Quinoa - beneficial properties and contraindications

Quinoa (Átriplex) - a common plant, bother gardeners, having a lot of useful properties, about which the satiated people have forgotten. Historical Facts Peasants in Russia in times of famine fled from death, processing the seeds of quinoa, and mixing the composition of coarse grinding with traditional flour. Bread baked from such components did not look attractive and torn to the throat, but there was no choice, and this allowed for survival.

How to wash the oil with clothes at home

When fuel oil gets on clothes, it becomes a big problem. Firstly, it is very unaesthetic, and even a beautiful thing looks stained, dirty and greasy. Secondly, wearing such clothes is very unpleasant, and no one will do that. It is necessary to get rid of oil spills, and as soon as possible, otherwise they will penetrate into the fibers of the fabric, and it will be impossible to remove them.

Bear Gubach - description, habitat, lifestyle

In the middle of the 20th century, one of the first narrative stories appeared, including Gubach. This bear already created a real sensation. No one could believe that Gubach is considered a relative of the clumsy beast. And this is not surprising, since according to their external data the representative of the family is more similar to the anteater or the sloth.

Apple puree for babies: 3 recipes

Apples are widely popular among people from different countries. This is not surprising, because the tree is unpretentious in the care and is easily cultivated in the garden plots. Fruit is added to baking, compotes and mashed potatoes are prepared for the first baby feeding. The benefits of apple puree strengthens the protective shell of the child; cleanses the body of toxins and toxic substances; concentrates many vitamins, including A, C, B, PP; contains mineral salts, iron and magnesium; includes iodine, pectin, fructose; prevents food fermentation in the intestinal tract due to the presence of acids; tannins have a positive effect on the kidneys, bladder and liver; cleans the blood, strengthens the walls of the blood channels; supports normal blood sugar levels; increases appetite; eliminates vitamin deficiency in the offseason.

How to eat garlic for health

The beneficial properties of garlic are known since ancient times. Regular consumption of vegetables helps to cope with a number of serious diseases and helps to prevent health problems. It is widely used in cooking and traditional medicine. It is not only a useful culture, but also a tasty seasoning for many dishes.

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How to wash the foundation with clothes

It is difficult to find a woman or girl with clean and smooth skin. Even popular actresses look perfect only on the covers of magazines. And this requires the skill of the photographer and a huge amount of decorative cosmetics. We also try to hide minor flaws - bags under the eyes, pimples, wrinkles, freckles.

Lemon during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

When it comes to foods rich in vitamin C, first of all, many people remember about lemon. We traditionally use hot flavored tea with lemon and a spoon of honey as a prophylactic against colds. But, of course, not only the beneficial properties of this citrus attract us, we appreciate the lemon for its aroma, juiciness, taste.

Linen porridge - useful properties and contraindications

Linen porridge can not be attributed to the category of cereals present in our daily diet. But in its composition it can easily compete with any kind of rice, oatmeal, and even fashionable quinoa. But its main advantage is a very affordable price with rich nutritional value. What is useful flax porridge, and how to cook from it really tasty dish, which will not give up even the children?

Dill during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, she seeks to saturate her own body with fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits in order to provide the nutrients it needs during this period. Her diet is necessarily green, the leading position in which is usual for us dill.

Why does not bloom Decembrist. What to do?

Why does not bloom Decembrist. What to do? - This topic interests many fans of home flowers. After all, when growing it at home, mistakes are made that not everyone notices. For example, it is believed that all indoor colors constantly require heat and a lot of light. That Decembrist provide similar conditions throughout the year.

Deaf Cuckoo - description, habitat, interesting facts

There is hardly a person who did not hear the spelling of this bird. When spring comes or the beginning of summer, the cuckoos immediately make themselves felt. Their chirping can be seen in urban parks and other areas with vegetation. Hearing the bird’s voice is not the same as observing its behavior.

How to make raisin wine at home

Many people prefer to make wine from raisins on their own, because not everyone has the opportunity to get a drink from fresh grapes. Hence the need for the invention of new methods, for example, the preparation of wine from raisins and dried fruits. Buy raw materials from trusted suppliers.

Masks for zucchini at home

Cosmetology with the use of natural products is gaining increasing popularity. Modern girls prefer vegetable masks, which can be prepared independently in a short time. Zucchini is in special demand, it is accessible, effective, does not require preliminary preparation. Masks based on it are suitable for any skin type and have no contraindications.

Pink pepper - useful properties and application

What a person does not do to transform the taste and aroma of long-familiar dishes. Indeed, spices and spices are able to completely change the taste of the usual rice or annoying chicken so that you can not guess what product before you on the plate. Today we will talk about small pink peas, which not only give the dishes new flavors, but also have a positive effect on the body.

How much does a cat move away from anesthesia after castration?

Surgery associated with castration, is performed using general anesthesia. For this reason, cat owners are interested in how long a pet will recover after a similar operation. You can never be sure when exactly the effect of anesthesia will end. This is influenced by many factors, which include the individual characteristics of the animal, its age and general health.

Fieldbird - description, habitat, interesting facts

The family of thrushes is very numerous. It includes more than a dozen species of birds. Mountain ash is one of the largest birds among all members of the family. Until recently, the ashberry could not be seen on the territory of the city or another settlement. Representatives of this species of birds lived only in the forest.

Aspen red - description of where the mushroom toxicity grows

The species of mushrooms belonging to the red cap boar is included in the Boletov family, the genus Leccinum. This mushroom has many other names. Krasnyuk, aspenik, red mushroom, redberry, redhead - all these are synonymous with the name boletus. In Latin, its name sounds like Leccinum aurantiacum. General description The cap of a mushroom in diameter can reach sizes of 15 cm.