pregnancy. It is no secret, the physiological features of the expectant mother are characterized by a special vulnerability and sometimes you have to handle the need to cure or remove a tooth in order to get rid of the pain experienced.

Peach Compote for the Winter: Recipes

Peaches are loved by all, without exception, so they are consumed everywhere and harvested for long-term preservation. Very often, on the basis of the fruit presented, drinks are made that can be opened during the cold season and make the whole family happy. There are not too many compote variations, but they are all distinguished by their simplicity and minimal list of components.

Is it possible to fry in corn oil?

Many housewives during cooking and frying dishes use vegetable, olive and even butter. And not everyone knows that you can fry foods in oil from corn. It is rich in vitamins and healthy fats. For the first time, corn cob oil was obtained in the US state of Indiana, it quickly became popular and was loved by housewives, since the beneficial substances of this oil are easily absorbed by the body.

Can grapes be breastfed?

With the birth of the baby, each mother reconsiders her diet. Some women, fearing harm to the health of the child, exclude from the menu all potentially dangerous, in their understanding, food. But by reducing the risks in this way, you can inflict much more damage to the growing body.

Ginger oil - useful properties and contraindications

Gingerbread oil has long been valued for its healing properties. Nowadays, the very name of people is surprising and alarming - is it really a useful remedy that is made of red mushrooms from a mushroom? In fact, the source of oil is the one-year-old cereal, "saffron saffron", or rather its seeds. You can meet a strange plant in the northern regions of our planet.